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    May 2004



    1993/1994 Stadium Club Frequent Flyers 1st Day Issue Chris Webber(Has small dinge on the left side of the edge)
    1995/1996 Classic 5 Sport Silver Signature Antonio McDyess(Not an autograph)
    1995/1996 Signature Rookies Red Hot Rookies Kevin Garnett
    1996/1997 Collector’s Choice Kobe Bryant
    1997/1998 SP Authentic Ron Mercer
    1999/2000 Upperdeck MVP Elton Brand

    1998/1999 Topps Chrome Topps 40 Shaquille O’neil
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Kevin Garnett
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Juan Howard
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Andre Miller
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Eddy Curry
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Corliss Williamson
    2002/2003 Stadium Club 10th Anniversary Gilbert Arenas
    2002/2003 Stadium Club The Hustlers Karl Malone
    2002/2003 Stadium Club Urban Legends Elton Brand
    2003/2004 Flair World Leaders Dirk Nowitzki
    2003/2004 Flair World Leaders Drew Gooden

    1999/2000 Upperdeck Victory Power Corps Kobe Bryant
    2001/2002 Fleer Platinum #ed 197/201 Elton Brand
    2003/2004 Flair Shaquille O’neil
    2003/2004 Upperdeck Inspirtations UD Promo Wilt Chamberlain

    Have several cards from these two sets for anyone that is collecting the set or needs some star players from them.
    2002/2003 Stadium Club
    2003/2004 Fleer Tradition

    2001 Fleer Triple Crown Augie Ojeda
    2003 Topps Total Branden Florence

    1997 Collector’s Choice You Crash The Game Mark McGwire
    1999 Crown Royale Pillars of the Game Vladimir Guerrero
    1999 Fleer Brilliants Blue Dante Bichette
    1999 Fleer Brilliants Illuminators Richie Sexson
    2001 Fleer Triple Crown Glamour Boys Vladimir Guerreo
    2001 UD Decade 1970’s Super Powers Mike Schmidt
    2003 Leaf 60 Omar Vizquel

    1996 Leaf Limited Lumberjacks #ed 1122/5000 Frank Thomas
    2001 Topps Gold #ed 1501/2001 Damien Jackson

    I have some base cards of stars like Sammy Sosa, Todd Helton, Juan Gonzalez, Jeff Bagwell, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, and many more.

