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  1. #1

    Join Date
    May 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See wwffan99tx's Items on eBay

    Huge new trade list! Autos, RC, Patch, GU!!

    Great Trader List: vegaspuck (x2), gsobeske, dweightfan31,
    hspelman33-30, danvincent78, flyerscujojr, puffypurplefan (x3),
    sejjie22, vlash, wingnutron, carlmoss, devs95, ricknash61collector,
    luked1981, Bearsdude

    Pending Trades: hccollector, vegaspuck

    ANY CARDS IN MY COLLECTION www.picturetrail.com/wwffan99tx are possibly for trade for the right offers

    2002 - 2003 UD Premier Collection
    Jose Theodore #9/25 3 Color (Red, White, and Blue) BV$120

    Ed Belfour Silver Auto #105/125 bv$30
    Joe Thornton All Star Bronze Auto bv$25
    Jason Spezza Bronze Auto BV$40
    Dany Heatley All Star Bronze Auto x 3 BV$25 ea.
    Dany Heatley Bronze Auto x 2 bv$25 ea.
    Ilya Kovalchuk Bronze Auto BV$25
    Rick Nash Bronze Auto BV$50
    Jay Bouwmeester Bronze Auto x 2 BV$30

    Super Rookies
    Alexei Smirnov Super Rookie AUTOGRAPH #184/199 bv$40
    Konstantin Koltsov Super Rookie #377/399 bv$20
    Bobby Allen Super Rookie #17/399 bv$15
    Craig Andersson Super Rookie #36/399 bv$15
    Tomas Zizka Super Rookie #381/399 BV$15
    Curtis Sanford Super Rookie #364/399 BV$15
    Tomas Malec Super Rookie #140/399 BV$15
    Adam Hall Super Rookie #326/399 BV$15
    Dick Tarnstrom Super Rookie #221/399 BV$15
    Carlo Colaiacovo Super Rookie #149/399 BV$25
    Carlo Colaiacovo Super Rookie #300/399 BV$25
    Tim Thomas Super Rookie #245/399 BV$15
    Rickard Wallin Super Rookie #104/399 BV$15
    Rickard Wallin Super Rookie #318/399 BV$15
    Dennis Seidenberg Super Rookie #380/399 BV$20
    Kris Vernarsky Super Rookie #98/399 bv$15
    Ari Ahonen Super Rookie #200/399 bv$15
    Jim Fahey Super Rookie #129/399 bv$15
    Jordan Leopold Super Rookie #245/399 bv$15
    Ryan Miller Super Rookie #377/399 bv$50

    Gold Super Rookies
    Ryan Miller Gold Super Rookie #174/199 bv$40
    Jamie Hodson Gold Super Rookie #185/199 bv$12
    Dennis Seidenberg Gold Super Rookie #63/199 BV$15
    Darren Haydar Gold Super Rookie #106/199 BV$12
    Konstantin Koltsov Gold Super Rookie #7/199 BV$15
    Adam Hall Gold Super Rookie x 2 #189/199 & 99/199 BV$12
    Jim Vandermeer Gold Super Rookie #37/199 BV$12
    Kris Vernarsky Gold Super Rookie #5/199 BV$12
    Tomas Zizka Gold Super Rookie #36/199 BV$12
    Stephane Veilleux Gold Super Rookie #78/199 bv$12
    Rickard Wallin Gold Super Rookie 167/199 bv$12

    Mike Modano Silver Jersey All Star x 2 #77/99 & #72/99 BV$25 ea
    Mike Modano Bronze Jersey #128/399 bv$15
    Jeremy Roenick Bronze Jersey All Star #147/299 BV$15
    Jaromir Jagr Bronze Jersey All Star #149/299 BV$20
    Theo Fleury Bronze Jersey #198/299 BV$12
    Alex Kovalev All Star Bronze Jersey #44/299 BV$12

    Paul Kariya x 2 #236/399 & #356/399 BV$8 ea.
    Brendan Shanahan #155/399 bv$4
    Tyler Arnason #356/399 bv$2
    Sergei Samsonov #292/399 bv$2
    Jeff Hackett #307/399 BV$2
    Roberto Luongo #198/399 BV$2
    Markus Naslund #355/399 BV$2.50
    Milan Hejduk #89/399 BV$2.50
    Peter Forsberg #398/399 bv$6
    Joe Sakic x 2 #306/399 & #297/399 BV$5 ea.
    Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe #211/299 bv$8
    Curtis Joseph #168/399 bv$3
    Mario Lemieux #98/399 bv$15
    Saku Koivu x 2 #292/399 & #255/399 bv$2.50 ea

