I have the following items

2003-2004 Upper Deck Honor Roll Future Honors Gold Parallel Jason Kapono Serial #ed 14/25 (common RCs selling from 35-60$ on eBay)

2003-2004 Cards only Team sets, with the superstars and inserts,

for example the lakers has roughly 80 cards, over 70-75% is shaq kobe payton or malone! Including 6 Kobe inserts, the Cavs team lot has a Lebron Bazooka Comics, some chrome RCs from 03-04 in some lots I think Collison, and a few I cant remember. There are 5 GU cards in all of them combined (the came out of Bazooka i know but Topps messed up all of them have creases except the Grant Hill Americana in the Orlando lot)

Anyone interested in any of these?