    1993 Pacific Drew Bledsoe
    1993 Pacific Prism Robert Smith
    1995 Collector’s Choice Steve McNair
    1995 Upperdeck Steve McNair
    1995 Upperdeck Warren Sapp
    1995 Upperdeck Curtis Martin
    1996 Collector’s Choice Keyshawn Johnson
    1996 Collector’s Choice Mike Alstott
    1996 Collector’s Choice Stephen Davis
    1996 Collector’s Choice Updated Marvin Harrison
    1996 Collector’s Edge Advantage Marvin Harrison
    1997 Pacific Antowain Smith
    1997 Upperdeck Antowain Smith
    1998 E-X 2001 Jacquez Green
    1998 E-X 2001 Fred Taylor
    1998 SP Authentic Special Forces Fred Taylor
    1999 Collector’s Edge First Place Edgerrin James
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter David Boston
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Kevin Johnson
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Torry Holt
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Fourth Quarter Akili Smith
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Heir Supply David Boston
    1999 Dominion D’Wayne Bates
    1999 Dominion Nick Williams/Scott Covington
    1999 Dominion Charlie Rogers/Karsten Bailey
    1999 Dominion Billy Miller/Wane McGarthy
    1999 Dominion Travis McGriff/Martay Jenkins
    1999 Donruss Gridiron Chain Reaction #ed 4926/5000 Donovan McNabb
    1999 Fleer Tradition Donovan McNabb
    1999 Playoff Absolute EXP Edgerrin James
    1999 Playoff Absolute EXP Kevin Faulk
    1999 Playoff Absolute EXP Cecil Collins
    1999 Playoff Absolute EXP Tools of the Trade #ed 60/1000 Chris Claiborne
    1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Kevin Johnson
    1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Ricky Williams
    1999 Stadium Club Chrome Karsten Bailey
    1999 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Champ Bailey
    1999 Topps Gold Label Red Label #ed 65/100 Sedrick Irvin
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Champ Bailey
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Champ Bailey
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Akili Smith
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Cade McNown
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Parallel #ed 95/299 Torry Holt
    1999 Topps Stars 2 Stars Torry Holt
    1999 Topps Stars 4 Stars Torry Holt
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Daunte Culpepper
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Daunte Culpepper
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars David Boston
    1999 Topps Stars 4 Stars David Boston
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Edgerrin James
    1999 Topps Stars 4 Stars Edgerrin James
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Ricky Williams
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Ricky Williams
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Kevin Faulk
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Amos Zereoue
    1999 Topps Stars 2 Stars Kevin Johnson
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Rob Konrad
    1999 Topps Stars New Dawn #ed 652/1000 Sedrick Irvin
    1999 UD Ionix Electric Forces Peerless Price
    2000 Aurora Joe Hamilton
    2000 Black Diamond Sebastian Janikowski
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Thomas Jones
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Peter Warrick
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Master Rookies Preview Plaxico Burress
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Foil Ron Dayne
    2000 Dominion Chad Pennington (2)
    2000 Dominion Anthony Lucas
    2000 Dominion Shaun Alexander
    2000 Dominion Kwame Cavil
    2000 Dominion Tee Martin
    2000 Dominion Tim Rattay
    2000 Dominion Marc Bulger
    2000 Dominion Travis Prentice/R. Jay Soward
    2000 Dominion Trung Canidate/Reuben Droughns
    2000 Dominion Giovanni Carmazzi/Tom Brady (2)
    2000 Dominion Laveranues Coles/Chafie Fields (2)
    2000 Dominion Jarious Jackson/Sherrod Gideon
    2000 Dominion Rondell Mealey/Joey Goodspeed
    2000 Dominion Anthony Becht/Quinton Spotwood
    2000 Dominion Corey Simon/Chris Hovan
    2000 Dominion Brian Urlacher/Corey Moore
    2000 Dominion Keith Bulluck/Rob Morris
    2000 Dominion Raynoch Thompson/Deon Grant (3)
    2000 Dominion John Abraham/Shaun Ellis
    2000 Fleer Tradition Darrell Jackson/James Williams
    2000 Fleer Focus #ed 147/3999 Corey Simon
    2000 Fleer Focus Sparklers Peter Warrick
    2000 Fleer Mystique Big Buzz Joe Hamilton
    2000 Impact Ron Dayne
    2000 Impact Trung Canidate
    2000 Skybox Gari Scott
    2000 Skybox Danny Farmer
    2000 Skybox Jamal Lewis
    2000 Skybox Joe Hamilton
    2000 Skybox Travis Prentice
    2000 Skybox Laveranues Coles
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Courtney Brown
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Jerry Porter
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Ron Dugans
    2000 Topps Gold Label Premium #ed 658/1000 Ron Dugans
    2000 Ultra R. Jay Soward
    2000 Upperdeck MVP Chad Pennington
    2000 Upperdeck MVP J.R. Redmond
    2000 Upperdeck Corey Simon
    2000 Upperdeck Victory Corey Simon
    2001 Bowman Mario Monds
    2001 Bowman Rudi Johnson
    2001 Bowman Jesse Palmer
    2001 Fleer Tradition Michael Bennett
    2001 Fleer Game Time #ed 647/2001 Quincy Morgan
    2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars John Howell
    2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars David Terrell
    2001 Pacific Dynagon Chris Chambers
    2001 Pacific Impressions Blue Back Retail Rudi Johnson
    2001 Pacific Impressions Blue Back Retail Will Allen
    2001 Pacific Impressions Rendering Chris Weinke
    2001 Pacific Invincible Retail David Terrell
    2001 Pacific Invincible Retail Travis Minor
    2001 Pacific Invincible Retail Cedrick Wilson
    2001 Pacific Vanguard Prime Prospects Freddie Mitchell
    2001 Press Pass Gold Zone Chris Weinke
    2001 Press Pass Josh Heupel
    2001 Press Pass Torquers Chris Chambers
    2001 Press Pass Big Numbers David Terrell
    2001 Score Chris Weinke
    2001 Score Travis Minor
    2001 Score David Terrell
    2001 Topps Jamar Fletcher
    2001 Topps Will Allen
    2001 Topps Quincy Morgan (2)
    2001 Topps Eric Kelly
    2001 Topps Michael Stone
    2001 Topps Eric Westmoreland
    2001 Topps Steve Smith
    2001 Topps Adam Archuleta (2)
    2001 Topps Justin Smith
    2001 Topps Drew Brees (2)
    2001 Topps Chris Barnes
    2001 Topps Josh Heupel
    2001 Topps Jamie Henderson (2)
    2001 Topps Onomo Ojo
    2001 Topps Marcus Stroud (2)
    2001 Topps Quincy Carter
    2001 Topps Ryan Pickett
    2001 Topps Chad Johnson (3)
    2001 Topps Nate Clements
    2001 Topps Marvin Minnis (2)
    2001 Topps Will Peterson (2)
    2001 Topps Marques Tuiasosopo (2)
    2001 Topps Sage Rosenfels
    2001 Topps Dan Morgan
    2001 Topps Scotty Anderson
    2001 Topps Todd Heap (2)
    2001 Topps James Jackson
    2001 Topps Andre Carter
    2001 Topps Johnathon Carter (2)
    2001 Topps Tim Hasselbeck
    2001 Topps Derrick Gibson
    2001 Topps Alge Crumpler
    2001 Topps Derrick Blaylock
    2001 Topps Travis Minor
    2001 Topps LaMont Jordan
    2001 Topps Kevin Barlow
    2001 Topps Freddie Mitchell
    2001 Topps Tay Cody
    2001 Topps Chris Weinke
    2001 Topps Willie Middlebrooks (2)
    2001 Topps Rashard Casey (3)
    2001 Topps Mike McMahon
    2001 Topps Jabari Holloway (2)
    2001 Topps Combos Koren Robinson/Torry Holt (2)
    2001 Topps Combos Kevin Barlow/Curits Martin
    2001 Topps Chrome Combos Anthony Thomas/Tyrone Wheatley
    2001 Topps Gallery Koren Robinson
    2001 Topps Gallery Freddie Mitchell
    2001 Topps Gallery Chris Weinke
    2001 Topps Gallery Reggie Wayne
    2001 Topps Gallery Alge Crumpler
    2001 Topps Gallery Mike McMahon
    2001 Topps Gallery Kevin Barlow
    2001 Topps Gallery Chad Johnson
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Future Greats #ed 273/750 Travis Minor
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Reggie White
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Sage Rosenfels
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Marques Tuiasosopo
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Josh Heupel
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Kevin Kasper
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Jesse Palmer
    2001 Upperdeck LaDainian Tomlinson
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Deuce McAllister (2)
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Kevin Barlow
    2001 Upperdeck MVP James Jackson (2)
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Rudi Johnson
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Santana Moss
    2001 Upperdeck MVP T.J. Houshmanzadeh
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Freddie Mitchell
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Michael Vick
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Quincy Carter
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Marcus Stroud
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Josh Heupel
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Deuce McAllister
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Will Allen
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage LaDainian Tomlinson
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Jamie Henderson/Reggie White
    2002 Donruss J.T. O’Sullivan
    2002 Fleer Tradition Julius Peppers
    2002 Fleer Tradition Ashley Lelie
    2002 Fleer Tradition Johnathon Wells/Adrian Peterson
    2002 Playoff Prestige Dennis Johnson
    2002 Press Pass T.J. Duckett
    2002 Press Pass Jeremy Shockey
    2002 Press Pass Kalimba Edwards
    2002 Press Pass Torquers Adrian Peterson
    2002 Press Pass Torquers Quentin Jammer
    2002 Press Pass Big Numbers Lamar Gordon
    2002 Press Pass Big Numbers Andre Davis
    2002 Press Pass Big Numbers Rohan Davey
    2002 Press Pass Big Numbers Patrick Ramsey
    2002 Press Pass Rookie Chase Donte Stallworth
    2002 Press Pass JE Bryant McKinnie
    2002 Press Pass JE Jeremy Shockey
    2002 Press Pass JE William Green
    2002 Press Pass JE Daniel Graham
    2002 Press Pass JE Jabar Gaffney
    2002 Press Pass JE Mike Pearson
    2002 Press Pass JE Andre Davis
    2002 Press Pass JE LaDell Betts
    2002 Press Pass JE Antwaan Randle El
    2002 Press Pass JE Josh McCown
    2002 Press Pass JE Brian Westbrook
    2002 Press Pass JE Kurt Kittner
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Ashley Lelie
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Patrick Ramsey
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Josh Reed
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Maurice Morris
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Cliff Russell
    2002 Press Pass JE First Down Checklist David Carr
    2002 Press Pass JE Class of 2003 Jeremy Shockey
    2002 Score David Carr
    2002 Score Ashley Lelie
    2002 Score Donte Stallworth
    2002 Score Score Card #ed 238/400 DeShaun Foster
    2003 Donruss Classics #ed 92/900 Teyo Johnson
    2003 Sage Boss Bailey
    2003 Sage Kliff Kingsbury
    2003 Sage HIT Rex Grossman
    2003 Sage HIT Jerome McDougle
    2003 Sage HIT Jason Gesser
    2003 Sage HIT Billy McMullen
    2003 Sage HIT Tyrone Calico
    2003 Sage HIT Terry Pierce
    2003 Sage HIT E.J. Henderson
    2003 Sage HIT Marcus Trufant
    2003 Sage HIT Boss Bailey
    2003 Sage HIT Class of 2003 Taylor Jacobs
    2003 Sage HIT Class of 2003 Sam Aiken
    2003 Score Taylor Jacobs
    2003 Score Justin Gage
    2003 Score Jason Witten
    2003 Score Andrew Williams
    2003 Score William Joseph
    2003 Topps Marcus Trufant
    2003 Topps Chaun Thompson
    2003 Topps Artose Pinner
    2003 Topps Chrome Brian St. Pierre
    2003 Topps Chrome Jason Witten
    2003 Upperdeck Honor Roll Kelley Washington
    2003 Upperdeck Honor Roll Montrae Holland
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Sultan McCullouch
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Keenan Howry

