I am still cleaning out my library of sports books I've read and would like to trade at approximately half BV for cards, cash or CC. Here is the latest update, chock full of new titles. Check out my www and let's trade!

Wire To Wire: Inside the 1984 Detroit Tigers Championship Seaon (2004) by George Cantor, BV $24.95

Carl Erskine's Tales From the Dodger Dugout: Extra Innings (2004) by Carl Erskine. BV $19.95.

Oriole Magic: The O's of 1983 (2004) by Thom Loverro. BV $24.95

Leo Mazzone's Tales From the Braves Mound (2003), By Leo Mazzone. BV $19.95.

DW: A Lifetime Going Around In Circles (2004) by Darrell Waltrip. BV $23.95.

The Perfect Mile (2004) by Neil Bascomb. BV $24

The Last Best League (2004) by Jim Collins. BV $24.

The Memoirs of Bing Devine (2004). By Bing Devine with Tom Wheatley. BV $24.95.

George Toma: Nitty Gritty Dirt Man (2004) by George Toma with Alan Goforth. BV $24.95.

Sunday Heroes: NFL Legends Talk About the Times of their Lives (2003) by Richard Whittingham. BV $28.95

Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story (2004). By John Feinstein. BV $25.95.

Few and Chosen: Defining Red Sox Greatness Across the Eras (2004) by Johnny Pesky. BV $27.95

I Was Right On Time (1996) by Buck O'Neil BV $23.00

2003 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, 12th Edition, by Bob Lemke (2003). Paperback 1,702 pages. BV $39.95

Ya Gotta Believe! (2004) by Tug McGraw BV $23.95.

The Carolina Way: Leadership Lessons from a Life in Coaching (2004) by Dean Smith and Gerald Bell with John Kilgo. BV $24.95.

October Men (2003) by Roger Kahn, BV $25. Kahn writes about the 1978 AL East race, focusing on the New York Yankees.

The Second Mark: Courage, Corruption, and the Battle for Olympic Gold (2004) by Joy Goodwin. BV $25.00. A book on figure skating, particularly on the Salt Lake City Olympics and the judging scandal.

Golf & Life (2003) by Jack Nicklaus, with Dr. John Tickell, BV $24.95

Messier (2003) by Jeff Z. Klein (2003) , BV $24.95

Sports, Inc.: 100 Years of Sports Business (2003), by Phil Schaaf, BV ($24.95).

Golf's Great Moments: An Illustrated History by the Game's Finest Writers (2003), by Robert Sidorsky, BV $45.00

The New York Times Sports of the Times: A Day-By-Day Selection of the Most Important, Thrilling and Inspired Events of the Past 150 Years (2003), BV $40.

Jeff Gordon: Racing Back To the Front -- My Memoir (2003). Jeff Gordon with Steve Eubanks. BV $26.00

"A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti" (1998), BV $15.95

"El Beisbol: The Pleasures and Passions of the Latin American Game" (2002) by John Krich, BV $9.95 (paperback)

"The Jerome Holtzman Baseball Reader," (2003), BV $19.95

"Baseball Lives: Men and Women of the Game Talk About Their Jobs, Their Lives, And the National Pastime" (1989 -- paperback) BV $9.95.

"Planet of the Umps" (2003) by Ken Kaiser and David Fisher., BV $24.95

"Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston" (2002) by Howard Bryant. BV $27.95.

"The Perfect Ride" (2003) by Gary Stevens. BV $24.95.

"My Turf: Horses, Boxers, Blood Money and the Sporting Life" (2003) by William Nack. BV $26.00

"Clearing the Bases: The Greatest Baseball Debates of the Last Century" (2002) by Allen Barra. BV $23.95.

Thanks for looking.