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03-04 SP Authentic Shareef Abdur Rahim auto
2002 UD Ovation Emmitt Smith jersey

03-04 Topps Pristine Rookie Recruit Relics Kirk Hinrich
02-03 Sweet Shot Amare Stoudamire Signature Shots $100
02-03 Topps Slam Duncan Relics SD5 Tim Duncan $25
01-02 UD MVP Authentic Kobe Bryant Shooting Shirt $50
2003 Sage Bronze auto Larry Johnson 31/250 $25

Personal Collection
**This stuff is for trade...but it will take REALLY GOOD offers.**
2003 Donruss Elite Dallas Clark Turn of the Century Auto #/125
2003 Playoff Contenders Dallas Clark auto 337/539
2001 Joe Montana Leaf Certified FOTG #63/112
2001 Michael Jordan UD Ovation North Carolina floor piece
1986 Jerry Rice Topps RC!
2002 Inside The Playbook Jerseys---Favre, Vick
02-03 Sweet Shot Amare Stoudamire Signature Shots $100
01-02 UD MVP Authentic Kobe Bryant Shooting Shirt $50

Game Used
2003 Bowmans Best RC Blue Jersey Teyo Johnson 072/499 (2 color--want $15.00 in trade)
2003 Hogg Heaven Dallas Clark Rookie Premier Hoggs jersey
2003 Fleer Platinum Patch of Honor Ricky Williams 158/220
2003 Fleer Platinum Patch of Honor Deuce McAllister 122/220 (2 color--want $30.00 in trade)
2003 Sage Hit Jersey Larry Johnson
2003 Sage Hit Jersey Taylor Jacobs
2003 Sage Hit Jersey Brad Banks
2003 SAGE HIT Jersey Premium Swatches Brad Banks 10/50 (5 stripe, 3 color--sleeve--want $35.00 in trade)

2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll Antwaan Randle El $15.00
2002 Topps Pristine Rookie Premier jersey David Garrard $10.00
2002 Prestige Connections Charlie Batch/Germane Crowell dual jersey $10.00
2002 Fleer Genuine Genuine Coverage Plus Travis Prentice jersey

2001 Joe Montana Leaf Certified FOTG #63/112 $100
2001 Donruss Classics Stadium Stars (g/u seat) Jamal Lewis SS3
2001 Pacific Vanguard Double Sided Jerseys 11 P.Jeffers/T.Dwight $20.00 (2)
2001 Playoff Honors Alma Mater Materials AM4 Sam Cowart $12.00
2001 Private Stock Brian Urlacher patch #/108 $40.00
2001 Private Stock Patch Variation Tim Dwight (3 color) 050/200
2000 Edgerrin James Prestige Alma Mater jersey $60.00

02 Fleer Platinum Inside The Playbook Jerseys #/250
Tim Couch
Corey Dillon
Marshall Faulk
Brett Favre
Keyshawn Johnson
Ray Lewis
Julius Peppers
Jake Plummer
Jimmy Smith
Brian Urlacher
Michael Vick

2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric AP Adam Piatt $10.00

2000-01 SP Game Floor Authentic Floor SA Shareef Abdur-Rahim $12.00
2000-01 Terrell Brandon Fleer Feel The Game shorts $10

01-02 Antoine Walker Ovation Warmup $15 (has a crease on it) trade for $10
01-02 Elton Brand Topps Xpectations jersey $12
01-02 UD Inspirations Hardwood Imagery SA Shareef Abdur-Rahim $15.00
01-02 Upper Deck Flight Team UD Jersey Jams SAJ Shareef Abdur-Rahim $20.00
01-02 UD MVP Authentic Kobe Bryant Shooting Shirt $50

02-03 Topps Slam Duncan Relics SD5 Tim Duncan $25
02-03 Shareef Abdur Rahim Fleer Authentix Unripped jersey 37/50 $50.00
02-03 Baron Davis UD Sweet Shot jersey $15.00 2 color (teal & blue) (want $20 in trade)

03-04 Topps Chrome Chrome Cuts Elden Campbell ???
03-04 Topps Pristine Rookie Recruit Relics Kirk Hinrich

none at this time

1991-92 Fleer Limited Edition Dikembe Mutombo auto
1996 Tyronne Hill Skybox auto
1997 Isaac Austin Skybox auto
1999 Brent Price Skybox auto
2001-02 Topps Autograph Joseph Forte $20.00
2002 Jay Williams Press Pass auto $20
02-03 Sweet Shot Amare Stoudamire Signature Shots $100