    2002-03 Upper Deck Rookie Update
    Niko Dimitrakos Rookie Inspirations #1412/1500
    Doug Janik Rookie Inspirations #703/1500
    Igor Radulov Rookie Inspirations #673/1500
    Ryan Kraft Rookie Inspirations #154/1500

    Mats Sundin Rookie Role Models #5/999
    Mike Modano Rookie Role Models #526/999

    Jose Theodore Dignified Jerseys GOLD #90/125
    Jaromir Jagr Dignified Jerseys #165/299

    Anton Volchenkov/Rob Blake Dual Rookie Inspiration Jerseys #273/1200

    Jason Spezza Foundations #961/1250

    Ray Emery Classic Portraits #1287/1500

    Base: 1,2,3x2,4x3,5x2,7,8,9,10,11x2,12,15,16,17x2,18x4,1 9x2,22,23x2,24x2,
    25x3,26,27,28x2,29,30,31x2,32x2,33,36,37x2,38x2,39 x3,40,42,43x2,44x2,
    45x2,46x3,47x2,49x2,50x2,51,52x2,53x2,54,57,58,59x 2,60x3,61,64,65x2,
    66x2,67x3,68,70x2,71,72,73x2,74x2,75x2,77,78,79,80 x2,81x3,82x2,84,85,

    2002-03 SPx
    Paul Kariya Spectrum #182/199 BV$12
    Teemu Selanne Career Achievements #835/855 BV$6
    Keith Primeau Xtreme Talents Silver Jersey #3/99 BV$30

    2002-03 UD Mask
    Henrik Zetterberg Potential Gems #530/1250
    Dany Sabourin Potential Gems #82/1750
    Dennis Seidenberg Potential Gems #1119/1750
    Jamie Hodson Potential Gems #633/1750
    Shawn Thornton Potential Gems #1198/1750

    Martin Biron Great Gloves Jersey

    Martin Brodeur Career Wins Jersey #231/324

    Base Cards:

    2002-03 SP Authentic
    Curtis Sanford Future Watch #286/900 BV$12
    Kari Haakana Future Watch #255/900 BV$12
    Craig Andersson Future Watch #226/900 BV$12
    Stephan Veilleux Future Watch #861/900 BV$12 ***PENDING***
    Darren Haydar Future Watch #892/900 BV$12

    Ville Nieminen Future Greats #1720/2003 BV$4
    Pavel Datsyuk Future Greats #1421/2003 BV$6
    Scott Hartnell Future Greats #1617/2003 BV$4
    Maxim Afinogenov Future Greats #3/2003 BV$4
    Dany Heatley Future Greats #1900/2003 BV$6
    Raffi Torres Future Greats #679/2003 BV$5

    Wayne Gretzky Hat Trick Performers #946/1499 BV$20
    Eric Lindros Hat Trick Performers #1334/1499 BV$5

    Mats Sundin Super Premium Jersey #280/599 bv$15
    Jeremy Roenick Super Premium Jersey #356/599 bv$15
    Sergei Federov Super Premium Jersey #96/599 bv$25

    Base Set 1-90 bv$50
    Base Set 1-90 minus #4 Heatley

    Base Cards:
    #22 Patrick Roy BV$4
    #36 Steve Yzerman BV$4
    1,5,8,9,12,13,15,16,29,30,34,37,40,42,43,47,51,57, 58,61,64,65,66,68,

    2002-03 SP Game Used
    Mario Lemieux Flashback #198/999 BV$20
    Pavel Bure Flashback #721/999 BV$8
    Teemu Selanne Flashback #668/999 BV$12

    Kurt Sauer New Grooves #417/750 BV$15
    Ryan Miller New Grooves #84/750 BV$40
    Jeff Paul New Grooves x 2 #397/750 & #704/750 BV$15

    Manny Malhorta Future Fabrics Jersey #141/225 BV$12
    Martin Erat Future Fabrics Jersey #20/225 BV$12
    Martin Erat Future Fabrics RAINBOW Jersey #6/10 bv$N/A
    Matt Pettinger Future Fabrics Jersey #207/225 BV$12

