hey - o am getting out of basketball completely.... each lot will be 8.00 or 800 CC... i am selling see the correlation

lot breakdown

1 GU or AUTO
1-2 rookies from this year
1-2 rookies from previous years
8-10 star base/inserts

i have a total of 8 gu or autos i will be putting in these however if you are interested i have some lebrons i could put in the lots in place of gu... but for right now i have 8 lots. i garauntee you will like your lots as i said before i will not trade these unless i get magglio ordonez in return. some cards included are

03-04 fleer roundball lebron
03-04 fleer tradition playground rules
03-04 victory carmello anthony
michael redd peices of a dream jersey
glen rice 15,000 point club jersey
glen robinson UD MVP materials
03-04 fleer tradition throwback threads travis outlaw
01-02 Fleer exclusive members only t-mac
2 steve nash rookies