Want to trade for G.Hill, T.Outlaw or N.Ebi cards
Please have a look:

Stadium Club no.297 A.Mourning

Flair "class of 95" no.R10 D.Stoudamire
Fleer "rookie phenom" no.1 K.Garnett (Hot Pack)
Fleer "rookie phenom" no.8 D.Stoudamire

Showcase Row1 (Grace) S.Marbury
Showcase "class of 96" no.14 S.Marbury
UD3 no.3,5,6 J.O'neal, R.Allen, A.Walker
SPx no.2,44 A.Walker, M.Camby
UD "rookie exclusive" no.R6 A.Walker
Ultra "all-rookie" no.13 A.Walker

PressPass Netburner 2,5,6,36 R.Hamilton,E.Brand,J.Terry,CL
UD Ionix no.68, 79, 81, 82 - A.Miller , D.Glover , K.Thomas , D.George (all 3'ed/3500)

Hoops Hot Prospects no.124 M.Fizer (GU - #'ed/1000)

Flair "wave of the future" no.9 Mike Sweetney

Fleer Avant "black and white" no.73 Mike Sweetney (#/199)
Fleer Avant no.89 Maciej Lampe (#/699)

Fleer Mystique "AWE PAIRS" no.14 E.Brand/Chris Kaman (#/500)

Fleer Tradition "throwback threads" no.6 T.J. Ford

Showcase no.110 Kirk Hinrich (#/1000)

UD Finite no.229 Marcus Banks (#/750)
UD Finite no.234 Mike Sweetney (#/750)
UD Finite GOLD no.207 Steve Blake (#/100)
UD Finite GOLD no.232 Mickael Pietrus (#/100)
UD Finite "Prominent Powers" no.304 Jarvis Hayes (#/500)

UD Glass "AutoFocus" no.RG Reece Gaines

UD Hardcourt no.95 Mickael Pietrus (#/1999)
UD Hardcourt no.106 Zoran Plannic (#/1999)
UD Hardcourt no.121 Steve Blake (#/1999)

UD MVP "SportsNut" no.87 Chris Bosh

UD Victory - Bosh , Ridnour , Perkins

SPx rookie - Lang , Green , Garcia