These don't include the ones I pulled out of the packs, but the ones out of the mini-box. (The Weeks and Delmon young are on a seperate thread) The BV are listed also. Looking for the stuff in my sig.

#154 George Wiltse Brooklyn BV 5.00 (New York N)
#156 Willie Mays Sovereign Green! BV 18.00 (New York N)
#166 Victor Martinez Polar Bear BV 1.20 (Indians)
#191 Bo Hart Sovereign RC!!! BV 6.00 (Cardinals)
#198 Roberto Alomar Sovereign BV 3.75 (White Sox)
#212 Rich Harden Polar Bear BV 1.20 (Athletics)
#222 Hideo Nomo Polar Bear BV 2.50 (Dodgers)
#233 Carl Everett Polar Bear BV 1.20 (White Sox)
#241 Aaron Boone Sovereign BV 1.80 (Yankees)
#246 Miguel Cabrera Sovereign Green BV 12.00 (marlins)
#256 Vladimir Guerrero Sovereign BV 3.75 (expos)
#284 Chipper Jones Polar Bear BV 2.50 (Braves)
#300A Dontrelle Willis Drum (No Smile) BV 3.00 (marlins)
#321 Chris Lubanski Polar Bear Exclusive BV 4.00 (Royals)
#323 Nick Markakis Polar Bear Exclusive BV 3.00 (Orioles)
#325 Aaron Hill Polar Bear Exclusive BV 4.00 (Blue Jays)
#327 Eric Duncan Polar Bear Exclusive BV 4.00 (Yankees)
#333 Albert Pujols Polar Bear Exclusive BV 5.00 (Cardinals)

Wow, didn't even know I had the Mays, let alone it being worth THAT much.