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    May 2003
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    See Rocky15231's Items on eBay

    Baseball Rookie SALE ONLY 25% B.V.

    Looking to sell all of these for $, paypal is the best way, will ship them next day if paid that way. Will sell all at 25% BV unless otherwise noted, buy 5 or more or spend more than 10 dollars, you get 5% off total, meaning you get all at 20% combined BV. buy 10 or more, get all for 15% total BV. All are available for this unless otherwise noted, which I will put the sale price. All cards are in NM/MT condition and will refund $ on that card if you aren't satisfied. Shipping will be 2.00 for 10 cards and under, 3.00 for more than 10 cards. Here is the list:

    2002 Fleer Platinum Joe Kennedy
    2002 Bowman Chrome DP Kirk Saarloos
    2002 Bowman Chrome DP Dan Cevette
    2002 Bowman Chrome DP Fred Lewis
    2002 Bowman DP Victor Diaz
    2002 Bowman DP Jason young
    2002 Bowman DP Jason Pride
    2002 Bowman DP Justin Jones
    2002 Bowman DP Joe Blanton
    2002 Bowman DP Brian Dopirak
    2002 Bowman DP Kevin Jepsen
    2002 Bowman DP Justin Huber
    2002 Bowman DP Matt Craig
    2002 Bowman DP Taggert Bozied
    2002 Bowman DP Jeremy Brown
    2002 Bowman DP Jake Blalock
    2002 Bowman DP Scott White
    2002 Bowman DP Josh Murray
    2002 Bowman DP Josh Womack
    2002 Bowman DP Charlie Morton
    2002 Bowman DP Jose Lopez
    2002 Bowman DP Scott Hairston
    2001 Upper Deck Erick Almonte (3)
    2001 Upper Deck Ricardo Rodriguez
    2001 Upper Deck Corey Patterson
    2001 Fleer Futures Barry Zito
    2001 Fleer Futures Jimmy Rollins
    2001 Fleer Futures A.J. Burnett
    2001 Fleer Futures Juan Pierre***
    2001 Fleer Futures Corey Patterson
    2001 Fleer Futures Mark Buehrle
    2001 Fleer Tradition Mark Buehrle
    2001 Bowman Casey Fossum
    2001 Topps Ichiro Suzuki
    2000 Topps Alfonso Soriano/Felipe Lopez/Pablo Osuna
    2000 Just Minors Joe Borchard
    2000 Upper Deck Eric Gagne***
    2000 Upper Deck Nick Johnson
    2000 Victory Josh Beckett
    2000 Victory Alfonso Soriano
    2000 Stadium Club Chrome Alfonso Soriano***
    2000 Stadium Club Chrome Nick Johnson
    2000 Fleer Tradition Pat Burrell
    2000 Skybox Dominion Pat burrell
    2000 Bowman Chrome Brandon Phillips
    2000 Bowman Barry Zito
    2000 Bowman Jason Grabowski
    2000 Bowman Nick Green
    2000 Bowman Vince Faison
    2000 Bowman Aaron Rowand
    2000 Bowman Junior Brignac
    2000 Bowman Mike Bacsik
    2000 Bowman Travis Thompson
    2000 Bowman Mark Ellis
    2000 Bowman Scott Shields
    2000 Bowman Josh Kalinowski
    2000 Bowman Rico Washington
    2000 Bowman Lyle Overbay
    2000 Bowman Gary Majewski
    2000 Bowman Jeff Goldbach
    2000 Bowman Pat Manning
    2000 Bowman Ben Christensen
    2000 Bowman Brett Myers
    2000 Bowman Retro/Future Lyle Overbay
    2000 Bowman Retro/Future Shawn Gallagher
    2000 Bowman Chrome DP Jose Leon
    2000 Bowman Chrome DP Eddy Garabito
    2000 Bowman Chrome DP Mike Glendenning
    2000 Bowman Chrome DP Tike Redman
    2000 Bowman DP Adam Wainwright
    2000 Team Best Tony Armas
    2000 Arizona Fall League Vernon Wells
    2000 Just Felipe Lopez
    2000 Crown Royale Alfonso Soriano Proof
    1999 Bowman’s Best Alfonso Soriano***
    1999 Bowman Chrome Jose Garcia
    1999 Bowman Chrome Allen Levrault
    1999 Bowman Erubiel Durazo
    1999 Bowman Kelly Dransfeldt
    1999 Bowman Carlos Hernandez
    1999 Bowman Jose Macias
    1999 Bowman Scott Mullen
    1999 Bowman Micah Bowie
    1999 Bowman Chuck Abbott
    1999 Bowman Sean Spencer
    1999 Bowman Kit Pellow
    1999 Bowman Rick Elder
    1999 Bowman Arturo McDowell
    1999 Bowman Mike Nannini
    1999 Bowman Jeff Urban
    1999 Bowman Mark Quinn
    1999 Bowman Adam Everett
    1999 Bowman Bucky Jacobsen
    1999 Bowman Alvin Morrow
    1999 Bowman Brett Laxton
    1999 Bowman David Kelton
    1999 Bowman Jorge Toca
    1999 Bowman Junior Herndon
    1999 Bowman Mark Harriger
    1999 Bowman Orber Moreno
    1999 Bowman Guiseppe Chiaramonte
    1999 Bowman Jay Gehrke
    1999 Bowman Mike Paradis
    1999 Bowman Bubba Crosby***
    1999 Bowman Brady Clark
    1999 Bowman Matt Blank
    1999 Bowman Peter Bergeron
    1999 Bowman Kip Wells (2)
    1999 Bowman Ruben Quevedo
    1999 Topps Traded Austin Kearns
    1998 Bowman Troy Glaus***
    1998 Bowman Chrome Mike Lowell***
    1998 Bowman Scott Williamson***
    1998 Bowman Eddie Yarnall
    1998 Bowman International Eddie Yarnall
    1997 Bowman Miguel Tejada
    1996 Upper Deck Brad Radke (2)
    1996 Upper Deck Phil Nevin
    1995 Upper Deck Michael Jordan
    1995 Upper Deck Star Rookie Alex Rodriguez
    1995 Bowman Vladimir Guerrero - 30.00***
    1995 Score Chipper Jones
    1995 Score Alex Rodriguez
    1995 Score Armando Benitez
    1995 Fleer Ultra Alex Rodriguez
    1995 Pinnacle Garret Anderson
    1995 Collectors Choice Nomar Garciaparra
    1995 Five Sport Classic Nomar Garciaparra
    1995 Best Vladimir Guerrero
    1994 Four Sport Classic Nomar Garciaparra
    1994 Donruss Triple Play Chipper Jones
    1994 Donruss Triple Play Carlos Delgado
    1994 Collectors Choice Mariano Rivera
    1994 Collectors Choice Edgar Renteria
    1994 Collectors Choice Jason Kendall
    1994 Collectors Choice Michael Jordan
    1994 Collectors Choice Carlos Delgado
    1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan
    1994 Upper Deck Carlos Delgado
    1994 Upper Deck Manny Ramirez
    1994 Action Packed Alex Rodriguez
    1994 Action Packed Franchise Gem Alex Rogriguez
    1994 Flair Alex Rodriguez - 15.00
    1994 Topps Garrett Anderson
    1993 Four Sport Classic Alex Rodriguez
    1993 Topps Jason Kendall
    1993 Topps Jim Edmonds
    1992 Bowman Brian Jordan
    1991 Score Chipper Jones
    1991 Upper Deck Dmitri Young
    1991 Upper Deck Jim Thome
    1991 Ultra Dean Palmer
    1990 Topps Debut John Olerud
    1989 Donruss Tom Gordon
    1989 Donruss Curt Shilling***
    1989 Fleer Randy Johnson
    1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson (2) - 6.00
    1988 Topps Jay Bell
    1987 Donruss David Cone
    1987 Donruss Rafael Palmeiro
    1986 Topps Traded Andres Galarraga
    1991 UD Final Edition Pedro Martinez PSA 10 - 15.00
    1999 Topps Traded Chrome Felipe Lopez PSA 10
    1999 Bowman Chrome Shea Hillenbrand PSA 10


