I need some info on the following Brett Hull Cards. They come from the 2002-2003 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia series.

Both cards are incased in a Beckett hard plastic sealed case. One card has the following info on the plate sealed inside the case.

2002-03 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia 3rd Edition "All-Star MVP"
Brett Hull 1 of 40
Ultimate Number 4321 of 25,000

This card has a dark blue swatch. On the back of the card there is no number only the standard info saying congratulations you have received an All-Star MVP card and it goes on saying what set or series it's from and that the swatch is from a G/U Brett Hull St. Louis Jersey. It also mentions that he was the named the MVP of the 1992 All-Star game in Philadelphia.

It also has all the proper logos on the back for the NHL, players assoc., BAP. It is also signed by a rep of the players assoc.

The 2nd card has all the same info on the plate with the difference being it's numbered 39 of 50 with a Ultimate Number of 839 of 25,000, and this card is classified as a G/U jersey. On the back it ID's the swatch as from a G/U jersey from Detroit Red Wings, and the swatch is red in color.

Both of these cards have no number or letter indications on the back or the front other than whats on the sealed plate. Any help on these as to BV & where I can find the info would be appreciated. I checked the Mar. 2004 Beckett, also Beckett on line and the Charlton Standard Catalouge of Hockey Cards and could not find any reference on them unless I missed something.

Thanks for the trouble.:hop: