i've been waitin on these to come out for the last month....and they lived up to my expectations, i bought 6 packs of classic, 3 cracker jack, and 4 playoff prestige, not gonna list the base cards just the inserts

donruss classics-
leg. jer.- duke snider 482/500 non gu, reggie jackson non gu 131/500
timeless tributes- frank robinson legend 31/50, mike lowell 23/50

classic singles- CAL RIPKEN JR. GU BAT 5/50!!

cracker jack-
take me out to the ball game- pat burrell gu jersey
stickers- barry zito, jay gibbons, cc sabathia
mini- bill mueller, russ ortiz (blue), phillips-mets

playoff prestige-
connections- nomar & pedro
achievements- george brett
changing stripes- shawn green

all are up for trade, but the ripken will be hard to get