    1995 Collector’s Choice You Crash The Game Silver Set Steve Young
    1996 Select Prime Cut Jerry Rice
    1998 Topps Chrome Measure Greatness Jerry Rice
    1998 Ultra Gold Medallion Barry Sanders
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Gold Ingot Jerry Rice
    1999 Pacific Revolutions Show Stoppers Drew Bledsoe
    1999 SP Authentic The New Classics Fred Taylor
    1999 Topps Picture Perfect Randy Moss
    1999 Topps Record Numbers Emmitt Smith
    2000 Aurora Championship Fever Randy Moss
    2000 Dominion Hard Corps Steve Young
    2000 Fleer Showcase Mission Impossible Marvin Harrison
    2000 Fleer Showcase Mission Impossible Vinny Testaverde
    2000 Impact Rewind ’99 Tony Gonzalez
    2000 Impact Rewind ’99 Mike Alstott
    2000 Metal Sunday Showdown Fred Taylor/Jevon Kearse
    2000 Metal Sunday Showdown Jerry Rice/Keyshawn Johnson
    2000 Skybox Preemptive Strike Jake Plummer
    2000 Skybox Sole Train Ricky Williams
    2000 Skybox Sole Train Warrick Dunn
    2000 Topps Own The Game Duce Staley
    2000 Topps Gold Label After Burners Cris Carter
    2000 Topps Gold Label Graceful Giants Keyshawn Johnson
    2000 Upperdeck Proving Ground Marvin Harrison
    2000 Upperdeck Striking Force Torry Holt
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Spotlight Jake Plummer
    2001 E-X E-Xtra Yards Ricky Williams
    2001 Fleer Tradition Art of a Champion Ron Dayne
    2001 Pacific Atomic Prism Core Players Steve Young
    2001 Pacific Atomic Prism Statosphere Terrell Davis
    2001 Stadium Club Highlight Reels Bob Griese
    2001 Topps Own The Game All The Way Marvin Harrison
    2001 Topps Own The Game All The Way Torry Holt
    2001 Topps Own The Game Ground Warriors Corey Dillion
    2001 Topps Own The Game Showtime Az-Zahir Hakim
    2001 Topps Hobby Masters Randy Moss
    2001 Topps Rookie Reprints Walter Payton #WP1
    2001 Topps Rookie Reprints Walter Payton #WP2 (2)
    2001 Topps Gallery Star Gallery Marshall Faulk
    2001 Topps Gallery Heritage Y.A. Tittle
    2001 Upperdeck Constant Threats Jake Plummer
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Team MVP Rich Gannon
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Team MVP Marshall Faulk
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Team MVP Edgerrin James
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Top 10 Performers Mike Anderson
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Hat Trick Plaxico Burress/Freddie Mitchell/Donte Stallworth
    2002 Playoff Prestige League Leader Tandems Kurt Warner/Brian Griese
    2002 Upperdeck Power Surge Curtis Martin

