Well... I got paid today so, of course, I had to stop in the local card shop and see what was going down...

I ended up buying 1 Pack of 04 Press Pass, 8 Packs of 03 Contenders, 2 Packs of 03 Flair, and half a box (one mini) of 02 Honors. Here were my key pulls...

2002 Playoff Honors #166 Kenyon Coleman (RC/1000) - BV$3.00
2002 Playoff Honors #187 Robert Thomas (RC/1000) - BV$6.00
2002 Playoff Honors #225 Cliff Russell (JSY/650) - BV$10.00
2002 Playoff Honors Rookie Stallions #RS36 Patrick Ramsey - BV$4.00
2002 Playoff Honors Rookie Tandems/Quads #RT12 J.Walker/R.Johnson (Dual Football) - BV$15.00+
2002 Playoff Honors X's #56 Troy Brown (/100) - BV$6.00

2003 Flair #109 Dallas Clark (RC/500) - BV$15.00

2003 Playoff Contenders #174 Zuriel Smith (RC/AU/989) - BV$20.00
2003 Playoff Contenders Legendary Contenders #LC7 Reggie White - BV$4.00
2003 Playoff Contenders MVP Contenders #MVP12 Michael Vick - BV$8.00

...also picked up three Quincy Wilson's. All are for trade, wantlist is in the signature. Only looking for those three guys.

PS: Was bummed on the pulls - but that's evident.