    Bill Guerin Authentic Fabrics #217/225 bv$15
    Brian Boucher Authentic Fabrics #184/225 bv$15
    Jeff Friesen Authentic Fabrics RAINBOW #3/10 bv$N/A
    Pavel Bure Authentic Fabrics #29/225 2 COLOR (Red and White) bv$50
    Ray Bourque Authentic Fabrics #12/225 bv$30
    Martin Brodeur Authentic Fabrics #42/225 bv$30

    Joe Thornton Tools of the Game Glove #12/99 bv$40

    Jose Theodore Piece of History Jersey #108/225 bv$20
    Ray Bourque Piece of History Jersey #60/225 bv$30
    Joe Thornton Piece of History Jersey 2 COLOR #7/225 bv$50
    Sergei Gonchar Piece of History GOLD #80/99 bv$15

    2002-03 Top Shelf
    Steve Sullivan Shooting Stars Jersey #75/99 bv$15

    Base Cards:
    1,2,3,4,5,11,12,13,14,19,20,21,22,27,28,29,30,31,3 2,36,37,39,40,41,
    45,47,48,49,55,56,57,58,59,63,64,65,66,67,68,74,75 ,76,77,82,83,84,85,

    2002-2003 BAP Signature Series
    1,2,3,47,48,49,50x2,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,108,109,1 10,111,112,113,114,

    Olaf Kolzig SP Silver
    Evgeni Nabokov Silver
    Patrick Marleau Silver
    Kimmo Timinen Gold
    Martin Straka Gold

    BuyBack Auto's
    01-02 Branislav Mezei Gold
    01-02 Darryl Sydor Silver
    01-02 Sergei Berezin Silver
    01-02 Ossi Vaananen Silver

    Game Used Jersey
    In The Game All Rookie Team Jersey Radovan Somik LIMITED TO 50 MADE

    Golf Inserts
    Andy McDonald
    Mattias Ohlund
    Rick Dipietro
    Brian Leetch
    Rob Blake
    Radek Dvorak
    Peter Bondra
    Alexander Mogilny
    Alyn McCauley
    Petr Sykora
    Alexei Yashin

    2002-03 Pacific BLUE
    #361 Curtis Joseph #45/45 BV$22.50
    #348 Nikolai Khabibulin #10/45 BV$15
    #186 Stacy Roest #8/45 BV$6
    #171 Ziggy Palffy #39/45 BV$15

    2002-03 Pacific
    Ilya Kovalchuk Shining Moments BV$8
    Ilya Kovalchuk Impact Zone BV$4
    Ilya Kovalchuk Main Attractions BV$4
    Ilya Kovalchuk Maximum Impact BV$4

    2001-02 Top Shelf
    Byron Dafoe Game Used Leg Pad Card bv$20

    2001-02 Top Shelf Update
    Ziggy Palffy Jersey Card bv$15

    2001-02 Titanium
    Mike Modano/Pierre Turgeon 2 sided PATCH card #64/216 bv$50
    Patrick Lalime/Simon Gagne 2 sided jersey card bv$20

    2001-2002 UD Mask Collection
    Base Cards:

    Gaetan Royer #1347/1500 BV$5
    Josh Langfeld #962/1500 BV$5

    Unmasked Warriors
    Martin Biron BV$5

    Manning The Nets
    Sean Burke BV$3
    Tommy Salo BV$3
    Mike Dunham BV$3
    Martin Brodeur BV$6
    Curtis Joseph BV$5
    Dan Cloutier BV$3
    Roberto Luongo BV$3

    2001-02 Titanium
    Ray Whitney Retail Parallel #6/131 BV$2.50

    2000-01 BAP Memorabilia
    Olaf Kolzig Game Jersey/3 Color Game Stick Card bv$60

    2000-01 Sp Game Used
    Brian Leetch Tools of the Game Jersey #348/350 bv$12
    John LeClair Tools of the Game Jersey #165/350 bv$12
    Tony Amonte Tools of the Game Jersey #160/350 bv$12
    Michal Handzus Tools of the Game Jersey #145/350 bv$10

    2000-01 SPx
    Ray Bourque Winning Materials Jersey/Stick bv$40
    Jeremy Roenick Winning Materials Jersey/3 Color Stick bv$40
    Tony Amonte Winning Materials Jersey/3 Color Stick bv$40
    Brendan Shanahan Winning Materials Jersey/Stick bv$25
    Teemu Selanne Winning Materials Jersey/Stick bv$25
    Dominick Hasek Winning Materials Jersey/2 Color Stick bv$60
    Peter Forsberg Winning Materials Jersey/4 Color Stick bv$80

