Hi fellow SCF members,

I currently have a ton of auctions on Yahoo for baseball, basketball, and football factory sealed boxes. I have about 10-15 auctions ending nightly between 11pm - midnight Central Time and I start most boxes off at 1 penny with no reserve. For all SCF members who win an auction I will give them $2 off PER BOX OR you can choose $2.75 worth of FREE supply items PER BOX WON (soft sleeves, top loaders, screwdowns, snap tites, etc.).

I've included the link below to the supplies section of my online store. If you choose the $2.75 in FREE supply items PER AUCTION WON then you can choose from that list and I'll just add the desired supply items to the auctions you win. That's $2.75 in free supply items PER AUCTION WON so so if you win 1 auction you get $2.75 in FREE supply items. If you win 4 auctions that means you get $11 in FREE supply items.

Or you can also choose to take $2 off PER BOX WON instead of the FREE supply items.

Also, I'll be adding about 20 more auctions later this evening/night including 5 or 6 hockey boxes.

http://www.cwsportscards.com/specials.html (this is the link to the supplies section of my online store so you can see the free supply items you can choose from)

http://user.auctions.shopping.yahoo....acwsportscards (this is the link to my Yahoo Auction Booth which shows all of my current auctions running on Yahoo)

Also, if you're looking for other wax boxes or cases please feel free to browse my online store. I'll be adding twice as many items to my online store once the web designer finishes my new website in about 1 month.