I will trade you for example BV$100 of GU cards and I will get a BV$80 Auto card in trade. So pretty much I get 80% of the BV in the trade back from an auto!

Here are my GU....
A.J. Guyton Ball/Net 2001-2002 Upper Deck "Sweet Shot"

Albert Connell Jersey 2001 Pacific Private Stock (Traded)

Alex Rodriguez 2002 Fleer Genuine "Bat’s Incredible" (TRADED)

"Alex Rodriguez 2003 Donruss Studio ""Big League Challenge"" GU jersey(blue) #BLC3 (TRADED)"

Andre Miller 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball

"Boomer Esiason 2002 Score ""QBC Materials"" GU jersey Untouched"

"Brett Williams 2003 Topps All-American ""Fabric of America"" Jersey #FA-BW"

"Brian St. Pierre/Seneca Wallace/Rex Grossman/Taylor Jacobs 2003 Playoff Honors ""Rookie Premiere Jersey Quads"" #137/250"

"Carlos Delgado 2001 UD Ovation ""Piece of History"" BAT"

"Chirs Narveson 2003 Bowman ""Fabric of the Future"" GU jersey"

Chris Taylor 2001 Bowman Hula Bowl Jersey

Dahntay Jones 2003-2004 Bazooka Beginnings RC GU Jersey

Derek Jeter 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Base (TRADED)

"Donald Reche Caldwell 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars ""Rookie Masks"" #124/250"

"Doug Flutie 2002 Upper Deck ""All-star Authenitcs"""

Drew Brees 2002 Fleer Genuine "Genuine Article"

"George Gervin 1999-2000 Bowmans Best ""Franchise Favorites"" auto #FRA1B"

Glyn Milburn 1998 Skybox Autographics auto

"Jamal Lewis 2000 Fleer ""Autographics"" Autograph"

"Jaron Rush 1999-2000 SP Top Prospects ""First Impressions"" auto #JR"

"Jason Giambi 2003 Fleer Ultra ""Moon Shots"" GU Base"

"Jason Jennings 2003 SPx ""Young Stars Auto Jerseys"" "

Jason Jennings 2004 Diamonds Kings Auto/Jersey/Bat #1/1

Jason Williams 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball

Jim Edmonds 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey (TRADED)

"Jim Thome 2002 Donruss ""Big league challenge Materials"" GU jersey and pants! ""Untouched"" (TRADED)"

"Josh Beckett 2003 Fleer Focus JE ""Team Colors"" Jersey"

Josh Huepel/Travis Minor/James Jackson/Quincy Morgan 2001 Playoff Honors "Rookie Quads"

Juan Dixon 2003-2004 Bazooka Blasts GU Jersey #17/25

Kenny Lofton 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat

Larry Walker 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat #37/50

Luis Gonzalez 2003 Topps Finest Relics Jersey

Mark Grace 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Bat #071/250

"Mark Prior 2003 Donruss Studio ""2003 Player Collection"" #094/300 (TRADED)"

Mats Sundin 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive GU Jersey

"Mike Hampton 2002 Leaf ""Shirt off my Back"" GU jersey(grey) #SBMH"

"Mike Piazza 2003 Topps Chrome ""Red Back Relics"" Jersey"

Milan Hniclicka 2003-2004 Pacific Invincible GU sweater

Peyton Manning Ball 1999 Collectors Edge Odyssey "Game Gear Hologold"

Quentin Richardson 2003-2004 Bazooka Blasts GU Jersey

Rafael Palmeiro 2002 Playoff Piece of the Game Jersey

Rahim Abdullah 1999 Collectors Edge Advantage Auto

Randy Moss 2002 Pacific Private Stock Reserve Jersey #8/168

Ray Allen 2001-2002 Fleer Maximum "Floor Score"

"Reggie Wayne 2001 2001 Finest ""Rookie Premiere Jerseys"""

Richard Hamilton 1998-1999 Collectors Edge Ball

Rick DiPietro 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive GU Stick

"Ricky Williams 2002 Leaf Certified ""Mirror Blue"" #37/50"

"Roger Clemens 2003 Fleer Spendid Splinters ""Knothole Gang"""

"Roy Oswalt 2003 UD ""Leading Swatches"" Jersey"

"Sammy Sosa/ Ken Griffey Jr. 2001 Upper Deck ""Souvenirs"" (TRADED)"

Sean Burke 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive Jumbo Double GU Jersey

"Shawn Green 2002 Fleer Ex ""Behind the Numbers"" GU jersey"

Simon Gagne 2001-2002 PS Titanium Draft Edition

Steve Garvey Bat 2001 UD Prospects "Heroes Of Baseball"

"T.J. Duckett 2002 Leaf Certified ""Freshman Fabrics"" #83/800"

Teemu Selanne 2003-2004 UD Bee-Hive GU Jersey

Terrell Owens 2003 UD SP Game Used Patch Edition GU Jersey

"Tiki Barber 2003 Leaf Certified Materials ""Certified Skills"" (TRADED)"

Todd Helton 2001 Jersey Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition

"Todd Helton 2001 Pacific Private Stock ""Game Used Gear"""

Todd Helton 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Jersey "Fabric of the Game" #33/93

"Tony Gwynn 2001 Fleer Platinum ""National Patch Time"" Jersey"

Tony Kukoc 2000-2001 Seat Topps Heritage "Authentic Arenas"

"Troy Glaus 2003 UD MVP ""Covering All Bases"" Base"

"Tyrone Wheatley 2002 Leaf Certified ""Mirror Red"" #38/100"

"Wade Boggs 2002 Topps Prestine ""In The Gap"" Jersey "

Thanks, and LMK what GU cards you would want and then give me a list of your auto cards that you will trade!