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    Aug 2003
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    See cheshire*kat's Items on eBay

    Updated Basketball GU and Auto Tradelist (Several Additions)

    Here is the latest Update. I have added quite a few new things like rookie matrix, 3-D, and Patchworks. LMK if you need anything!

    Always looking for:
    John Elway
    Denver Broncos
    CUBS (especially older players Game Used like Ryno and Dawson)
    Redwings (almost any current player)
    David Carr (especially want the 2002 SPX Auto/jersey card)
    Jake Plummer (Broncos only)
    LeBron James (who isn't right?)
    Carmelo Anthony
    Yao Ming
    Andre Miller (Nuggets or Auto only)
    Earl Boykins
    Chris Anderson
    Maybe other Denver Nuggets or Houston Rockets
    Mark Prior
    Kerry Wood
    I really only collect Game Used and Autos, and maybe rookies of Major players from those teams.
    NOT looking for inserts that are not GU or Autos!

    2003 / 2004



    Regular jerseys:

    Mike Bibby (white--USA jersey) #AGW-MB **Not sure if this is supposed to be the "Stars and Stripes" version but he is pictured in his USA jersey with a flag back ground)

    Dajuan Wagner (black) #AGW/DW

    Baron Davis (teal) #AGW/BD

    Jason Richardson (orange) #AGW/JR

    Pau Gasol (silver or white) #AGW/PG

    Dahntey Jones (teal or white) #AGW/DJ

    Drew Gooden (white) #AGW/DG

    +Hoops Hot Prospects+

    Hot Materials:

    Tracy McGrady (white/white reflective) SN# 162/500 #HM-TM

    Certified Cuts:

    Boris Diaw (auto) SN#359/600 #81


    Genuine Article Insider:

    Kenyon Martin (silver) SN#392/400 #GA-KM

    Scoring Threats:

    Allen Iverson (blue) / Jason Kidd (none) #ST-AI


    By the Numbers:

    Tim Duncan (white) #BTN/TD

    Dwyane Wade (black off stripe on side) #BTN/DW

    National Patchtime:

    Tracy McGrady (blue) SN#200/350 #NP/TM


    World Leaders:

    Tracy McGrady (white & some of the reflector material that turns purple at an angle) #WL-TM

    Vince Carter (purple off the stripe on the side) #WL-VC

    Chris Webber (purple) #WL-CW (x2)

    Drew Gooden (white) #WL-DG



    Mike Bibbiy (purple) #NS-MB

    Peja Stojakovic (white) #NS-PS



    Kevin Garnett (blue) / Jason Kidd (white with pink on it-Gum I think) #KG-JK


    Locker Room Memorabilia:

    Elton Brand (blue) #LRM-LB

    Ben Wallace (blue) #LRM-BW

    Jarvis Hayes (blue) #LRM-JH

    Michael Finley (white) #LRM-MF

    Paul Pierce (green) #LRM-PP


    Sophomore Strands:

    Marcus Haislip (purple) #SOS-MH

    Upper Deck

    Shooting Stars:

    Reggie Miller (navy blue) #SS-RM

    All Star Weekend Authentics:

    Tim Duncan (black) #AS-TD

    +UD Glass+


    Peja Stojakovic (auto) #PS

    Clearcut Winner:

    Allan Houston (white) SN#221/350

    +Honor Roll+

    Dual Warm-ups:

    Dirk Nowitzki (blue) / Steve Nash (black) #DN/SN

    Karl Malone (black) / Devean George (purple) #KM/DG

    Jamal Tinsley (dark blue) / Jermaine O'neal (dark blue) #JT/JO

    Triple Warm-Ups:

    Stojakovic (purple) / Bibby (black) / Wallace (black) #GW/MB/PS

    Future Honors:

    Jarvis Hayes (blue) SN# 083/499 #113

    Reese Gaines (silver) SN# 061/499 #117

    +Rookie Exclusives+

    Regular Jerseys:

    Chris Bosh (black off the stripe on the side or purple) #J4

    Chris Kaman (blue off side stripe) #J6

    Mickael Pietrus (blue) #J8

    Reece Gaines (blue) #J11

    Dahntay Jones (white) #J16

    Travis Outlaw (black or white) #J19

    Josh Howard (blue) #J24

    Luke Walton (purple) #J27

    Travis Hansen (white) #J28

    Steve Blake (white) #J29

    Slavko Vranes (white or blue) #J30

    Darius Miles (red) #J31

    Gary Payton (yellow) #J42

    Karl Malone (purple/blue - very nice) #J43

    Reggie Evans (white) #J46

    +Standing "O"+

    Game Used Warm Up:

