I have a 5000 count box of Seahawks cards that is absolutely filled to capacity, and I dont want to have to buy another box to store them in so I need to clear some out and make some room. I've got base cards, rookies, inserts and #ed cards... everything except GU and autos, just about all players and years from 1976-2003.

I'd prefer to do bulk trades, though I'd be happy to look for specific players as well. I wont send you duplicates unless you ask for them, and I'd appreciate if you did the same. I'm not worried about BV, but if you are and you have good feedback, I'd be happy to send you a lot first, then you can send me back and comparable lot of what I'm looking for, which is...

Fred Lane (Panthers RB)

any players from Middle Tenn State Univ (list here )

Tennessee Titans (including current and former players from any other teams they played with)

any players from Univ of Montana, especially Dave Dickenson (01 Chargers RCs, CFL)

any players from Univ of Washington, Washington State Univ, or Univ of Tennessee in college uniform only

Scottish Claymores (World League and NFL Europe cards)

Warren Moon cards from any team

Nashville Predators, Seattle Mariners, and Seattle Sonics

Thanks, Darrin