    1998 SPx Finite #ed 589/7600 Marshall Faulk
    1998 SPx Finite #ed 3772/7600 Warrick Dunn
    1998 SPx Finite Youthmovement #ed 1731/3000 Amani Toomer
    1998 SPx Finite Radiance #ed 610/1900 Jake Plummer
    1998 Topps Stars Red #ed 4405/8799 Barry Sanders
    1998 Topps Stars Copper #ed 2059/8799 Barry Sanders
    1999 Pacific Paramount Holo-Silver #ed 32/99 Tim Brown
    1999 Pacific Revolution Shadow Series #ed 90/99 Ricky Watters
    1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Gold Reflection #ed 308/1000 Jon Kitna
    1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Silver Reflections #ed 1938/3250 Garrison Hearst
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Parallel #ed 276/299 Michael Irvin
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Holo-Silver #ed 958/1000 Stephen Davis
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Hasta La Vista #ed 159/2000 Eric Moulds
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Master Legends #ed 1650/5000 Keyshawn Johnson
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC National Treasures #ed 507/1000 Chris Chandler
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Preferred Power #ed 200/300 Vinny Testaverde
    2000 Skybox Star Ruby Extreme #ed 32/50 Amani Toomer
    2000 Topps Gold Label Premium #ed 619/1000 Tim Couch
    2001 E-X Essential Credentials #ed 172/299 Peter Warrick
    2001 Pacific Impressions Red Back #ed 248/280 Brian Griese
    2001 Pacific Impressions Red Back #ed 35/280 Drew Bledsoe
    2001 Pacific Impressions Shadow Series #ed 8/25 Jeff Blake
    2001 Pacific Invincible Blue #ed 20/250 Isaac Bruce
    2001 Pacific Invincible School Colors #ed 2690/2750 Fred Taylor
    2001 Score ScoreCard #ed 182/185 Corey Dillion
    2002 Donruss Classics Timeless Tributes #ed 10/100 Jim McMahon
    2002 Score ScoreCard #ed 230/400 Troy Hambrick
    2002 Score ScoreCard #ed 114/400 Terrell Owens
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Hogg Wild #ed 141/150 Ashley Lelie
    2003 Topps Gold #ed 487/499 Terrence Wilkens

    San Francisco 49ers:
    2002 Upperdeck Kevin Barlow
    2003 Score Andre Carter
    2001 E-X Jeff Garcia
    2001 Fleer Authority Jeff Garcia
    2003 Donruss Classics Jeff Garcia
    2003 Playoff Honors Jeff Garcia
    2003 Topps Chrome Weekly Wrap Ups Jeff Garcia
    2003 Score Eric Johnson
    1999 Pacific Revolution Terrell Owens
    2000 Bowman Reserve Terrell Owens
    2000 Fleer Showcase Terrell Owens
    2000 Skybox Terrell Owens
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Terrell Owens
    2001 Topps Terrell Owens
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Terrell Owens
    2001 Topps Gallery Terrell Owens
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Terrell Owens
    2002 Topps Hertige Terrell Owens
    2003 Topps Chrome Weekly Wrap Ups Terrell Owens
    1991 Pacific Jerry Rice
    1993 Fleer Jerry Rice
    1995 Pinnacle X’s & O’s Jerry Rice
    1996 Collector’s Choice Checklist Jerry Rice
    1996 Collector’s Choice Franchise Play-Maker Jerry Rice
    1997 Leaf Jerry Rice
    1997 Topps Gallery Jerry Rice
    1998 Bowman’s Best Jerry Rice
    1998 Bowman Chrome Jerry Rice
    1999 Stadium Club Chrome Jerry Rice
    1999 Upperdeck Jerry Rice
    2000 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Jerry Rice
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Jerry Rice
    2000 Dominion Jerry Rice
    2000 Skybox Jerry Rice
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Jerry Rice
    2000 Upperdeck Victory Jerry Rice
    2001 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Jerry Rice
    2001 Topps Transactions Jerry Rice
    2002 Fleer Vinny Sutherland
    1993 Fleer Roboniner Steve Young
    1993 Fleer Performance Highlights Steve Young
    1993 Pro Line Profiles Steve Young
    1993 Upperdeck Berman’s Best Steve Young
    1999 Collector’s Edge Advantage Steve Young
    1999 Upperdeck Ovation Steve Young
    2000 Bowman Steve Young
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Steve Young
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Steve Young

    2002 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Marty Booker
    2003 Score Chris Chandler
    2001 Fleer Showcase Marcus Robinson
    2001 Upperdeck Legend Gale Sayers
    2003 Playoff Honors Kordell Stewart
    2002 Playoff Prestige David Terrell
    2003 Score David Terrell
    2002 Fleer Authentix Anthony Thomas
    2002 Upperdeck Anthony Thomas
    2003 Topps Chrome Anthony Thomas
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Dez White
    2003 Score Dez White

    2000 Fleer Showcase Corey Dillion
    2000 Skybox Corey Dillion
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Corey Dillion
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Corey Dillion
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Corey Dillion
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Corey Dillion
    2003 Playoff Honors Chad Johnson (2)
    2003 Topps Chrome Jon Kitna
    2002 Fleer Justin Smith
    2002 Fleer Takeo Spikes
    2003 Score Peter Warrick

    2002 Upperdeck Drew Bledsoe
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Drew Bledsoe
    2003 Playoff Honors Drew Bledsoe
    2003 Topps Chrome Drew Bledsoe
    2003 Topps Chrome Weekly Wrap Ups Drew Bledsoe
    2003 NFL Showdown Jay Foreman
    2003 Score Travis Henry
    2001 Fleer Showcase Rob Johnson
    2001 Fleer Showcase Eric Moulds
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Eric Moulds
    2003 Donruss Classics Eric Moulds
    2002 Crown Royale Peerless Price
    2003 Topps Chrome Transactions Peerless Price
    2003 Topps Chrome Josh Reed
    1999 Topps Bruce Smith

    2001 Fleer Showcase Mike Anderson
    2001 Topps Mike Anderson
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Terrell Davis
    2000 Skybox Terrell Davis
    2002 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Terrell Davis
    1989 Topps John Elway
    1998 Pinnacle Mint Collection John Elway
    2001 Upperdeck Legends John Elway
    2000 Skybox Brian Griese
    2001 Topps Gallery Brian Griese
    2003 Playoff Honors Ashley Lelie
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Ed McCaffrey
    2000 Stadium Club Ed McCaffrey
    2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Ed McCaffrey
    2003 Playoff Honors Ed McCaffrey
    2003 Playoff Honors Jake Plummer
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Clinton Portis
    2003 Playoff Honors Clinton Portis
    2003 Score Clinton Portis
    2003 Topps Chrome Clinton Portis
    2003 Topps Shannon Sharpe
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Rod Smith
    2002 Playoff Prestige Rod Smith
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Rod Smith

