20cc is for shipping
15cc=$1 can go lower if u dont have enoug

topps own the game eddie george
2002 piece ofg history the big game emmitt smith
1998 ud choive choice reseved eric moulds
2000 topp topps chrome prevoe randy moss
2000 topps combo mfaulk/egeorge
2001 upper deck power surege eddie george
2000 ultra fast lane randy moss
2000 upper deck strike force orladis gary
2000 upper deck highlight zone jake plummer
2002 pice of history bret favre the big game
1999 ultra over the top fred taylor
2001 upper deck strarstruck marcus robinson
2000 bowman chrome pre season picl jerome bettis
2002 sp authenticc star status randy moss 0429/1150
2000 upper deck highlight zone emmitt smith
1998 sky bpx thonder boss jake plummer
2003 topps own the game rich gannon
2003 topps record breaker jason elam
2003 topps record breaker jimmy smith
2000 upper deck wired stephen davis
2000 topps combo sdavis/ftaylor
1998 ud choice starquest green antoine smith
1998 sky bpx premium antoine smith dstroyers