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    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    See rentalmom's Items on eBay

    Just opened a bunch of boxes from different sports & all GU/Auto/inserts listed!!

    I finally got my money and decided to splurge on boxes for something to do.

    I opened 3 boxes of 04 Finest MLB, 1 Box of SP Authentic NBA, 1 Sage Hit Ohio State Box, 3 boxes of 04 Topps NFL DP&P, 1 box of Finite MLB, 1 box of Prestige NFL 2004 and 1 box of UD Reflections MLB. I think that is it but there might be 1 I forgot.

    Here is the good stuff I got and most of it is for sale.

    04 Finest MLB-

    Josh Beckett Finest Stars GU jersey #103
    A-Rod Finest Relic jersey
    Bernie Williams Finest Relic bat
    Baldelli Finest Relic jersey
    Delmon young Finest Relic bat
    Zito Finest Relic jersey
    Mulder Finest Relic jersey (X2)
    Larry Walker Finest Relic jersey

    Duke Snyder Finest Moments auto
    Ed Kranepool Finest Moments auto
    Logan Kensing RC Auto
    Jason Hirsh RC auto
    Estee Harris RC auto (NFS/NFT)
    David Murphy RC auto Redemption card
    Jeff Allison RC Refractor Auto Redemption card

    Tejada Gold Refractor #15/50
    Jeter (NFS/NFT)
    Posada (NFS/NFT)
    Mark Bueherle

    Uncirc Gold Refractors #/139-
    Dioner Navarro RC Auto #104/139 (NFS/NFT)
    Vito Chiaravalloti RC Auto #060/139
    C.C. Sabathia #069/139

    UD Finite MLB-

    All Base cards are also numbered and I have a few of them too-

    Dontrelle Willis black jersey
    Blalock White jersey
    Shawn Green White jersey

    Oswalt Blue #196/250
    Soriano Platinum #023/199
    Jeter First Class #284/299 (NFS/NFT)
    Jeter Prominent Powers #280/499 (NFS/NFT)
    Manny Ramirez Prominent Powers #243/499
    Delgado Prominent Powers #298/499
    Thome Major Factors #0010/1599
    Clemens Major Factors (X2) #1378/1599, #0693/1599

    RC Update pack-
    Delmon Young SP Authentic RC #469/699
    Andrew Brown SP Authentic RC #651/699
    Colin Porter SP Authentic RC #593/699

    RC cards from the box-
    Baldelli Level 2 #183/599
    Jimmy Gobble Level 2 #178/599
    Joe Dawley Level 2 #410/599
    Carlos Mendez Level 1 #1104/1299
    Mike Gallo Level 1 #0825/1299
    Daniel Cabrera Level 1 #0805/1299
    Kevin Ohme Level 1 #0244/1299
    Diegomar Markwell Level 1 #0213/1299
    Chris Waters Level 1 #0394/1299
    Carlos Rivera Level 1 #1079/1299

    Reflections MLB-

    Sosa Red parallel GU jersey w/ pinstripe #29/50
    Rafael Palmeiro GU Jersey #067/100
    Larry Walker jersey
    Jeff Kent jersey

    Alec Zumwalt Rookie Reflections auto #107/250

    Mike Rouse #0103/1250
    Mike Johnston #1072/1250

    SP Authentic NBA-

    SP Spectacular Elton Brand #/3999
    SP Spectacular Desmond Mason #/3999

    Kirk Heinrich #970/999

    Luke Ridnour GU jersey #107/150

    Travis Outlaw Level 2 Rookie Authenticks #0422/1250
    SP Dual Signatures Richard Hamilton/Chauncey Billups (Pistons)

    Sage HIT Ohio State Box-

    Casey Clausen silver auto
    Will Smith Gold Auto #115/250
    Michael Jenkins Emerald Auto
    Craig Krenzel Silver auto
    Michael Boulware gold auto #219/250

    Michael Jenkins Prim GU jersey #12/50 (Jersey #) (Red jersey, Black/Grey/Black/White patch from sleevel stripes or jersey #)