    2001 Topps Gallery Jim Brown
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Jim Brown
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Tim Couch
    2000 Upperdeck Tim Couch
    2001 Upperdeck Tim Couch
    2003 NFL Showdown Corey Fuller
    2003 Donruss Classics William Green
    2003 Playoff Honors William Green
    2003 Score William Green
    2002 Fleer James Jackson
    2002 Playoff Prestige James Jackson
    2000 Dominion Kevin Johnson
    2000 Skybox Kevin Johnson
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Kevin Johnson
    2003 Score Kevin Johnson
    2001 Fleer Focus Dennis Northcutt
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Dennis Northcutt
    2002 Playoff Prestige Gerard Warren

    2002 Donruss Mike Alstott
    2003 Playoff Honors Mike Alstott
    2003 Score Mike Alstott
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Reidel Anthony
    1999 Upperdeck Ovation Warrick Dunn
    2000 Bowman’s Best Warrick Dunn
    2000 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Warrick Dunn
    2000 Fleer Showcase Warrick Dunn
    2003 Playoff Honors Brad Johnson (2)
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Keyshawn Johnson
    2000 Impact Keyshawn Johnson
    2001 Finest Keyshawn Johnson
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Keyshawn Johnson
    2002 Topps Heritage Keyshawn Johnson
    2003 Playoff Honors Keyshawn Johnson
    2003 Topps Joe Jurevicius
    2003 Score John Lynch
    2003 Score Keenan McCardell
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Michael Pittman
    2003 NFL Showdown Simeon Rice
    2003 Upperdeck Simeon Rice
    2003 Playoff Honors Warren Sapp

    2003 Topps Damien Anderson
    2002 Donruss Martay Jenkins
    2002 Playoff Prestige Martay Jenkins
    2003 Score Freddie Jones
    2003 Upperdeck Freddie Jones
    2003 Score Thomas Jones
    2003 Score Jason McAddley
    1998 Ultra ’98 Greats Jake Plummer
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Jake Plummer
    1999 Topps Stars 2 Stars Jake Plummer
    2000 Dominion Jake Plummer
    2000 Skybox Jake Plummer
    2001 Fleer Showcase Jake Plummer
    2001 Pacific Vanguard Jake Plummer
    2001 Topps Gallery Jake Plummer
    2003 Score Marcel Shipp
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Emmitt Smith
    2003 Score Emmitt Smith
    2003 Topps Chrome Transactions Emmitt Smith

    2003 Playoff Honors David Boston
    2003 Topps Chrome Transaction David Boston
    2003 Donruss Classics Drew Brees
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Drew Brees
    2003 Score Drew Brees
    2002 Upperdeck Curtis Conway
    2003 Upperdeck Doug Flutie
    1998 Pinnacle Mint Collection Ryan Leaf
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Jim Harbaugh
    2003 Score Ben Leber
    2000 Stadium Club Junior Seau
    2001 E-X Junior Seau

    2003 NFL Showdown Donnie Edwards
    2000 Fleer Focus Tony Gonzalez
    2000 Topps Season Opener Tony Gonzalez
    2000 Topps Gallery Tony Gonzalez
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Tony Gonzalez
    2001 Leaf Certified Materials Tony Gonzalez
    2001 Pacific Invincible Tony Gonzalez
    2001 Topps Gallery Tony Gonzalez
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Tony Gonzalez
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Tony Gonzalez
    2002 Playoff Prestige Tony Gonzalez
    2003 Playoff Honors Tony Gonzalez (2)
    2001 Fleer Focus Trent Green
    2003 Donruss Classics Trent Green
    2003 Playoff Honors Trent Green
    2002 Fleer Authentix Priest Holmes
    2003 Playoff Honors Priest Holmes
    2003 Topps Weekly Wrap Up Priest Holmes
    2002 Playoff Prestige Marvin Minnis
    2002 Upperdeck Johnnie Morton

    1996 Select Marshall Faulk
    1998 Bowman’s Best Marshall Faulk
    1998 Flair Showcase Sec 2 Row 3 Marshall Faulk
    1998 Finest Marshall Faulk
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Marshall Faulk
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Marshall Faulk
    2003 Score Dwight Freeney
    1997 Topps Gallery Marvin Harrison
    1998 Topps Gold Label Marvin Harrison
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey Marvin Harrison
    1999 Flair Showcase Row 3 Marvin Harrison (2)
    1999 Fleer Focus Marvin Harrison
    1999 Playoff Prestige EXP Marvin Harrison
    1999 SP Authentic Marvin Harrison
    1999 Upperdeck Ovation Marvin Harrison
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Marvin Harrison
    2000 Donruss Marvin Harrison
    2000 Fleer Focus Marvin Harrison
    2000 Upperdeck Ultimate Victory Marvin Harrison
    2001 Fleer Genuine Marvin Harrison
    2001 Fleer Showcase Marvin Harrison
    2001 Score Select Marvin Harrison
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Marvin Harrison
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Marvin Harrison
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Season Leaders Marvin Harrison
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Marvin Harrison
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Marvin Harrison
    2000 Skybox Edgerrin James (2)
    2000 Upperdeck Edgerrin James
    2001 Topps Gallery Edgerrin James
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Edgerrin James
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Edgerrin James (2)
    2002 Upperdeck Edgerrin James
    2003 Score Edgerrin James
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Peyton Manning
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Professional Profile Peyton Manning
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC College Profile Peyton Manning
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Off The Field Profile Peyton Manning
    2000 Leaf Rookies & Stars Peyton Manning
    2000 Pacific Omega Peyton Manning
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Peyton Manning
    2001 Topps Gallery Peyton Manning
    2001 Upperdeck Pros & Prospects Peyton Manning
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Peyton Manning
    2003 Playoff Honors Peyton Manning
    2003 Score Peyton Manning
    2003 Upperdeck Marcus Pollard
    2002 Playoff Prestige Dominic Rhodes
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Johnny Unitas
    2002 Playoff Prestige Reggie Wayne
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Reggie Wayne
    2003 Score Reggie Wayne

