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Thread: Tradelist

  1. #1

    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards



    1995 Superior Pix Autograph Brian DeMarco 2989/6000
    1996 Pro Line Autograph Scott Greene
    2000 Fleer Autographics Gari Scott
    2000 Press pass auto courtney brown
    2000 press pass auto John Abraham
    2000 press pass auto Giovanni Carmazzi
    2000 press pass auto Ron Dugans
    2000 press pass auto Deon Dyer
    2000 Press Pass Auto Joe Hamilton
    2000 Press Pass Auto Stockar McDougle
    2000 Press Pass Auto Chris McIntosh
    2000 Press Pass Auto Sylvester Morris
    2000 Press Pass Auto Chris Redman
    2000 Press Pass Auto J.R. Redmond
    2000 Press Pass Auto Chris Samuels
    2000 Press Pass Auto Corey Simon
    2000 Press Pass Auto Marvel Smith
    2000 Press Pass Auto Todd Wade
    2002 Bowman's Best Autograph Herb Haygood RC

    Game used

    2001 Fleer hot prospects rookie premerie post marks jersey Chad Johnson
    2001 Titanium Double Sided Jerseys Trent Dilfer/Tony Banks (Dilfer blue, Banks purple)
    2001 Titanium post season Rod Gardner jersey (red)
    2001 Titanium post season David Patten patch 35/69(brown)
    2002 Pacific Game Jersey Tony Banks (purple)
    2002 playoff honors tim carter rc jersey /650(blue)(little chip on side)
    2002 Upper Deck XL Big Time Jersey Drew Brees /500 (blue)
    2002 Upper Deck XL Super Swatch Jersey Gray Tony Banks /400 (red)

