2004 Fleer Authentix Baseball Hobby Box.

would like to get a case of these, let me know if you would like a box they will be $ 79 including shipping let me know.

thanks kevin

Each sealed box contains 24 packs of 5 cards each in a 150 card base set including 30 'Ticket to the Majors' Rookies (#'d to 999) and 30 Autograph Booster Tickets.

Each box contains THREE Memorabilia cards or TWO Memorabilia cards and ONE Autograph card.

Parallel sets: Balcony (#'d to 100, Club Box (#'d to 25), and Standing Room Only (#'d to 5). Inserts: Ticket Studs 1:6, Ballpark Classics 1:12 (Jersey 1:37), Jersey (Ripped 1:6, Unripped #'d to 50, All-Star Ripped #'d to 100 or less, All-Star Unripped #'d to 1, Game of the Week Ripped 1:120, and Game of the Week Unripped #'d to 50), Autograph (Regular Season #'d to 150, All-Star #'d to 75, and Championship #'d to 25), Autograph Jersey Autograph (Regular Season #'d to 100, All-Star #'d to 50, and Championship #'d to 10), and Ticket for Four (#'d to 100).