    04 Topps DP&P-

    Cedric Cobbs

    Keyaron Fox (too many colors to count!! looks like a logo of some kind from the Senior Bowl jersey) Ya gotta see it to appreciate it!!
    Greg Jones GU jersey
    Ernest Wilford GU jersey
    J.P. Losman GU Jersey
    Dwan Edwards GU jersey

    Chrome Rookies-
    Eli Manning (Must be a SP because I didn't get a reg one)
    Larry Fitzgerald (Must be a SP because I didn't get a reg one)
    Roethlisberger (Must be a SP because I didn't get a reg one)
    D.J. Williams Gold Refractor
    Jonathan Vilma Gold Refractor

    Lots of others, ask to see if I have anybody else you are looking for as well as the regular non-chrome rookies!!

    Chrome Non-Rookies-
    Quincy Carter Gold Ref
    Onterio Smith Gold Ref
    Lamar Gordon Gold Ref
    Amani Toomer Gold Ref

    Lots of others, ask to see if I have anybody else you are looking for as well as the regular non-chrome base cards!!

    04 Prestige NFL-

    Too many to list, ask me if there are any you are wanting!!

    Supposed to only get 2, but I got 4 of them!!
    Ahman Green Stars of the NFL #110/150
    Corey Dillon Gridiron Heritage jersey
    Bettis Gameday jerseys
    Travis Henry Gameday Jersey

    McNair Xtra Points #41/75
    Torry Holt Gamers #268/750
    Michael Clayton Draft picks
    Antowain Smith SB Heroes
    Favre Gridiron Heritage
    Achievements Tom Brady 2001 SB MVP
    League Leaders Andre Johnson/Santana Moss
    League LEaders Favre/Quincy Carter

    Thanks for looking and sorry about the long read!!


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  2. Check out the Auctions from Packrip.com
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    Join Date
    Apr 2004
    SCF Rewards
    See soxfan445's Items on eBay

    I could use:
    Baldelli Finest Relic jersey
    Baldelli Level 2 #183/599
    Check my site and LMK

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    Join Date
    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See ACBaseball30's Items on eBay

    I can use this:

    Duke Snyder Finest Moments auto

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    Join Date
    May 2004

    I like these, are they for trade?

    Refractors Blalock
    Finate Blalock White jersey
    and do you have any Cedric Cobbs base from prestige?

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    Join Date
    Dec 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See mattinglypfan's Items on eBay

    I like your 04 Finest Jeff Allison Redemption card. See my tradepage and lmk if you want to trade.

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    Join Date
    May 2003
    SCF Rewards

    I think I might be able to use this from UD Reflections:
    Mike Johnston #1072/1250

    Is this the one who currently plays for the Pirates????IF so, PLMK. I really need this!


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    Join Date
    Apr 2004
    SCF Rewards
    See 101589dpm's Items on eBay

    Would you want to sell you extra Mulder Finest Relic jersey (X2)?


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    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    See kylehess941's Items on eBay

    I really need your Duke Snider Finest Moments auto. You can check out my site at www.freewebs.com/chipper10

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    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    See rentalmom's Items on eBay

    OK guys, $$ offers take first shot. Now that that is out of the way...

    soxfan445- Sorry Mike, I didn't see anything I can use

    ACBaseball30 and chipper10- only 2 on eBay in the past and they were about $25 plus shipping on there and there are none on eBay right now. I would do $25 DLVD on it to whoever wants it first. If neither want it, PLMK and I will go ahead and put it on eBay.

    MattinglyFan- That one is not for trade. I will only sell it. The regs are on eBay right now and going for about $15-20 with the ones I saw ending today. None of those were the refractor ones.
    PM me if still interested in buying

    cubsfan203- Those are FT/FS and the only Cobb cards I have are the DP&P Chrome and the DP&P auto cards, no Prestige. Sorry

    moose2438- Alix, That is the same guy who plays for the Pirates. PM me if interested.

    101589dpm- PM me an offer on it Dan and We can work sumthin out I am sure since I have 2 of them.

    Thanks guys. Sorry it takes so long to answer but I have been overwhelmed with offers and wants.


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    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    See kylehess941's Items on eBay

    Oh, I thought it was for trade, sorry.

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