These are the patches and autos I have for trade. I am ONLY looking for patches and autos in return of the guys I collect. Here is who I collect:

Alfonso Soriano, Joe Mauer, Felix Pie, Franklin Guitierrez , Albert Pujols, Josh Barfield, Miguel Cabrera, Barry Bonds, Corey Patterson, Hank Blalock, Marvin Harrison, Peyton Manning, Domanick Davis, Tatum Bell, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Rashard Lewis, and Jermaine O'neal

Please email me at JKadlitz@aol.com if you have something I like.
Thanks< Jen


Urlacher / Ricky Williams / Marshall Faulk HOT PROSPECTS Triple Patch #08/50 5 colors Urlacher (orange w/blue raised lettering) Williams (redish orange swatch) Faulk (white with gold raised lettering) Books $50 Asking $65 in trade for 5 colors --small crease in bottom middle flap over patch

David Carr 2003 Playoff Honors Plates NAMEPLATES PATCH (white w/navy raised lettering #07/32) $60

Jason Taylor 2003 Topps Pristine Gems PATCH (Dark Green)

Marvin Harrison 2003 Donruss Dress Code Patch #400/550 (blue jersey with white raised lettering) $15

Marvin Harrison 2003 Playoff Honors PATCH #15/40 (blue jersey with white raised lettering) $? Want $40 trade

Curtis Keaton 2002 Pacific Titanium Patch #243/244 (white jersey with orange and black raised lettering)

Michael Bennett 2002 Pacific Private Stock Patch #091/150 (3 colors---purple jersey with black and white stitching)


NEW Brian Urlacher 2000 SP Authentic Sign of the Times auto $100

Daunte Culpepper 2000 Bowman Reserve AUTO (blue ink) $40

NEW-- Michael Vick 2003 Fleer Authentix Ripped Jersey (white)/ AUTO (black) #029/135 $120

Sammy Davis 2003 Playoff Contenders Season Ticket AUTO (black ink) #302/999

Jason Taylor 1999 SP Signature Edition #JT (blue ink) AUTO $30

Peyton Manning 2003 SP Signature Edition (blue ink) $40

NEW Peyton Manning 2003 UD Finite AUTOGRAPH (blue ink) #23/25 NEW $125 Trade

Jesse Palmer 2001 Topps Auto TA-JP $15

Reggie Wayne 2001 UD Graded AUTO #749/750

Tyrone Calico 2003 Bowman Signs of the Future AUTO SF-TC $20

Antwaan Randle El 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Redemtpion AUTO #090/550 $50

Rudi Johnson 2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll AUTO (blue ink) HRL-RJ $25

Chad Johnson 2001 Press Pass auto (blue ink)Badgers $20

Kevin Smith (CB Cowboys) 1992 Pro-Line Certified Authentic auto black ink $8

Donald Reche Caldwell 2002 Donruss Private Signings SP black ink

Lamar Gordon 2002 Bowmans Best Auto Rookie--blue ink

Chester Taylor 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto --blue ink $12

Chester Taylor 2002 Bowman Chrome Rookie Auto --bue ink (have 2 ) $12

Marvin Minnis 2001 Score Select Rookie Roll Call auto #44/50

Randy Fasani 2002 HIT Auto --blue ink

Koren Robinson 2002 Playoff Prestige Sophomore Signatures auto

Tony Banks 1996 Pro-Line Classics Auto (gold) --blue ink

Thanks, and please email me with any offers. JKadlitz@aol.com