    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Troy Aikman (2)
    1999 Donruss Troy Aikman
    1999 Donruss Prefered QBC Troy Aikman
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Troy Aikman
    2000 Impact Troy Aikman
    2000 Skybox Troy Aikman
    2001 Topps Troy Aikman
    2003 Topps Chrome Antonio Bryant
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Quincy Carter
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Richie Cunningham
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Joey Galloway
    2003 Score Troy Hambrick
    2003 Donruss Classics Chad Hutchinson
    1993 Pro Set Power Emmitt Smith
    1994 Classic Emmitt Smith
    2000 Impact Emmitt Smith
    2000 Skybox Emmitt Smith
    2001 Pacific Impressions Retail Emmitt Smith
    2001 Pacific Vanguard Emmitt Smith
    2001 Topps Gallery Emmitt Smith
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Darren Woodson

    2002 Fleer Authentix Chris Chambers
    2002 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Chris Chambers
    2003 Playoff Honors Chris Chambers
    2003 Score Chris Chambers
    2003 Topps Chrome Chris Chambers
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Jay Fiedler
    2003 Score Jay Fiedler
    2000 Stadium Club O.J. McDuffie
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Travis Minor
    2003 Donruss Classics Junior Seau
    2003 Topps Transactions Junior Seau
    2003 Topps Chrome Jason Taylor
    2001 Fleer Focus Zach Thomas
    2003 Playoff Honors Zach Thomas
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Derrius Thompson
    2002 Fleer Tradition Ricky Williams
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Ricky Williams
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Ricky Williams
    2003 Score Ricky Williams

    2003 Score Koy Detmer
    2003 Topps Jay Feeley
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Chad Lewis
    2000 Skybox Donovan McNabb
    2001 E-X Donovan McNabb
    2001 Leaf Certified Materials Donovan McNabb
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Donovan McNabb (2)
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Donovan McNabb
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Donovan McNabb
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Donovan McNabb
    2003 Playoff Honors Donovan McNabb (2)
    2003 Score Donovan McNabb
    2002 Playoff Prestige Freddie Mitchell
    2001 Fleer Focus Todd Pinkston
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Duce Staley
    1999 Ultra Duce Staley
    2002 Playoff Prestige Duce Staley (2)
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Duce Staley
    2003 NFL Showdown Hollis Thomas
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia James Thrash

    1999 Pacific Revolutions Jamal Anderson
    2002 Fleer Tradition Keith Brookings
    2001 Fleer Showcase Chris Chandler
    2003 Topps Alge Crumpler
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven T.J. Duckett
    2002 Fleer Authentix Warrick Dunn
    2003 Donruss Classics Warrick Dunn
    2003 Playoff Honors Warrick Dunn
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Brian Finneran
    2003 Topps Doug Johnson
    2002 Score Michael Vick
    2003 Topps Chrome Michael Vick

    2002 Donruss Classics Kerry Collins
    2002 Fleer Tradition Kerry Collins
    2002 Playoff Prestige Kerry Collins
    2003 Playoff Honors Kerry Collins
    2003 Upperdeck MVP Ron Dixon
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Jeremy Shockey
    2003 Playoff Honors Michael Strahan (2)
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Lawerence Taylor
    2003 Topps Chrome Amani Toomer

    2002 Fleer Tradition Tony Brackens
    1997 Action Packed Mark Brunell
    1998 Black Diamond Mark Brunell
    1998 Bowman’s Best Mark Brunell (2)
    1998 Fleer Brilliants Mark Brunell
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Mark Brunell
    2000 Impact Mark Brunell
    2000 Skybox Mark Brunell
    2000 Stadium Club Mark Brunell
    2000 Topps Season Opener Coming Soon Mark Brunell
    2001 SP Authentic Mark Brunell
    2001 Topps Mark Brunell
    2003 Upperdeck Mark Brunell
    2003 Score David Garrard
    2003 Score John Henderson
    2002 Upperdeck Jimmy Smith
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Fred Taylor
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Fred Taylor
    1999 Pacific Rrevolution Fred Taylor
    1999 Topps Fred Taylor
    2000 Dominion Fred Taylor
    2000 Topps Season Opener Fred Taylor
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Fred Taylor
    2001 Topps Gold Label Fred Taylor
    2001 Upperdeck Pros & Prospects Fred Taylor
    2003 Playoff Absolute Memerabilia Fred Taylor
    2003 Playoff Honors Fred Taylor

    2000 Fleer Focus Wayne Chrebet
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Wayne Chrebet
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Wayne Chrebet
    2003 Score Wayne Chrebet
    2002 Fleer Tradition Laveranues Coles
    2003 Score Curtis Conway
    1997 Bowman’s Best Keyshawn Johnson (2)
    1998 Bowman’s Best Keyshawn Johnson
    1999 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Keyshawn Johnson
    1999 Collector’s Edge Supreme Keyshawn Johnson
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Keyshawn Johnson (2)
    1999 Upperdeck Ovation Keyshawn Johnson
    2002 Fleer Tradition LaMont Jordan
    2003 Score LaMont Jordan
    2000 Fleer Focus Curtis Martin
    2000 Fleer Gamers Curtis Martin
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Curtis Martin
    2001 Upperdeck Pros & Prospects Curtis Martin
    2003 Upperdeck Honor Roll Curtis Martin
    2003 Topps Chrome Santana Moss
    2001 Fleer Focus Chad Pennington
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Chad Pennington
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Chad Pennington
    2003 Playoff Honors Chad Pennington
    2003 Score Vinny Testaverde

