I need to get around $250 in PayPal account by tonight. PLMK if any of these interest you. Thanks! Some have the BV listed out beside them. I would love to sell the lot as a whole if somebody has the money in PayPal tonight.

2000 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Future Fame LaVar Arrington RC BV=$6
1995 Action Packed Monday Night Football Emmitt Smith BV=$1.50
1997 Upper Deck Game Dated Moment Foils Troy Aikman BV=$40
1996 Collector's Choice A Cut Above Marshall Faulk BV=$0.75
1998 Aurora Steve Young BV=$1.25
1998 UD Choice Ahman Green RC BV=$5
1995 Upper Deck Electric Silver Jerry Rice BV=$4
1999 Collector's Edge Fury Previews Dan Marino BV=$3
1995 Upper Deck John Elway BV=$3
1995 Upper Deck Joe Montana BV=$3
1995 Upper Deck Barry Sanders BV=$2.50
2001 Upper Deck Brett Favre BV=$2.50
2001 Fleer GameTime Extra Curtis Martin BV=$3
2002 UD MVP Roy Williams RC BV=$3
2002 Fleer Showcase Air to the Throne JERSEYS Dan Marino
2001 Topps RC AUTO Chris Chambers Rookie Card
2002 Bowman Chrome 239 Ladell Betts RC AUTO A BV=$35
1998 Upper Deck 1 Peyton Manning RC
2002 Topps Gallery AUTO Kendrell Bell B Seq. #'ed
1998 Aurora Championship Fever PLATINUM BLUE Terry Glenn
2000 Collector's Edge EG Uncirculated Graded 143 M.Faulk GEM MINT PSA 10
2003 Gridiron Kings Royal Expectations Materials Silver Willis McGahee RC JERSEY
2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Red Terrell Suggs RC JERSEY/BALL Seq. #'ed
2002 Upper Deck MVP SOUVENIRS Drew Brees
2000 Collector's Edge EG Uncirculated Graded J.J. Johnson GEM MINT PSA 10

1999 Skybox Premium STAR RUBIES RED Clay Bellinger RC Seq. #'ed 10/50 BV=$10
1997 Upper Deck Rock Solid Foundation Manny Ramirez BV=$1.50
2000 Upper Deck Pennant Driven Roberto Alomar BV=$0.75
2001 Upper Deck People's Choice Mark McGwire BV=$10
1999 Upper Deck MVP Swing Time Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$1.50
2000 Upper Deck Power Rally Jeff Bagwell BV=$1.25
1997 Upper Deck Star Attractions Die-Cut Frank Thomas BV=$1
1998 Collector's Choice Mark McGwire BV=$1.25
2000 Upper Deck MVP Scout's Choice Rick Ankiel BV=$1
2001 Topps Archives Future Rookie Reprints Jim Edmonds BV=$1.25
2001 Topps What Could Have Been George "Mule" Suttles BV=$2
2001 Fleer Futures Characteristics Alex Rodriguez BV=$3
2002 Upper Deck Breakout Performers Lance Berkman BV=$1.50
1999 Upper Deck MVP Scout's Choice Pat Burrell BV=$2
1997 Bowman Chrome 1998 ROY Favorites Paul Konerko BV=$1.50
2001 Fleer Platinum 20th Anniversary Reprints Troy Glaus BV=$2.50
1998 Bowman’s Best Nomar Garciaparra BV=$1.50
2001 Topps Archives Future Rookie Reprints Sammy Sosa BV=$5
2000 Topps Hands of Gold Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
2000 Bowman’s Best Previews Mark McGwire BV=$6
1997 Pacific Prisms Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$5
1999 Revolution Thorn in the Side Die-Cut Mo Vaughn BV=$3
1999 Topps All-Topps Mystery Finest John Olerud BV=$3
2000 Pacific Vanguard Premiere Date Edgar Martinez Seq. #’ed 118/135 BV=$5
2001 Donruss 1999 Retro Stat Line Season Moises Alou Seq. #’ed 054/124 BV=$2.50
2000 Pacific Vanguard High Voltage GREEN Carlos Beltran Seq. #’ed 50/99 BV=$5
2001 Fleer Futures Black Gold Jose Vidro Seq. #’ed 068/499 BV=$??
2002-03 UD Superstars Hideki Matsui RC BV=$5
2002 Leaf League of Nations Sun-Woo Kim BV=$5
2002 Fleer Focus JE Roger Clemens BV=$1.50
2003 Upper Deck Jose Contreras RC BV=$3
2003 UD Honor Roll Freshman Class Oscar Villarreal RC Seq. #’ed 1848/2500 BV=$5
2003 UD Honor Roll Mark Prior BV=$1.50
2002 Leaf Press Proof RED Andy Pettitte BV=$4
2002 Studio Stars Tim Hudson (w/Facsimile Auto like Credit Card) BV=$2
2003 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes Gerald Laird RC Seq. #’ed 008/100 BV=$6
2004 Donruss Power Alley Red Jason Giambi Seq. #’ed 0890/2500 BV=$3
2004 Donruss Power Alley Blue Die-Cut Rafael Palmeiro Seq. #’ed 032/100 BV=$6
2004 Donruss Press Proof RED Fernando Vina BV=$2
2004 Donruss Greg Aquino RC BV=$3
2003 Fleer Rookies & Greats Dynamic Debuts Hideki Matsui RC BV=$8
2004 Fleer Showcase Showcasing Talent Jeff Duncan BV=$4
2003 Fleer Rookies & Greats The Naturals Al Kaline BV=$3
2001 Upper Deck Legends Legendary Game Jerseys Jeff Bagwell
2002 Playoff Piece of the Game BAT Lance Berkman
2002 Playoff Piece of the Game BAT Tony Gwynn

2002-03 Topps Xpectations Chris Wilcox RC BV=$3
2003-04 UD Honor Roll Future Honors Kyle Korver RC Seq. #’ed 1356/2999 BV=$5
2002-03 Upper Deck Hardcourt UD GAME FLOOR/FILM Allen IVERSON
2002-03 Topps Xpectations Class Challenge RELICS JERSEY Chris Mihm