Looking to trade this for a few 2004 Topps Heritage CHromes (#ed/1955)...I included BV and how much in inserts I would be looking for...

2003 Playoff POG Marcus Giles GU/AUTO (BV $15, want $30)

2003 Bowman Blue Chips Aubrey Huff AUTO (BV $10, want $20)

2001 Leaf Limited Wilken Ruan AUTO #ed/1000 (BV $10, want $15)

2003 Topps Traded Signature Moves Jesse Foppert AUTO (BV $15, want $25)

lemme know if interested! I can be slightly flexible depending on the players I am getting...the want BVs are assuming all commons...ie...if I am getting a Prior chrome or something, I can lower the want price a bit!