I have an oppurtunity to purchase a case of 1997 Pacific Philadelphia. Its a little high because of the only rc of Vineteri which books at $40. Ive been looking for a case of this product for some time and now that I have found it, Im realizing that the investment may not be worth it. My best friends only NFL card appears in this set. Its not worth much but I have had no luck finding any so Im going to bust a case of the wax.

What i was wondering is if theres anyone on here that would like a Vineteri rc, I plan on listing some on ebay. I just wanted to offer them to board members first since Ihave met alot of great Pats fans on SCF. I may decide to get a few graded depending on how they look, as I have a ton of free Beckett certificates.

I will be looking for Nice Shaun Alexander Rookies that book close to $40 or some decent gu of players on my list. Send me a pm if your intrested so that I can keep up with who wants one and lmk if you need more than one.