2002 Jeremy Shockey Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere Jersey bv 25.00
2001 fleer foucs numbers james stewart 001/339(first one made)
2001 UD top tier travis henry home and away jersey bv 20.00
2000 Upper deck legends legendary game used jersey brett favre bv 50.00
2002 flair sweet swatch memoribilla authenitc game used jersey torry holt bv 20.00 (jumbo card)
Brett Favre autograph 8x10 with COA
2002 upper deck mvp brian urlacher/junior seau dual jersey bv 40.00^
2001 pacific private stock trent green game used patch! 3 color (white,gold,blue) 142/375 bv 30.00^!
2000 leaf cerifed game used jersey heritage collection game used jersey herschel walker 2 color #/100 (2 differnt shades of whites) bv 50.00^ for sale at 30.00 (email me for details)
2001 fleer autographics jimmy smith bv 20.00^
2001 leaf certfied mike mcmahon auto/jersey miror red 147/150 bv 60.00(not trading unless i get a great offer!)
2000 palyoff contenders bubba franks championship autograph bv 50.00 (incoming)
2001 pacfic vanguard double sided jerseys bubba franks/tyrone davis bv 25.00
2001 leaf certified brett farve jersey 212/266 bv 40.00
2000 spx wining materials bubba franks jersey/2 color ball bv 30.00
2001 prism atmoic game used jersey bubba franks patch
2001 sp game used jersey edition bubba franks jersey bv 25.00
2000 fleer geniune coverage plus bubba franks rookie jersey bv 30.00
2001 bowman autograph bubba franks bv 25.00
2000 topps dorsey levens autograph(got in person)
2001 leaf certified mirror red lamar smith 42/75
2001 leaf certified mirror red travis talyor 02/75
2001 leaf certified mirror red tiki barber 31/75
2001 leaf certified mirror red viny tesaverade 63/75
2001 leaf certified mirror red jamal anderdson 43/75
2001 fleer game time hugh doulas autograph(got in person)
2001 fleer focus hugh doulas autograph(got in person)
2001 fleer focus chad lewis autograph(got in person)
2000 donruss isaac bruce autograpgh(got in person)
2001 topps jerome pathon autograph(got in person)
2001 topps kevin johnson autograph(got in person)
1999 bowman chrome shea hillenbrand rookie bv 20.00^
2002 topps pristine tino martinez fall memories game used bat 103/425 bv 20.00
2002 leaf cerified mirror red bud smith game used jersey 120/150
2002 leaf cerified mirror blue trot nixon game used bat 16/75
1989 topps dave gallagher autograph(got in person)
Chipper Jones autograph 8x10 with COA
2001 leaf cerifed scott rolen 2 color jersey (red, white) bv 30.00
1999 fleer autographics mike cameron purple foil 39/50 bv 40.00
1999 fleer skybox autographics benj sampson bv 10.00
2001 fleer autographics miguel cario (little shmired) bv 10.00
1999 fleer autographics micheal barret autograph bv 15.00
2002 fleer geniune names of the game chipper jones 2 color patch bv 25.00 (black, gray)
2002 best of donruss fan club double features lumber dual game used bat chipper jones/andrew jones 27/50 bv 80.00
2002 upped deck superstar slam chipper jones game used jersey bv 15.00
2002 fleer ultra chipper jones moonshots jersey card bv 25.00
2001 stadium club jersey chipper jones bv 30.00
2001 stadium club chipper jones game used batter's box dirt bv 20.00
2001 pros and prospects chipper jones/albert pujols dual game bat NEW! bv 40.00
2002 upper deck honor roll chipper jones gold jersey 37/99 bv 40.00 NEW!
2001 topps reserve chipper jones game used bat bv 25.00
2001 chipper jones fleer focus materialistic away bv 15.00
2001 UD legends don mattingly 2 color game used jersey
2001 upper deck yankees dynastys bernie williams/paul o'neil dual pinstripe jersey bv 50.00
2001 upper deck yankees dynastys david cone/joe giardi dual pinstripe jersey bv 25.00
2001 upper deck yankees dynastys david wells/doc. gooden dual pinstripe jersey bv 25.00
2001 rookie update spx triple jersey paul o'neil,andy pettitte,berine williams bv 30.00
2001 upper deck gold glove ron guidry game used jersey 2 color(white, blue) (not trading)
2001 upper deck UD decade bobby mercer game used bat (not trading)
2001 upper deck UD decade jim "catfish" hunter game used jersey (not trading)
2001 leaf cerifed game used jersey reggie jackson (not trading)
Whole 1997 topps seris 2 set
Whole 1992 fleer set
2001 primetime shootout ticket autographed by Dajuan Wagner, Eric Davis, micheal russel, christina brown NICE!(got in person)
1999-00 stadium club #176 elton brand rookie bv 6.00 NEW!
2002 fleer authentix dual jersey darris miles, shareef abdur rahim(2 color , 2 different shades of white) bv 20.00
2001 fleer maxmium darius miles warm up jersey bv 15.00
2001 fleer maxmium david robinson game used jersey vb 15.00
2001 fleer maxmium latrell sprewell game used floor bv 20.00
Autogrpahed primetime shootout program dajuan wagner
and too many rookies(both numbered and non-nunbered) to list. If ur looking for a rookie card please email me because I have many from 99, 00, and 01