    1989 proset andre rison rc
    1995 Upper Deck Curtis Martin rc
    1996 Collector's Choice Marvin Harrison RC
    1996 Fleer Muhsin Muhammed RC
    1996 Score Eddie George rc
    1996 Skybox Premium Muhsim Muhammed RC
    1996 Ultra Keyshawn Johnson RC
    1997 topps tony gonzalez rc
    1997 topps jake plummer rc
    1997 topps chrome bryant westbrook rc
    1997 ud3 jake plummer rc
    1998 Topps Ahman Green rc
    1998 ultra jacquez green rc
    1999 aurora pinstripes torry holt rc
    1999 aurora champ baliy rc
    1999 Bowman Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Bowman Chrome Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Bowman's Best Chris McAlister RC (2)
    1999 CE First Place Chris McAlister RC
    1999 CE Fury Chris McAlister RC
    1999 CE Triumph Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Donruss elite Chris mcalister rc
    1999 finest mike cloud rc
    1999 finest chris mcalister rc
    1999 Fleer Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Paramount Brock Huard RC
    1999 Playoff Absolute SSD Red Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Playoff Prestige SSD Chris McAlister RC
    1999 revoultion kevin johnson rc
    1999 Score Chris McAlister RC
    1999 Skybox Premium Chris McAlister RC (2)
    1999 Stadium Club Troy Edwards RC
    1999 Stadium Club James Johnson RC
    1999 topps torry holt rc
    1999 Topps James Johnson RC
    1999 Topps Stars Chris McAlister RC
    1999 ultra Sedrick Irvin rc
    1999 ultra chris mcalister rc
    1999 ud mvp edgerrin james rc
    2000 Bowman chrome rc gari scott
    2000 Fleer Showcase Gari Scott RC 0560/2000
    2000 Pacific Gari Scott RC
    2000 Pacific Paramount Plaxico Burress Rc
    2000 Pacfic prism john abraham rc 644/1000
    2000 Pacific prism jarious jackson rc 109/1000
    2000 Pacific prism spergon wynn rc143/1000
    2000 Pacific Prism Doug Chapman RC 0782/1000
    2000 Paramount Gari Scott RC
    2000 Playoff Prestige Gari Scott RC 2169/2500
    2000 Quantum Leaf John Abraham RC
    2000 Score Tim Rattay RC
    2000 Score Plaxico Burress rc
    2000 Skybox Gari Scott RC
    2000 Topps Gallery Danny Farmer RC
    2000 UD Ionix Sebastian Janikowski RC 0495/2000
    2000 Ultra Tim Rattay RC
    2000 UD Victory Gari Scott RC
    2001 topps mike mcmahon rc
    2001 topps michael bennett rc
    2001 UD Victory Travis Henry RC
    2001 UD Victory Quincy Morgan RC
    2001 UD Victory Jamar Fletcher RC
    2001 UD Victory Marques Tuiasosopo RC
    2001 UD Vintage Quincy Carter RC
    2001 ud vintage mike mcmahon rc
    2001 UD Vintage Rod Gardner RC
    2001 UD Vintage Kendrell Bell/Casey Hampton RC
    2001 UD Vintage Darnerian McCants/Fred Smoot/Mike Cerimele RC
    2002 Bowman Cliff Russell RC
    2002 bowman chrome jeremy allan rc
    2002 Fleer Chester Taylor/Cliff Russell RC
    2002 fleer david garrard/rohan davey rc
    2002 fleer jason mcaddley/josh mccown rc
    2002 Fleer authentix ron johnson Rc /1250
    2002 Fleer maximum kurt kittner rc /3500
    2002 leaf rookies and stars jabar gaffney rc
    2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Robert Royal RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Levar Fisher RC
    2002 nfl showdown Wendell bryant foil rc
    2002 NFL Showdown Mike Pearson RC (2)
    2002 NFL Showdown Dennis Johnson RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Jerramy Stevens RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Clevan "Tank" Williams RC
    2002 nfl showdown Reche caldwell Rc (2)
    2002 nfl showdown rocky calmus Rc
    2002 NFL Showdown Raonall Smith RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Anthony Weaver RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Bryan Thomas RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Eddie Freeman RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Brian Westbrook RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Jamie Nails RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Charles Grant RC
    2002 NFL Showdown Sam Simmons RC (2)
    2002 Pacific Brian Poli-Dixon RC
    2002 Pacific Adrenaline Ron Johnson RC
    2002 Pacific Adrenaline Randy Fasani RC
    2002 Pacific Adrenaline Lamont Thompson RC
    2002 Pacific Adrenaline Luke Staley RC
    2002 Pacific Adrenaline David Garrard RC
    2002 Press Pass JE Josh Reed RC
