Seahawks to trade Autos, rookies, Patch etc.
Picked these up for a guy who never came back for them. Looking to trade for similiar value stuff.
02 Fleer Box Score Shaun Alexander Patch 16/50
03 Absolute Quad Series Robinson/Hasslebeck/Alexander/Jackson not a gu card.
03 Playoff Honors x's Koren Robinson #131/250
03 Donruss Elite Status Koren Robinson 24/81
03 Rookies and Stars dual jsy. Seneca Wallace/ Kliff Kingsbury 199/400
03 UD Finite Marcus Trufant Auto 5/396
03 Finest Trufant Rookie
01 Fleer EX Rookie auto Koren Robinson 67/1250 Autograph
99 Sports Illustrated Steve Largent auto

all in great shape. trading in a lot would be good, or break it up how you want it. thanks Pat

Always looking for gu and auto's of better players in football and baseball, especially from the 50's-80's. I love to trade so offer something good. I can use good Tomlinson stuff and Mike Schmidt gu and auto right now. I need a pack pulled Emmitt auto for my best customer always. Thanks Pat