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Thread: new stuff for trade

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    Mar 2003
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    See mitcwolf's Items on eBay

    new stuff for trade

    goit a couple variety boxes yesterday and didnt get much but

    got this box yesterday

    03 leaf kevin young 25/25

    box one
    pedro Martinez Powerdeck
    becket collectors pack.... 2 free gradings etc
    1998 Donruss Preferred TIN - nothing great... al base

    box two
    Austin Powers talking card/stand up
    35 dollar becket collectors pack - 1 free grading

    pack one and two
    04 Upper Deck
    matsui chronicals HM - 9
    134 bagwell
    24 Robby Hammock SR
    13 Jason Roach SR
    205 Jason Schmidt
    211 Andy Fox
    90 Byung-Hyun Kim
    42 John Halama
    265 Billy Wanger SH
    289 Dave Roberts
    35 Bengie Molina
    81 Jorge Julio
    2 Edgar Gonzalez SR

    pack three
    02 Bowman
    304 Yurendall DeCaster
    422 Kevin Fredrick
    320 Ronnie Merrill
    300 Derrick Van Dusen
    165 Greg Sain <----- has a gold signature instead of the black
    146 Matt Belisle
    114 Juan Pena
    101 Pedro Martinez
    8 Paul Lo Duca
    33 Alfonso Soriano

    pack four
    98 Score rookie traded
    105 Jeff King
    96 John Valentine
    83 Rey Ordonez
    184 Mark Bellhorn
    199 Geronimo Berroa
    152 Jermaine Dye
    171 Quinton McCracken
    60 Joe Girardi
    121 Curtis Goodwin
    2 Juan Gonzalez

    pack five
    98 score
    42 tino martinez
    183 Todd Zeile
    152 Royce Clayton
    165 Ismael Valdes
    119 Mike Jackson
    32 Quinton McCracken
    243 Antone Williamson RC
    246 Lou Collier RC
    265 Interleague moments Greg Maddux
    8C complete players Andruw Jones

    pack six
    03 Upper Deck
    Masters with Leather A-Rod
    534 Ichiro SH
    392 RIchie Sexson
    396 Todd Richie
    477 Jose Mesa
    469 Mark Loretta
    298 TOby Hall
    510 David Sanders Star Rookie (white sox)

    pack seven
    88 donruss
    31 Kenneth Johnson rated rookie
    37 Kevin Elster rated rookie
    140 Lloyd Moseby
    185 Steve Sax
    176 John Kruk
    236 Jerome Brown
    226 Barry Larkin
    167 Alan Trammell
    219 Ricky Rueschel
    1 Mark Mcgwire Diamond Kings

    pack eight
    88 donruss
    61 Nolan Ryan
    never heard of the rest.... if you need some commons pm me and i will see if i have them

    pack nine
    MLB Showdown booster
    lefty specialist
    trick pitch
    kevin Brown foil
    Scott Sauerbeck
    Jorge Posada
    Jose Rosado
    Kent Bottenfield
    Gary Gaetti
    Bruce Aven

    pack 10
    98 score
    239 Jacob Cruz
    102 Pat Kelly
    18 Rickey Henderson
    156 Mike Bordick
    200 Willie Blair
    221 Wade Boggs
    121 Brant Brown
    26 Michael Tucker
    170 Armando Benitez
    15 Roberto Alomar

    pack 11
    03 Topps series 2
    420 Paul Quantrill
    713 Barry Bonds all star
    698 Scott Rolen award winner
    520 Arthur Rhodes
    457 Bobby Abreu
    647 Expos team card
    391 Bubba Trammell
    598 Mark Derosa
    465 Woody Williams
    439 Mike Hampton

    this is taking way too long... from now on i will give the highlights and if you need base lmk and i will search for them... i will also list players i know people on here collect

    pack 12
    02 topps series one
    145 John Smoltz
    115 Gary Sheffield

    pack 13
    03 Victory
    Lance Berkman green tier
    Chipper Jones Run Producer
    87 Albert Pujols

    pack 14
    03 leaf
    282 Jeff Baker RC
    172 Craig Biggio
    140 Corey Patterson
    202 Vladimir Guerrero
    150 Austin Kearns
    KEVIN YOUNG parallell 25/25

    pack 15
    03 topps series one
    13 Andruw Jones
    335 Jason Giambo highlights
    316 Mark Malaska 1st year card
    305 Jason Perry 1st year card
    296 Il Kim 1st year card

    pack 16
    03 UD MVP
    Derek Jeter Sportsnut
    147 Barry Zito

    pack 17
    98 pinnacle
    63 mcgwire
    73 henry rodriguez
    183 field of vision r. alomar/ripken jr.
    18 chipper jones

    pack 18
    03 upper deck
    brent hoard RC

    pack 19
    03 donruss
    rated rookie Ben Kozlowski
    rated rookie jeremy hill
    275 Juan Pierre
    280 Josh Beckett
    254 Juan Cruz
    396 Woody Williams

    pack 20
    99 powerdeck
    CD Barry Bonds
    AUX-11 Scott Rolen
    Auxilary Power Ken Griffey Power

    pack 21
    00 Powerdeck
    CD Ken Griffey Jr.

    pack 22
    03 upper deck first pitch
    Shawn Sedlacek Star Rookie
    97 Rickey Henderson

    pack 23
    02 donruss fan club
    rich aurillia die cut
    72 pudge
    163 roger clemans
    137 mike piazza

    pack 24
    03 UD 40-man
    luis gonzalez home run derby winner

    pack 25
    03 donruss
    180 ichiro
    289 Bagwell
    371 hoffman
    396 woody williams
    389 edmonds

    rest of the packs
    03 UD MVP
    03 UD first pitch
    03 UD 40-man
    01 Upper Deck
    03 topps series 2
    03 upper deck
    02 donrus fan club

    lmk if you need anything... not really impressed with these boxes but got enough packs to keep me busy for a while

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  2. Kronozio
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    Jun 2003
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    See seamore75's Items on eBay

    03 Upper Deck
    469 Mark Loretta

    I'll take this. The BV is only 0.30..... will you take CC for it?

    Also if you found any Johan Santana(NOT johan "ervin" santana) cards I'd be very much interested in them.

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    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See mitcwolf's Items on eBay

    i wil take 10 CC for it.... i didnt have any santana either.... please transfer CC and send me your addy.... i can have it out tomorrow

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    Jul 2003
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    See ntgiants612's Items on eBay

    Get any Jesse Foppert? lmk thanks.

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    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See mitcwolf's Items on eBay

    sorry no foppert...

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    Jul 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See ntgiants612's Items on eBay

    Thanks anyway.

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    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See seamore75's Items on eBay

    PM and CC sent. Thanks

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    Feb 2004

    I need your pack 13 Pujols card. PLMK. Who would you want in return. PLMK.

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