I know I need to have a more detailed listing of the cards in this, I am working on it.

For sale:
Collection of 2,500 Game Used, Autographs, Inserts and Rookies ONLY. Book value is over $20,000 yes this is a collection of Star items. I looked this up a little time ago when I thought I needed to sell but circumstances changed and did not need to. Now I just want to sell it.

Again the best card is a Santana Moss Gold Sp Rc /100. and I know that I need to list more.

I am looking for $1,500 which is less than 5% of book. I am willing to drive this collection within 300 miles of Atlanta. Resell even on ebay is @ 2-3 times value. I do not have the time. I am pretty sure there are atleast half will sell easily on ebay for $2-$3 minimum with many going for much more. Plus 25% of the remainder would go for $1-$2.

Tons of star refractors ( Favre, Davis, Thomas, Griffey etc), Uncirculated Rookies, dozens of Jordan Inserts ($20-$50), Super Frank Thomas and Shaquille Collection worth nearly $1,000 each. If there are any other questions I can answer (other than a list), which I am working on) please email me or please fell free to give me a call. (678-715-2639).

This is first confirmed email gets it, plus if I need to mail this collection and you for any reason are not happy with it, then I will give a full refund. That's how confident I am in this value of this collection. I am posting this on Grandstand, Yahoo, Sportscardforum and


If anyone is interested in the list please email me and I will update as soon as possible. I tried to look up what some of these sell for on ebay to show that just a small percentage would cover the cost, but you have to be a member to check closed auctions.