I am interested in buying the following bonds cards:
86 fleer update barry bonds rc- $11.00 each
87 topps glossy barry bonds rc- $3.00 each
86 topps traded barry bonds rc - $10.00 each
86 donruss the rookies barry bonds rc -$10.00 each
87 topps barry bonds rc- $2.00 each
87 fleer barry bonds rc- $30.00 each (limit to 5)
87 donruss barry bonds rc- $5.00 each
87 sportflics barry bonds rc -$1.50 each
88 fleer barry bonds- .25 each
88 topps barry bonds- .25 each
88 donruss barry bonds- . 25 each
89 upperdeck barry bonds- .50 each
89 fleer barry bonds- .25 each
90 upperdeck barry bonds- .35 each
90 fleer barry bonds- .25 each
90 bowman barry bonds- .25 each

all cards must be in mint condition with 4 sharp corners and at least 55/45 centering front and back...email me with what you have for sale...i will purchase large quantities until i am full on my order for the bonds buy list...cards are subject to returns/ refunds if the card(s) are not what are described . please dont say a card is mint or centered and sell it to me when its not.. i will pay asap as long cards are what are described...if close on prices please email me as well to see if we can work something out