Heyas everyone. Jusr recently got a little lot of Jake Plummer cards in and of course they are up for trade. Here is what there is:

1998 Leaf Rookies & Stars MVP Contenders 1678/2500 #3
1999 Donruss Preferred QBC Hard Hats 0414/3000 #20
1999 Fleer Mystique NFL 2000 244/999 #7
1999 J.Plummer/D.Boston Leaf Rookies & Stars Ticket Masters 2170/2500 #TM-9
2000 Donruss Zoning Commision 0933/1000 #ZC-1
2000 J.Plummer/T.Jones Leaf Rookies & Stars Ticket Masters 1578/2000 #TM1
2000 Quantum Leaf Banner Season 0325/2111 #BS-18
2001 B.Newcombe/J.Plummer Score Select Future Franchise 513/550 #FF-27

2001 Private Stock Authentic Jersey Patch Variation 146/175 #3 (maroon/white jersey w/2 stitch seams)

Welp there ya have it. I will of course be looking for my normal players but have added a couple more to the list. I have them listed below. Any questions just ask. Till then take care and happy trading. :)