    2003 Score Germane Crowell
    2003 Topps Germane Crowell
    2003 Playoff Honors Joey Harrington
    2003 Topps Mike McMahon
    2003 NFL Showdown Robert Porcher
    1994 Pacific Barry Sanders
    1994 Fleer Barry Sanders (2)
    1994 Topps Measure of Greatness Barry Sanders (2)
    1999 Fleer Tradition Barry Sanders
    1999 Skybox Barry Sanders
    1999 Upperdeck Barry Sanders
    2001 Topps Archives Reprints Barry Sanders
    2003 Score Bill Schroeder
    2003 Topps Chrome Bill Schroeder
    2002 Donruss Classics James Stewart
    2003 Donruss Classics James Stewart

    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Robert Fergusion

    2001 E-X Tim Biakabutuka
    2001 Fleer Showcase Tim Biakabutuka
    2003 Donruss Classics Stephen Davis
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Stephen Davis
    2003 Playoff Honors Stephen Davis
    2003 Topps Chrome Stephen Davis
    2003 Score Kevin Dyson
    2003 NFL Showdown Doug Evans
    2003 Score Randy Fasani
    2002 Donruss Patrick Jeffers
    2003 Score Rodney Peete
    2002 Playoff Prestige Wesley Walls

    2001 E-X Drew Bledsoe
    2001 Topps Hertige Drew Bledsoe
    2002 Playoff Prestige Tom Brady
    2003 Playoff Honors Troy Brown
    2003 Upperdeck Kevin Faulk
    2001 Fleer Focus Terry Glenn
    2003 Score Daniel Graham
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Ty Law
    2002 Fleer Tradition Ty Law
    2003 Upperdeck David Patten
    2003 NFL Showdown Richard Seymour

    2002 Donruss Tim Brown
    2002 Fleer Tradition Decade of Excellence Tim Brown
    2003 Playoff Honors Tim Brown
    2003 Topps Chrome Tim Brown
    2003 Score Phillip Buchanon
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Rich Gannon
    2002 Playoff Prestige Charlie Garner
    2003 Playoff Honors Charlie Garner
    2003 Playoff Honors Jerry Porter
    2003 Score Jerry Porter
    2001 E-X Jerry Rice
    2001 Topps Gallery Jerry Rice
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Jerry Rice
    2003 Donruss Classics Jerry Rice
    2003 Topps Jerry Rice
    2002 Fleer Tradition Bill Romanowski
    1999 Topps Darrell Russell
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Ken Stabler
    2002 Playoff Prestige Charles Woodson
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Charles Woodson
    2003 Score Charles Woodson

    1998 Bowman’s Best Isaac Bruce
    1998 Playoff Contenders Tickets Isaac Bruce
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Isaac Bruce
    2000 Bowman’s Reserve Marshall Faulk
    2000 Fleer Showcase Marshall Faulk
    2000 Pacific Omega Marshall Faulk
    2000 Skybox Marshall Faulk
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Marshall Faulk
    2001 E-X Marshall Faulk
    2001 Fleer Game Time Marshall Faulk
    2001 SP Authentic Marshall Faulk
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Marshall Faulk
    2002 Fleer Authentix Marshall Faulk
    2002 Topps Heritage Marshall Faulk
    2003 Topps Marshall Faulk
    2003 Score LaMar Gordon
    2000 Fleer Tradition Torry Holt
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Torry Holt
    2001 E-X Torry Holt
    2001 Leaf Rookies & Stars Torry Holt
    2001 Topps Season Highlights Torry Holt
    2002 Playoff Prestige Torry Holt
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Torry Holt
    2000 Bowman’s Reserve Kurt Warner
    2000 Fleer Mystique Kurt Warner
    2000 Skybox Kurt Warner
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Kurt Warner
    2001 Finest Kurt Warner
    2001 Fleer Game Time Kurt Warner
    2001 Topps Kurt Warner (2)
    2001 Topps DeBut Kurt Warner
    2001 Ultra Kurt Warner
    2001 Upperdeck Kurt Warner
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Kurt Warner
    2003 Playoff Honors Kurt Warner

    2003 Donruss Classics Todd Heap
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Jamal Lewis
    2003 Donruss Classics Ray Lewis

    1998 Playoff Absolute SSD Jamie Asher
    2002 Playoff Prestige Champ Bailey
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Champ Bailey
    2003 Score Champ Bailey (2)
    2003 Playoff Honors Laveranues Coles
    2003 Upperdeck Laveranues Coles
    2001 Fleer Showcase Stephen Davis
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Stephen Davis
    2001 Topps Gallery Sonny Jurgensen
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Patrick Ramsey
    2003 Playoff Honors Patrick Ramsey (2)
    2003 Score Patrick Ramsey
    2003 Topps Chrome Patrick Ramsey
    2003 Playoff Honors Bruce Smith
    2003 Score Bruce Smith
    2002 Fleer Tradition Jeremiah Trotter
    2003 Score Kenny Watson
    2003 Upperdeck Kenny Watson
    2003 Topps Danny Wuerffel

    2001 SP Authentic Aaron Brooks
    2003 Score Aaron Brooks
    2003 Playoff Honors Joe Horn (2)
    2003 Donruss Classics Deuce McAllister
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Deuce McAllister
    2003 Score Deuce McAllister
    2003 Upperdeck Deuce McAllister
    2003 Score Boo Williams
    2000 Bowman Ricky Williams
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Ricky Williams
    2000 Pacific Omega Ricky Williams
    2000 Skybox Ricky Williams
    2000 SP Authentic Ricky Williams
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Ricky Williams
    2000 Upperdeck Victory Ricky Williams
    2001 Topps Ricky Williams
    2001 Topps Gallery Ricky Williams
    2001 Ultra Ricky Williams
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Ricky Williams
    2001 Upperdeck Vintage Ricky Williams

    2001 E-X Shaun Alexander
    2001 Pacific Prism Atomic Shaun Alexander
    2003 Playoff Honors Shaun Alexander (2)
    2003 Score Shaun Alexander
    2003 Topps Chrome Weekly Wrap Up Shaun Alexander
    2002 Fleer Tradition Chad Brown
    2002 Crown Royale Trent Dilfer
    2003 Topps Trent Dilfer
    2003 NFL Showdown Walter Jones
    2003 Playoff Honors Koren Robinson
    2003 Score Koren Robinson
    2003 Score Jerramy Stevens
    2003 NFL Showdown Reggie Tongue