    2002 SAGE Hit Quentin Jammer RC
    2002 SAGE Hit Eric Crouch RC (2)
    2002 sage hit Tj duckett rc
    2002 score Josh Mccown rc
    2002 score wendell bryant rc
    2002 score antonio bryant rc
    2002 score patrick ramsey rc
    2002 score najeh davenport rc
    2002 score Deshaun foster rc
    2002 Score Chad huchinson rc
    2002 score donte stallworth rc
    2002 score david carr rc
    2002 score ladell betts rc
    2002 Score Lamar Gordon RC
    2002 Score Freddie Milons RC
    2002 Score Kalimba Edwards RC
    2002 Score Michael Lewis RC
    2002 Score Napolean Harris RC
    2002 Score Levar Fisher RC
    2002 Score Mike Rumph RC (2)
    2002 Score Daniel Graham RC
    2002 topps ashley lelie rc
    2002 topps Josh McCown RC
    2002 Topps Quentin Jammer RC
    2002 Topps Rocky Calmus RC
    2002 Topps Dwight Freeney RC
    2002 Topps Andre Davis RC
    2002 Topps Michael Lewis RC
    2002 Topps Dennis Johnson RC
    2002 Topps Ryan Sims RC
    2002 Topps Albert Haynesworth RC
    2002 Topps Levi Jones RC
    2002 Topps Cliff Russell RC (2)
    2002 Topps Antwaan Randle El RC
    2002 Topps Kelly Campbell RC
    2002 Topps Will Overstreet RC
    2002 Topps John Henderson RC
    2002 Topps Freddie Milons RC (2)
    2002 Topps Kurt Kittner RC
    2002 Topps Leonard Henry RC
    2002 Topps Jabar Gaffney RC
    2002 Topps Anthony Weaver RC
    2002 Topps Damien Anderson RC
    2002 Topps Travis Stephens RC
    2002 Topps Rohan Davey RC
    2002 Topps Mike Pearson RC (3)
    2002 Topps Phillip Buchanon RC
    2002 Topps Ron Johnson RC
    2002 Topps Randy Fasani RC
    2002 Topps Keyuo Craver RC
    2002 Topps Ashley Leile RC
    2002 topps chrome dusty bonner rc
    2002 topps chrome marquand manuel rc
    2002 Topps Debut Larry Tripplett RC
    2002 Topps Gallery Cliff Russell RC
    2002 Ultra Danial Graham rc
    2002 UD MVP Kurt Kittner RC
    2002 UD MVP Maurice Morris RC (2)
    2002 UD MVP Jonathan Wells RC
    2002 UD MVP quentin jammer rc
    2003 Bowman Julian Battle rc
    2003 Bowman Chris Davis rc
    2003 Bowman Alonzo jackson Rc
    2003 Bowman Brandon Drumm rc
    2003 Bowman Zuriel Smith rc
    2003 Bowman Ken Dorsey rc
    2003 Bowman Kawika Mitchell rc
    2003 Bowman Jeremi Johnson Rc
    2003 Bowman David Kircus Rc
    2003 Bowman Lee Suggs rc
    2003 Bowman Kevin Curtis rc
    2003 Bowman Bobby Wade rc
    2003 Bowman Ivan Taylor rc
    2003 Bowman Brandon lloyd rc
    2003 Bowman Willis McGahee rc
    2003 Bowman Arnaz Battle rc
    2003 Bowman Ty Warren rc
    2003 Bowman Michael Hayes rc
    2003 Bowman Andre Johnson rc
    2003 Bowman Gibran Hamdan rc
    2003 Bowman LaBrandon Toefield rc
    2003 Bowman Kliff Kingsbury rc
    2003 Bowman B.J. Askew rc
    2003 Bowman Larry johnson rc
    2003 Bowman Anquan boldin rc
    2003 Bowman Chrome Andre Woolfolk rc
    2003 Bowman Chrome Kelly washington rc
    2003 Bowman chrome Justin wood rc
    2003 Fleer Kelley Washington/Kevin Curtis/Nate Burleson RC
    2003 Fleer charles rogers RC
    2003 Fleer Larry Johnson RC
    2003 Fleer Byron Leftwich RC
    2003 Fleer Carson palmer Rc
    2003 Fleer Bryant Johnson Rc
    2003 Fleer Kyle Boller Rc
    2003 Fleer Andre johnson Rc
    2003 Fleer willis mcgahee RC
    2003 Leaf rcs & stars Dejuan Groce rc
    2003 Score Carson palmer rc
    2003 Score Charles rogers rc
    2003 Score Lee Suggs rc
    2003 Topps chris simms rc
    2003 Topps Dewayne white rc
    2003 Topps Ken Dorsey rc
    2003 Topps Seneca Wallace rc
    2003 Topps Chrome Brandon Loyd rc
    2003 Topps Chrome Malaefou MacKenzie rc
    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects chris sims rc
    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects jason witten rc
    2003 Topps Draft Picks and prospects Bennie Joppru rc
    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects avon cobourne rc
    2003 Topps Draft pick and prospects Brian st. pierre rc
    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects Jason Gesser rc
    2003 Topps Draft picks and Prospects Chris Brown rc
    2003 UD Mvp andrew pinnock rc
    2003 UD Mvp kareem kelly rc
    2003 UD MVP Doug Gabriel RC
    2003 UD MVP Jerel Myers RC
    2003 UD Mvp Julian Battle Rc
    2003 UD Mvp Terrell Suggs Rc
    2003 Ultra Marcus Trufant Rc
    2003 Ultra Jimmy Kennedy Rc
    2003 Ultra Jerome McDougle RC

