Hello, I'd like to sell my McGwire Refractor. For $8 + SASE or $9 delivered you can get this card:

1999 Topps "Power Brokers" #PB1 Refractor-Mark McGwire
BV-$25 SALE PRICE-$8 + SASE or $9 delivered

Also, I have a coupon worth $35, actually its a Beckett Collectors Package coupon good for:

1-Baseball Beckett Plus Price Guide
1-Baseball Beckett Monthly Issue
1-Free Card Grading (at 7 day level i believe)

it is currently up for auction here: http://www.hobbybuddy.com/auctiondetails.php?id=336

But if you want to separately, I can dismantle the auction and sell it for $5 + SASE or $6 delivered. Thanks, and Let me know