I am primarily trading for auto's.Will sell if the price is right,Feel free to post an offer.Thanks


00-01 SPA SOTT Jamaal Magloire Auto

91-92 Hoops Michael Jordan USA Basketball Team

96-97 Skybox Emerald Ray Allen Auto

02-03 Topps Chrome Drew Gooden

03-04 SP Sig Ed AS Richard Hamilton Auto

03-04 Bowman Lebron James

92-93 Hoops Shaquille O'Neal

92-93 UD Shaquille O'Neal

03-04 Fleer Tradition Trio Rookie James/Melo/Wade

03-04 Bowman Remembering Rookies Elton Brand Auto

01-02 Topps Xpectations Elton Brand Auto

03-04 SPGU Authentic Fabrics Autographed Corey Maggette Auto/Jsy/100

03-04 UD Autographed Game Jersey Lamar Odom Auto/Jsy/100

03-04 Topps Chrome Chris Bosh

03-04 Rookie Exclusives Dwayne Wade

03-04 Rookie Exclusives Reece Gaines

03-04 Topps Dwayne Wade

02-03 Topps Caron Butler

03-04 SPx Winning Materials Jermaine O'Neal dual Jsy

03-04 UD Hardcourt Clear Commemoratives Gilbert Arenas Auto

03-04 Fleer Mystique Caron Butler/Dwayne Wade Dual Jsy/350

03-04 HHP Sweet Selections Vince Carter/Kevin Garnett dual Jsy/375

2000 SPx Winning Materials Kevin Garnett dual Jsy


2003 SPx Winning Materials Julius Peppers Jsy/350

2002 Leaf Certified Freshman Fabric David Carr Jsy/800

1983 Topps Mike Singletary(x2)

1991 TSC Emmitt Smith

1998 TSC Leading Legends Jerry Rice

1972 O.J. Simpson

1986 Topps Andre Reed

1989 Score Andre Rison

2002 Titanium Isaac Byrd/Julius Peppers Jsy/250

1991 Brett Favre


2003 Finite Brandon Webb Auto/150

2002 Bowman Heritage Roy Oswalt Auto

2003 Bowman's Best Dustin Mcgowan Auto

2003 Pristine Jay Gibbons Auto

2002 Bowman's Best Casey Kotchman Auto

2003 Bowman Heritage Rickie Weeks Auto

2003 Leaf Certified Mirror Blue Wade Miller Auto/50

1998 Finest Refractor Mike Piazza

2003 Leaf Certified Craig Brazell Auto/400

2002 Topps 206 Gavin Floyd Auto

2003 SPx Nick Johnson Auto/Jsy/1295

2004 Donruss DK Eric Hinske Auto/Jsy/Bat/25

2003 Bowman Chrome DP Billy Traber Refractor

2003 UD Masters with the Leather Ichiro

2003 Topps Blue Chips Justin Huber Auto

2003 Bowman Chrome DP Franklin Gutierrez Refractor

2003 Bowman Chrome DP Franklin Gutierrez

2003 SPx Sean Burroughs Auto/Jsy/1295

1984 Donruss Tony Gwynn

2000 Ultra Gold Medallion Tom Glavine

1999 Ultra Platinum Medallion Robin Ventura #05 of 99

2002 E-X Behind the Numbers Mike Piazza Game Worn Pants

2002 UD MVP Alex Rodriguez Jsy

2003 Bowman Jeremy Guthrie Auto

1998 Bowman Chrome Orlando Hernandez

1979 Topps Eddie Murray

1978 Topps Andre Dawson

1990 Leaf Gary Sheffield

1989 UD Gary Sheffield

2003 UD PP Kyle Sleeth Auto

2003 UD PP Tim Stauffer Auto

2004 Donruss DK Alexis Rios Auto/200

1988 Fleer Tom Glavine

1987 Fleer Greg Maddux