    Stephon Marbury (black) #SM-PH

    +Triple Dimensions+


    Dajuan Wagner (black) SN# 151/999 #3DW15

    Gilbert Arenas (teal) SN# 495/999 #3DW12



    Game-worn Jerseys:

    Kevin Garnett (black) SN# 102/399 #54

    Sky's the Limit:

    Jason Richardson (white) SN# 12/99 #SL-JR



    Reggie Miller (yellow w/ blue stripe) SN# 191/350 #J-RM

    Jermaine O'Neal (white w/ blue stripe) SN# 185/350 #J-JO

    Kenton Martin (black) SN# 344/350 #J-KM2

    Mike Bibby (purple) SN# 046/350 #J-MB2

    Dajuan Wagner (black) SN# 284/350 #J-DW

    Ray Allen (green) SN# 133/350 #J-RA

    Latrell Sprewell (white) SN# 339/350 #J-LS

    Manu Ginobili (silver) SN#148/350 #J-MG

    Michael Redd (purple) SN# 302/350 #J-MR

    David West (white) SN# 053/350 #J-DW3


    +Topps Chrome+

    Bonus Coverage:

    Antoine Walker (green) #BCR-AW

    Chrome Cuts:

    Tim Duncan (silver off the neck or sleeve band I think) #CCR-TD

    +Jersey Edition+


    Armare Stoudemire (purple) #AS

    Stephon Marbury (white) #SMA


    Pristine Gems:

    Pau Gasol (white) #GEM-PGA

    +Rookie Matrix+

    Framed Jerseys:

    Elton Brand (white) #MR-EB

    Ben Wallace (white) #MR-BW

    Latrell spewell (black) #MR-LS

    Jason Williams (white) #MR-JW

    Jason Terry (red) #MR-JT

    Framed Autos:

    Tony Parker #MA-TPA

    Troy Bell #MA-TB

    Zoran Planinic #MA-ZP

    Thanks for the Long read!

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    Currently looking for reasonably priced Yzerman, Magic Johnson, and Drew Brees autos.

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    Oct 2003
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    See airquentin's Items on eBay

    I like the Standing O Marbury GU, check my site in sig. Thanks.

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    Apr 2004

    I need this LMK
    Gary Payton (yellow) #J42

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    Aug 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See cheshire*kat's Items on eBay

    Only thing I saw that I needed was this:
    03-04 Skybox Autographics Carmelo Anthony /1500 RC
    Pretty sure the BVs are not even close (I can't find a listing for the Marbury jersey) but LMK if you were interested (maybe I could add some other jersey or a Carmelo Rookie Exclusives RC?)

    Didn't see anything I needed thanks though!

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    Apr 2004
    SCF Rewards

    I like these:

    Tony Parker #MA-TPA
    Peja Stojakovic (auto) #PS
    Jason Richardson (white) SN# 12/99 #SL-JR
    Kevin Garnett (black) SN# 102/399 #54
    Darius Miles (red) #J31
    Paul Pierce (green) #LRM-PP
    Kevin Garnett (blue) / Jason Kidd (white with pink on it-Gum I think) #KG-JK
    Tracy McGrady (blue) SN#200/350 #NP/TM
    Tracy McGrady (white/white reflective) SN# 162/500 #HM-TM

    check my tradepage:

    Email me if you see anything you need/like, thanks Matt

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    Jun 2003
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    See jokeboy's Items on eBay

    I need the Tony Parker Rookie Matrix Auto
    let me know if i have anything youd want

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    Mar 2004

    I could use these:

    Framed Autos:
    Tony Parker #MA-TPA
    Troy Bell #MA-TB
    Zoran Planinic #MA-ZP

    Check my site to see if you need anything


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    Jun 2003
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    Rookie exclusives Reece Gaines (blue) #J11

    i want this

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    Oct 2003
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    hey i can trade you
    the andre miller gu you needed
    and a kerry wood inserts #/2000

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    Nov 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See theguru1472's Items on eBay

    I am interested in this. Do you have anything else in DAN MARINO or BERNIE WILLIAMS?

    04 UPPER DECK Stellar Stat Men:
    Bernie Williams (white with a hint of stripe) #SSM-26

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