1963 Topps 62 National League Homerun Leaders #3 Hank Aaron/Frank Robinson/Ernie Banks/Orlando Cepeda/Willie Mays!

BV on this card is $40. On a scale of 1-10, this card would get a 4. I am not good on grading vintage, but I'll do my best.

Bottom corners are a bit rounded as well as the top corners. Centering is 60/40. There are random white spots on the front of the card. Under Willie Mays' name it says S.F. Giants and there is a white spot covering up the F. These white spots are not scratches or tears but age marks? Bear with me here, this is the first time that I've done this. There is a small black mark on the bottom border. The back has the same marks on the back as the front, but the marks on the back are brown and not white. The front of the card has these small pinhole marks - not actually holes, but little pinhole indentations.

I will send this card first to see if it meets your satisfaction, and if it doesn't, just send it back. But, if you like it, then send me the card we agreed to trade.

ANYWAYS, I'd like to trade for an auto. PLMK what you have for trade. Thanks and sorry for the long read :)