    2000-01 SPx Update
    Keith Tkachuk Winning Materials Jersey/Stick bv$20
    Miroslav Satan Winning Materials Jersey/Puck bv$20

    2000-01 Black Diamond
    John Vanbiesbrouck Game Used Leg Pad bv$25
    Dominick Hasek Game Used Leg Pad bv$40
    Teemu Selanne Game Used Glove SP bv$60

    2000-01 Black Diamond Update
    Chris Drury Game Used Glove bv$N/A
    Alexei Yashin Game Used Glove bv$25
    Joe Thornton Game Used Glove bv$50
    Chris Osgood Game Used Leg Pad 2 Color bv$50
    Roman Turek Game Used Leg Pad bv$25

    Looking for Premier, SP Game Used, SP Authentic, Top Shelf, Mask Collection or SPx Auto's

    02-03 BAP Ultimate GU and Autos

    02-03 Premier Collection Base Cards
    2. Kovalchuk, 4. Dafoe, 9. Iginla, 10. Francis, 12. Thibault,
    17. Denis, 21. Yzerman, 24. Lidstrom, 26. Weiss, 33. Brodeur,
    37. Bure, 38. Dunham, 39. Hossa, 42. Amonte, 44. Caron, 46. McLaren,
    47. Tkachuk, 48. Lecavalier, 57. Orr, 59. Bourque

    Premier Patch Cards:
    Wayne Gretzky
    Joe Sakic
    Martin Brodeur
    Mario Lemieux
    Peter Forsberg
    Paul Kariya
    Patrick Roy

    Premier Autos:
    Gordie Howe Bronze, Silver or Gold
    Wayne Gretzky Bronze, Silver or Gold
    Henrik Zetterberg Bronze, Silver, or Gold
    Martin Brodeur Bronze, Silver, or Gold
    Patrick Roy Bronze, Silver, or Gold

    Rookie Auto/Patches:

    Rookie Autos:
    Pierre Marc Bouchard
    Pascal LeClaire
    Scottie Upshall
    Ales Hemsky
    Alexander Frolov

    02-03 SP Game Used
    1. Kariya, 2. Kovalchuk, 7. Iginla, 9. Francis, 13. Roy, 15. Guerin,
    17. Yzerman, 18. Shanahan, 19. Joseph, 21. Luongo, 23. Palffy,
    25. Theodore, 26. Koivu, 30. Peca, 31. Yashin, 32. Lindros,
    33. Bure, 34. Havlat, 39. Amonte, 41. Nolan, 42. Nabokov,
    43. Pronger, 44. Tkachuk, 49. Kolzig, 50. Jagr

    02-03 SPx
    #149 Nash Auto/Jersey
    #150 Bouwmeester Auto/Jersey
    #151 Zetterberg Auto/Jersey
    #152 Bouchard Auto/Jersey
    #155 Upshall Auto/Jersey
    #156 Chistov Auto/Jersey
    #157 Taffe Auto/Jersey
    #159 Svitov Auto/Jersey

    02-03 SP Authentic
    #182 Chistov Auto
    #184 Nash Auto
    #186 Zetterberg Auto
    #187 Bouwmeester Auto
    #189 Hainsey Auto
    #190 Hall Auto
    #191 Spezza Auto
    #194 Svitov Auto
    #195 Tellqvist Auto
    #197 Hemsky Auto

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  2. Check out Steel City Collectibles
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    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See tx1052pc3's Items on eBay

    interested in these:

    Mike Modano Bronze Jersey #128/399 bv$15
    Manny Malhorta Future Fabrics Jersey #141/225 BV$12

    take a look at my card list in my profile, and LKM if your interested.

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    May 2003
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    See wwffan99tx's Items on eBay

    Squirrel sorry didn't see anything I could use.

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    Jun 2003
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    See tx1052pc3's Items on eBay

    ok. just wondering, where is pearland?? what part of texas? i live in Arlington(between Ft. Worth and Dallas). also, you a stars fan??

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    Jun 2003
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    See zenm476's Items on eBay

    Please check my tradelist in my signature. I several cards I am interested in.


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    May 2003
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    See wwffan99tx's Items on eBay

    Just south of Houston. Nope, Avs fan!

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    Jun 2003
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    See tx1052pc3's Items on eBay

    avs!! why avs??

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    May 2003
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    See wwffan99tx's Items on eBay

    Grew up in Denver.

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    May 2003
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    See wwffan99tx's Items on eBay

    wingsrock didn't see anything.

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