    2003 Playoff Honors Kendrell Bell
    1999 Topps Stars 3 Stars Jerome Bettis
    2000 Dominion Jerome Bettis
    2000 Fleer Showcase Jerome Bettis
    2000 Skybox Jerome Bettis (2)
    2001 E-X Jerome Bettis
    2001 Topps Jerome Bettis
    2001 Topps Gallery Jerome Bettis
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Jerome Bettis
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Jerome Bettis
    2003 Playoff Honors Jerome Bettis
    2003 Score Jerome Bettis
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Plaxico Burress
    2003 Playoff Honors Plaxico Burress
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Franco Harris
    2003 Playoff Honors Tommy Maddux
    2003 Topps Chrome Antwaan Randle El
    2000 Collector’s Edge Masters Kordell Stewart
    2000 Impact Kordell Stewart
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Kordell Stewart
    2001 Fleer Focus Kordell Stewart
    2001 Topps Kordell Stewart
    2001 Topps Gallery Kordell Stewart
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Kordell Stewart
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Hines Ward
    2003 Topps Amos Zereoue

    2003 Score James Allen
    2003 Topps Chrome David Carr
    2003 Playoff Honors Jabar Gaffney (2)
    2003 Score Jabar Gaffney
    2003 Upperdeck Honor Roll Dave Ragone
    2003 Score Johnathon Wells

    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Keith Bulluck
    1998 E-X 2001 Eddie George
    1999 Collector’s Edge Triumph Eddie George
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Jevon Kearse
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Derrick Mason
    1998 Pinnacle Mint Collection Steve McNair
    2003 Donruss Classics Steve McNair
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Steve McNair
    1999 Topps Yancey Thigpen

    2003 Playoff Honors Michael Bennett
    2003 Score Michael Bennett
    2000 Topps Gallery Masters Cris Carter
    2001 E-X Cris Carter
    2003 NFL Showdown Byron Chamberlain
    2000 Collector’s Edge Supreme Daunte Culpepper
    2000 Fleer Tradition Daunte Culpepper
    2000 Skybox Daunte Culpepper
    2000 Upperdeck Ovation Daunte Culpepper
    2001 Finest Daunte Culpepper
    2001 Topps Daunte Culpepper
    2001 Topps Gallery Daunte Culpepper
    2003 NFL Showdown Daunte Culpepper
    1999 Donruss Randy Moss
    1999 Score Randy Moss
    1999 Topps Chrome Season Highlights Randy Moss
    1999 Topps Stars 1 Star Randy Moss
    1999 Upperdeck Ovation Randy Moss
    2000 Bowman’s Best Best Performers Recievers Randy Moss/Jimmy Smith
    2000 Collector’s Edge Odyssey First Quarter Randy Moss
    2000 Crown Royale Randy Moss
    2000 Dominion Randy Moss
    2000 Impact Randy Moss
    2000 Playoff Contenders Season Tickets Randy Moss
    2000 Topps Randy Moss
    2000 Topps Season Opener Coming Soon Randy Moss
    2000 Topps Gallery Randy Moss
    2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Randy Moss
    2000 Upperdeck MVP Randy Moss
    2000 Upperdeck Victory Randy Moss
    2001 E-X Randy Moss
    2001 Topps Randy Moss (2)
    2001 Topps Heritage Randy Moss
    2001 Upperdeck Randy Moss
    2001 Upperdeck MVP Randy Moss
    2002 Playoff Prestige Randy Moss
    2001 Upperdeck Legends Fran Tarkenton

    1990 Leaf Larry Walker #325 Graded PSA NM-MT 8

    1999 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Edgerrin James #100 RC Graded PRO Gem-Mt 10
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC College Profile Brett Farve #41 Graded BGS Nm-Mt 8.5
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Off The Field Profile Cade McNown #94 Graded BGS Mint 9
    2000 Donruss Prefered QBC Playoff/Super Bowl Profile Jim Kelly #87 Graded BGS Mint 9
    2000 Donruss Preferred QBC Professional Profile Jake Plummer #1 Graded BGS Mint 9

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  2. Find Football Cards on Kronozio!!
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    See no1riceguy's Items on eBay

    PM sent. LMK

    Thanks, MIke

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    I would like all your niners hit my www link for my tradepage thanks, lee

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    Cleveland Browns Boston Red Sox Boston Celtics
    See jonsdoe1432's Items on eBay

    i could use these.
    2001 Pacific Impressions Red Back #ed 35/280 Drew Bledsoe
    2001 Topps Own The Game Ground Warriors Corey Dillion
    2001 Score ScoreCard #ed 182/185 Corey Dillion

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    I Collect Cleveland Browns,Drew Bledsoe

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    See EricSauls430's Items on eBay

    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Rod Smith
    2002 Playoff Prestige Rod Smith
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Rod Smith

    Like these, lmk

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    See BigScissors's Items on eBay

    I could use
    1995/1996 Classic 5 Sport Silver Signature Antonio McDyess(Not an autograph)
    also all of your Shaun Alexanders, Terrell Owens, Stephen Davis, Rudi johnson, Latrell Sprewell, McDyess and Robert Horry. lmk who you need

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    Hey do you have anything in my wantlist?
    Originally posted by Fire
    2002 Fleer Hot Prospects Rod Smith
    2002 Playoff Prestige Rod Smith
    2003 Playoff Hogg Heaven Rod Smith

    Like these, lmk

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    Rod Gardner
    Woodrow Dantzler
    Robert Carswell
    Keith Adams
    Nick Eason
    Boss Bailey
    Andy Lee
    Derrick Hamilton
    Donnell Washington
    Kevin Youngblood
    John Leake
    Khaleed Vaughn

    Atlanta Braves cards(In Braves uniform)
    Khalil Greene

    Will Solomon

    Jeff Gordon
    Jimmie Johnson

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    i have a good jerry rice #erd to 10

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    Anyone else need anything?

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