Hey people I have a bunch of base cards from these sets that I am trying to get rid of cause I will be moving soon and there just way too much hassle in packaging everything so heres the deal Im selling in bulks of 30 cards for a dollar and theres cards of like tmac, yao shaq,kobe, and all the stars that are in these base sets Im not witholding any of the superstar cards but they are going to be random. These are the cards I have
03-04 SP Authentic
03-04 Topps Pristine
03-04 SPX
03-04 Hoops Hot Prospects
03-04 UD Glass

I don't have the time to sort through these cards so please do not ask for a certain number of players you want but for 30 cards for a dollar its a pretty good deal. THe only thing I ask for is 3 dollars for shipping cause I will be sealing the cards in packages and mailing in a bubble envelope so lmk if you are interested. Just pm me with which cards you want from the set or if you just want assortment. Either way its a good way to pick up some base cards to build a set or just to get some cards for a really cheap price.

I can take money order or cash but if there is no other way I will take paypal. Just pm me with all the info and when I see the money in my account I will ship out the cards ASAp. Im also willin to take cardcash