Hey guys these are the 2004 guys I want to collect, hope you have them, Thanks

QB- Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers --- Miami (OH)
QB- Phillip Rivers San Diego Chargers --- NC State
Not sure which guy I will go with here, right now Im gonna go with both, and whichever I get better cards of go with one or the other, I like em both right now, so let me know.

RB- Tatum Bell Denver Broncos --- Oklahoma State
RB- Steven Jackson St Louis Rams --- Oregon State

WR- Roy Williams Detroit Lions --- Texas
WR- Reggie Williams Jacksonville Jaguars --- Washington
WR- Michael Jenkins Atlanta Falcons --- Ohio State

The 2 guys on this list I want the most are Roy and Reggie Williams and Tatum Bell. I am going more of chance in this years Class, because noone excites me a ton.