I have 4 of these coupons. They are for the 35 value where you get 1 big beckett bv 9.99, 1 beckett monthly bv 4.99 and 1 free 5-day grading certificate bv 20 all for 5.99 shipping and handling.

I will give these away for FREE. I will take the first 4 that reply.

All you will need to do is send me a self addressed stamped envolope.
And I will send it out to you. If you have already received one of these from me in the past you CANNOT receive another one.

email me @ maddmaxx714@aol.com and I will reply with my address.

I will not reply back to this thread will only accept emails.

only four of them is what I have for this trading site.

Thanks, TW