I'm gonna to be going to Tampa Bay games through out the year and trying to get cards signed. So I am looking for cards of current players on the Devil Rays roster. Beside the card is the number of cards I would like on each player so if you have cards on any of the guys on my list I will trade heavily in your favor.

Abbott Paul x9
Baez Danys x3
Baldelli Rocco x1
Blum Geoff x2
Carter Lance x7
Cruz Jose x5
Elia Lee x9
Fick Robert x1
Foley Tom x7
Fordyce Brook x6
Gaudin Chad x9
Gonzalez Jeremi x9
Halama John x6
Hall Toby x2
Hatcher Billy x7
Hendrickson Mark x9
Hernandez Chuck x9
Miller Trever x9
Moss Damian x9
Perez Eduardo x7
Piniella Lou x5
Rolls Damian x3
Romano Jason x9
Sanchez Rey x7
Sosa Jorge x6
Zambrano Victor x5
Zimmer Don x9