2003 Donrss elite Turn of The Century auto Dallas Clark $50 043/125
2003 Playoff Contenders Dallas Clark auto $40 337/539
2003 Sage Bronze auto Larry Johnson $25.00 31/250
2003 Sage Bronze auto Marcus Trufant $12.00 16/650
2003 Sage Hit Emerald auto Brad Banks $12.00
2003 Sage Hit Emerald auto Billy McMullen $10.00
2003 Sage Hit Sliver auto Dallas Clark $15.00
2003 Sage Hit Silver auto Kevin Curtis $12.00
2003 Sage Hit Gold auto Brad Banks $20.00 162/250
2003 Sage Hit Gold auto Bryant Johnson $25.00 30/250
2003 Press Pass Bronze auto Brad Banks $15.00
2003 Press Pass Bronze auto Justin Fargas $25.00
2003 Press Pass Power Pick auto Brad Banks $25.00 050/250

2002 SPX Auto/Jersey Kahill Hill $20.00 376/999
2002 Sage Gold auto Jabar Gaffney $30.00 194/200
2001 Sage Platinum auto Jabar Gaffney $60.00 40/50
2001 Sage HIT Autographs Die Cuts A37 Jesse Palmer $20.00

2000 UD Legends Art Monk Auto
2000 Fleer Autographics Tim Dwight $20.00
2000 MVP Pro Sign auto Keyshawn Johnson $30.00
2000 UD IONIX UD Authentics auto Eric Moulds $30.00 055/100

1999 C. Edge First Place Pro Sign. Authentics 1 Rahim Abdullah $8.00
1998 C. Edge Rookie Ink Tim Dwight auto $20.00
1995 Classic Draft Picks Autograph Rodney Thomas $5.00 4552/7500

#'d cards
47/50 Tim Dwight 2001 Ultra Platinum Medallion
03/68 Tim Dwight 1999 Pacific Crown Royale Premiere Date
38/77 Tim Dwight 1999 Pacific Aurora Premiere Date

003/100 Brad Banks 2003 Fleer Platinum **ROOKIE** Platinum Finish
006/100 Tay Cody 2001 Topps Chrome **ROOKIE** Refractors $20.00
020/100 Kurt Warner 2000 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory Parallel $30.00
047/100 Leonard Henry 2002 Topps Chrome **ROOKIE** Refractors $30.00
052/100 Seth Burford 2002 Fleer Platinum **ROOKIE** Platinum Finish $12.00

161/200 Teyo Johnson/Justin Fargas/Doug Gabriel tri RC 2003 Fleer Tiffany
030/250 Phillip Buchanon 2002 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor $25.00
323/500 Dan Marino 1999 C. Edge Advantage Galvanized $15.00

1745/1885 Peyton Manning 1998 SPx Finite New School **ROOKIE** Radiance $40 #(has ding on for $25)
0427/2000 Barry Sanders 2000 Score ScoreCard $10

2003 Topps All Time Fan Favorite Bob Feller Refractor 081/299
2002 Stadium Club Photographers Proof Joe Mauer 280/299
2002 Fleer Tradition Mini's Eric Cyr #38/50
2001 Private Stock Silver Edger Martinez 013/290
1998 Donruss Gold Press Proof Kevin Millwood 1 of 500

2002-03 UD Hardcourt Futures Level 2 Jared Jeffries 0228/1299

2003 Press Pass Prime Time Carson Palmer
2003 Press Pass Byron leftwich--regular,gold, big numbers, power pick
2003 Press Pass Willis McGahee--regular,big numbers
2003 Willis McGahee RC's--Topps, Score, Ultra, Sage Hit, Write Stuff
2003 Topps RC's--Charles Rogers, Onterrio Smith, Willis McGahee
2003 Topps Chrome Kelley Washington RC
2003 Fleer Tradition Larry Johnson RC
2003 Sage Kyle Boller RC
2003 Sage Hit--ask for player--have most of them
2003 Topps Chrome Record Breaker Emmitt Smith
2003 Topps Chrome base--Randy Moss, Favre, Carr, Edge James, Emmitt, Shockey WW, Harrison WW, Owens WW
2002 UD XL David Carr RC
1999 Edge Advantage Peyton Manning Memorable Moments
1999 Edge Odyssey Peyton Manning 3rd Quarter
1999 Edge Odyssey Dan Marino Cutting Edge
1997 Skybox Impact Rave Review Deion Sanders

OTHER PLAYERS---Bulger, Manning, McNabb, Carr, Moulds, Holt, Keyshawn, Charles Woodson, Kearse, Moss, Portis, Shockey, Emmitt, Lelie, Gaffney, Ricky Williams, Curtis Martin, Tomlinson, Taylor, Jamal Lewis, Edgerrin, Marshall

03-04 Fleer Tradition basetball
Tri RC's

David West
Boris Diaw
Kendrick Perkins
Mike Sweetney
Reece Gaines
Luke Ridnour DDR 126/375

2002-03 Topps Chrome basketball
Caron Butler
Lonny Baxter (2)
John Salmons
Pat Burke
Qyntel Woods
Casey Jacobsen
Frank Williams (3)
Juaqin Hawkins
Vincet Yarbrough
Ryan Humphrey
Jiri Welsch
Chris Jeffries (2)
Adam Harrington
Boston Nachbar