    1997 bowmans best refractor rc bryant westbrook

    1997 bowmans best rc atomic refractor bryant westbrook

    1997 Stadium Club Bowman's Best Preview Refractor Bryant Westbrook

    1997 Topps Mystery Finest Jerome Bettis

    1998 Score Artist's Proof Tony Banks

    1998 SPx Finite Radiance Glenn Foley 2884/3800

    1998 SPx Finite Radiance Terry Allen 3440/3800

    1998 SPx Finite Radiance Leslie Shepherd 2618/5050

    1998 Upper Deck Define the Game Silver Keenan McCardell 1176/1500

    1999 CE Advantage Prime Connection Mark Brunell

    1999 CE First Place Gold Ingot Chris McAlister

    1999 CE Millenium Collection Odyssey Red Chris McAlister

    1999 CE Supreme Gold Ingot Chris McAlister

    1999 pacific copper bryant westbrook 95/199

    1999 Playoff Absolute SSD checklist Chiefs red

    1999 Playoff Prestige SSD Draft Picks Chris McAlister

    1999 Press Pass Blue Donovan McNabb

    1999 Press Pass X's and O's Chris McAlister

    1999 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Chris McAlister (2)

    1999 ud mvp silver script john elway

    1999 ud mvp dynamics fred taylor

    1999 UD MVP Dynamics Mark Brunell

    1999 UD MVP Strictly Business Steve Young

    2000 CE Masters Majestic Sebastian Janikowski 3227/5000

    2000 Crown Royale In the Pockett Mark Brunell/Steve McNair

    2000 Dominion Extra John Abraham/Shaun Ellis

    2000 Fleer Focus Star Studded Mark Brunell

    2000 Fleer Mystique Destination Tampa Mark Brunell

    2000 Pacific Prism MVP Candidates Eddie George

    2000 Pacific Prism ROY candidate thomas jones

    2000 Pacific Prism ROY Candidates Doug Chapman

    2000 press pass big numbers plaxico burress

    2000 Press pass big numbers die cut plaxico burress

    2000 Score All Pro Kurt Warner

    2000 score all pro scorecard warren sapp 640/2000

    2000 score scorecard curtis martin 325/2000

    2000 Score Building Blocks Cade McNown

    2000 ultimate victory battle ground Thomas jones

    2001 Crown Royale 21st Century Rookies Quincy Morgan

    2001 Crown Royale 21st Century Rookies Marques Tuiasosopo

    2001 nfl showdown edgerrin james foil

    2001 nfl showdown charlie gardner foil

    2001 Pacific Pro Bowl Die Cut Derrick Mason

    2001 Press Pass Showbound Koren Robinson

    2001 press pass Se Rookievision Todd Heap

    2001 Topps Walter Payton Reprint #WP11

    2001 UD MVP Team MVP Champ Bailey

    2001 victory gold quincy morgan rc

    2002 Bowman chrome terrell owens ref. 160/500

    2002 Donruss gridiron kings Marcus allen #168

    2002 fleer tiffany jay fiedler 85/225

    2002 fleer tiffany rob johnson 9/225

    2002 Fleer Golden memories Brian Urlacher

    2002 Fleer Rookie Sensations Patrick Ramsey 0053/1250

    2002 fleer rookie sensations ashley lelie 1187/1250

    2002 Fleer school colors Chad Johnson 467/750

    2002 Fleer School colors Reggie wayne 110/750

    2002 fleer authentix Home Town heroes Daunte Culpepper

    2002 Fleer Authentix Stadium Classics Mark Brunell

    2002 Fleer Authentix Stadium Classics Daunte Culpepper (2)

    2002 Fleer Maximum K Corps 3000 Jeff Garcia 1845/3538

    2002 fleer showcase antowain smith gold 024/100

    2002 nfl showdown james farrior foil

    2002 pacific adrenaline blue delvon flowers 141/165

    2002 Pacific Adrenaline Playmakers Eric Crouch

    2002 Press Pass Big Numbers Antonio Bryant

    2002 press pass power pick tj duckett

    2002 press pass pay dirt die cut donte stallworth

    2002 press pass Je rookievision deshaun foster

    2002 SAGE Hit Rarefield Emerald Kurt Kittner

    2002 SAGE Hit Rarefield Emerald Andre Davis (2)

    2002 SAGE Hit Rarefield Silver Tim Carter

    2002 score in the zone stacy mack

    2002 Score Numbers Game Jake Plummer 1478/3653

    2002 Score The Franchise Aaron Brooks

    2002 Topps Own the Game Troy Brown

    2002 Topps Own the Game Ricky Williams

    2002 Topps Ring of Honor Jake Scott

    2002 Topps Terry Bradshaw Reprint #3

    2002 Topps Terry Bradshaw Reprint #10

    2002 Topps Debut Dynamite Debuts Jamal Lewis

    2002 Ultra Gold Medallion Eric Moulds

    2002 Ultra Gold Medallion Marvin Harrison

    2002 Ultra Gold Medallion Joe Horn

    2002 Ultra League Leaders Torry Holt

    2002 upper deck Blitz Brigade bruce smith (2)

    2002 Upper Deck Power Surge Kurt Warner

    2002 UD MVP Team MVP Corey Dillon

    2002 UD MVP Team MVP Curtis Martin

    2003 Bowman Chrome refractor Chris Chambers 114/500

    2003 Fleer Classic combinations Michael vick/Byron Leftwich

    2003 fleer tiffany Ricky williams #221 /200

    2003 press pass power pick charles rogers

    2003 press pass power pick carson palmer

    2003 press pass power pick andre johnson

    2003 press pass big numbers checklist Bryon leftwich

    2003 Topps Own The Game Randy moss

    2003 Topps draft Picks and Prospects Chrome quentin griffin rc

    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects Chrome tommy maddox

    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects chrome chad pennington

    2003 topps Draft picks and prospects chrome Corey Dillon

    2003 topps Draft picks and prospects Chrome refractor corey dillon

    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects chrome refractor ronald bellamy rc

    2003 Topps Draft picks and prospects Chrome Refractor Brandon Loyd rc

    2003 ultra gold medallion Chester taylor

    2003 UD MVP silver rc ricky manning

    2003 UD mvp talk of the town travis henry

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  2. Kronozio
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    Feb 2004
    SCF Rewards

    2001 Titanium post season Rod Gardner jersey (red)
    2001 Titanium post season David Patten patch 35/69(brown)
    2002 Upper Deck XL Big Time Jersey Drew Brees /500 (blue)


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    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards

    i like these

    Kelley Washington RC 2003 Upper Deck Future Rookies (Black)
    Quentin Jammer RC 2002 Bowman Draft Day Jersey (Blue)

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