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  2. Find Baseball Cards on Kronozio!!
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    May 2003
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    See Rocky15231's Items on eBay


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    Feb 2004
    See jtgolf6's Items on eBay

    how much for the hillenbrand psa 10?

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    May 2003
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    See Rocky15231's Items on eBay

    10 shipped, going based on ebay prices which are usually pretty fair, cant find the BV, just a guess. PM me if interested...will go lower if the 25% of BV is indeed lower...

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    Sep 2003
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    See jonobono34's Items on eBay

    2001 Fleer Futures Juan Pierre
    2000 Upper Deck Eric Gagne
    1999 Bowman Bubba Crosby
    1998 Bowman Troy Glaus
    1998 Bowman Chrome Mike Lowell
    1998 Bowman Scott Williamson
    1989 Donruss Curt Shilling

    How good of a deal can i get on all these? I'm not sure the prices on them, if one is really expensive over the others i'll probably drop it.

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    Boston Red Sox and Denver Broncos.

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    Mar 2003
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    See ACBaseball30's Items on eBay

    LMK BV's/sale price on these:

    2001 Fleer Futures Juan Pierre
    2001 Topps Ichiro Suzuki
    1999 Bowman’s Best Alfonso Soriano
    1998 Bowman Chrome Mike Lowell

    As for these two...

    1995 Bowman Vladimir Guerrero - 30.00 (BV is $50, how about $12.50?)
    1994 Flair Alex Rodriguez - 15.00 (BV is $40, how about $10?)

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    May 2003
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    See Rocky15231's Items on eBay

    Jono Bono - 6.00 shipped for those

    ACBaseball - 2 of the 4 top ones the other guy wanted, but sale for those would be 9.00 shipped, would do the Flair Arod for 12 if you bought the others, but the Guerrero I just listed from some Ebay prices, if you wanted that too I would do it for 20.

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    Mar 2003
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    See ACBaseball30's Items on eBay

    Sorry, I don't need the Pierre.

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    May 2003
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    See Rocky15231's Items on eBay


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    Mar 2004
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    im interested in the vlad, is it still up for sale?

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