Didn't think I'd be making another post after that last one, but I pulled these and thought I'd give them some exposure. Neither is a big name although the one was hot for awhile. Both just happen to book at $15.

The first is a parallel card from 02 Playoff Honors. It's the rookie, Sam Simmons, wide receiver for the Dolphins and it's the X's version which is limited to 50. This one is 38/50.

The second is a Mirror Red of Anthony Thomas, running back for the Bears. What's neat about this one is even the serial number is mirrored so to speak because it's 001/100. I don't put a lot of stock in cards numbered 1, the player's jersey number, or anything else, but I know some people do. That doesn't mean I'm going to ask for more for it though. It's the same to me, as any other number.

To give everyone a chance at either card, here's the criteria:

First and preferred option, would be one auto or game used card of equal value of a Colts player and a card I don't already have or a variation of a card I do have.

Second, any number of cards I need for my sets, adding up to equal value.

Third, a combination of one and two. A lower valued Colts auto/game used card, with the trade evened up with a card or cards I need for my sets.

Fourth, a $20 auto or game used card of a star player I could use later for trade.

Fifth and last option, $25 in cards I could add to my undecided list of sets.

That's it. I'm only going to list this in one other trade group, but they are listed on my page. Thanks.