Looking to sell a personal collection. I have 3173 cards all being Rookies, Inserts, Game Used, Parallel's or Autographs. I added up the individual book value using a current beckett plus and have have a current value of $22,154.70. Looking for $1500 and I will deliver it up to 300 miles from Birmingham Al. Nearly all cards are from 95-2004 and Is a great variety. The majority of the cards are tough to pull inserts and parallel's. There are not any common rookies mixed in through out this collection. Mostly inserts and parallel's. A Santana Moss Sp Gold RC /100 $100 s the best card in the collection. ,SP Authentic RC's, Autographics Rc's, Pristine Game used, Uncirculated Refractors, Manning-Moss-Arod-Kobe-Iverson RC's and more.iEbay will probably return @$3800+. confident @55-65%+ will sell 1st time on for (@ $1-$3 each) and that's not counting the higher dollar pieces that will bring in more. Collection includes Baseball, basketball and football . I am going to list this simotaniously on Grandstand and I am a member of 7 groups on yahoo. First come first serve. I have no problem calling to discuss this with anyone. I have a handfull of commons not included in the above calculations I will throw in. Please email me with any questions. Thanks