Coast 2 Coast
Jamaal Tinsley
Paul Pierce (2)
Gary Payton
Stephon Marbury
Tony Parker

The Move
Gary Payton
Scottie Pippen

Zone Busters
Latrell Sprewell
Shawn Marion
Kobe Bryant
Mike Bibby
Vince Carter
Elton Brand
Jamall Tinsley
Michael Jordan
Kenyon Martin
Tracy McGrady

Damon Stoudamire
Rasheed Wallace
Morris Peterson
Kevin Garnett
Ray Allen
Jay Williams RC
Vince Carter Zone Busters

02-03 Fleer Tri RC's

Other Basketball
2003-04 Zarko Cabarkapa Playground Rules
2003-04 Leandrinho Barbosa Victory RC
2003-04 Rick Rickert Ultra RC
2002-03 Topps Ten RC Yao Ming
2002-03 Fleer Tradition RC Yao/Amare/Rush
2002-03 Hoops Future Stars Yao Ming
2002-03 Upper Deck MJ6 The Comeback Michael Jordan
2001-02 Topps Chrome RC Kenny Satterfield Refractor
2001-02 Topps Chrome Team Topps Elton Brand Refractor
2001-02 TOpps Chrome Reprint Kareem Abdul Jabbar
2000-01 Topps Chrome In The Paint Refractor Kenyon Martin
2000-01 Topps Chrome Reprint Magic Johnson
1998-99 SP Authentic Jason Williams RC insert
1998-99 UD HoloGRFx Holofame AuSome Jason Williams
1998-99 Topps Chrome Coast to Coast Refractor Kobe Bryant (HTG)
1997-98 Skybox Golden Touch Damon Stoudamire
1996-97 Upper Deck Generation Xcitement Grant Hill
1996-97 Skybox New Editions Ray Allen

Other Baseball
2001 UD Reserve The New Order Ichiro
2001 Fleer Stitches In Time Ray Dandridge
2000 Topps Chrome Own The Game Randy Johnson
1999 Topps HR #14 Mark McGwire
1999 Topps Rookie Reprint Mark McGwire
1999 Topps Chrome Refractor Roger Clemens
1998 Topps Reprint Refractor Nolan Ryan
1998 Collectors Choice Starquest 2 Stars Nomar Garciaparra
1997 Collectors Choice New Franchise Cal Ripken
1997 Topps Chrome Reprint Mickey Mantle
1996 Topps Chrome Reprint Mickey Mantle
1995 Pinnacle Red Hot Cal Ripken

Friends Tradelist
**would like to SELL first, trade second. Looking to trade/sell Contender auto's in lot--interested in Priest Holmes, Cal Ripken, Sammy Sosa, Mark Prior, other Cubs and Chiefs**

2002 Contenders Quentin Jammer auto
2003 Bowmans Best Felix Pie auto
2003 Topps Pristine Refractor Jose Contreres #/1499
2003 Donruss Elite Larry Johnson Turn of the Century Auto Redemption
2003 Topps Finest auto Dallas Clark #142/999
2002 Prestige Jeremy Shockey RC
1996 Topps Turf Warriors Jerry Rice
1996 Topps Retro Brett Favre
1996 Namath Reprint #1 (RC Year--1965)
1994 Topps Marshall Faulk RC
1994 Stadium Club Marshall Faulk RC

2003 Topps Chrome (RC's)---Carson Palmer, Andre Johnson, Willis McGahee, Nick Barnett, Shuan McDonald, Justin Griffith, Travis Anglin, Chaun Thompson
(Black Refractors)---Priest Holmes #341/599, Koren Robinson #571/599
(Ring of Honor)---Dexter Jackson
(X-Fractor)---Marcus Pollard #056/101
(Record Breakers)--Lawrence Taylor, Jason Taylor, Marvin Harrison

2003 Playoff Contenders---Most of base set (ask for needs)
(Rookie Roundup)--Andre Johnson 307/375, Nick Barnett 194/375
(MVP Contenders)--Jerry Rice, Tom Brady
(Playoff Ticket)--Isaac Bruce 085/150, Joe Horn 118/150
(Legendary Contenders)--Jim Kelly, Reggie White
(ROY Contenders)--Andre Johnson, Dewayne Robertson
(AUTOS)--Jason Gesser 700/999, Shaun McDonald 391/899, Sammy Davis 636/999

2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Adrian Beltre Game Used Bat
2003 Prestige Game Jersey Curt Schilling 133/325
2003 Prestige Game Jersey Andruw Jones 274/325

1996-97 UD3 Kevin Garnett #21
1996-97 UD3 Kobe Bryant #19
1996-97 UD3 Kobe Bryant #43
2003-04 Topps Pristine--Dajuan Wagner, Shaq, Ron Artest, Paul Pierce
(RC's)--LeBron James, Ndudi Ebi
(Jersey)--Dwayne Wade
(Uncirculated Refractor)--Wally Szczerbiak 084/149