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    Join Date
    Dec 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See Loopdog1's Items on eBay

    Come one Come all, Lets Trade!

    Ok I'm getting sick and tired of looking at some of this stuff
    Make some offers here

    Looking for ROOKIES and AUTOGRAPHS only right now
    If you're interested in one of my game used cards, expect to give up ROOKIES OR AUTOS to get them, because they are all High End, SUPERSTAR player jersey's......Im not asking you to take Ryan Dempster jerseys in exchange for rookies or autos, these are game used of RUTH, WILLIAMS, JORDAN, MANTLE, AND CHAMBERLAIN.

    Make offers, looking to do some trading.
    If you have any questions, email me at Loopdog1@aol.com or PM me.


    Albert Pujols 2004 Authentix Championship AUTOGRAPH 13/25 - pending
    Alex Rodriguez 1994 Fleer Update RC
    Alex Rodriguez 1994 Sportflics RC GEM Elite 10 Pristine
    Barry Zito 2000 Diamond Authentics Rookie Autograph /2000
    Brandon Webb 2004 Fleer Showcase Autograph /1000
    Brian Giles 2002 Topps 206 Autograph
    Brian Giles 2002 Topps Heritage REAL ONES Autograph
    Bryan Bullington 2003 Bowmans Best RC Autograph
    Carl Yastrzemski 1983 Topps Buy Back Autograph SP $150!!!
    Delmon Young 2003 Bowman Heritage RC Autograph
    Derek Jeter 1993 Upper Deck Rc
    Dewon Brazelton 2001 UD SPx Rc Autograph /1500
    Frank Thomas 1990 Leaf RC
    Hank Blalock 2001 Royal Rookies Rc Autograph /6995
    Jered Weaver 2003 UD USA National Pride Jersey
    Jhonny Peralta 2004 Donruss Classics AUTOGRAPH 13/100
    Jose Reyes 2003 Topps 205 Autograph
    Jose Reyes 2001 Topps Traded Chrome RC Retrofractor
    Ken Griffey Jr 1989 Upper Deck Rc
    Lance Berkman 2003 Topps 205 Autograph
    Manny Ramirez 1992 Bowman Rc
    Mark McGwire 1985 Topps Rc
    Mark Prior 2001 Fleer Platinum XRC
    Mark Prior 2003 Elite Passing the Torch AUTOGRAPH 48/50
    Oliver Perez 2002 Elite Extra Edition Rc /1000
    Rafael Soriano 2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars RC Autograph SP
    Randy Johnson 1989 Upper Deck RC
    Scott Rolen 1995 Bowman Rc
    Steve Smitherman 2001 Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Rc
    Ted Williams 2002 Donruss Originals JERSEY 8/42 SP! - NO BV DUE TO SCARCITY - Need at least $200-250 in trade

    BASKETBALL - Please Take My Basketball off my hands!

    Antawn Jamison 1998-99 Topps Chrome Rc Refractor
    Carmelo Anthony 2003-04 Topps Pristine AUTOGRAPH - Sweet Card
    Eddy Curry 2001-2002 Topps Chrome Rc Refractor
    Jason Kidd 1995 TSC Finest Members Only RC - only 1000 made
    Jason Terry 1999-2000 Topps Chrome Rc Refractor
    Kevin Garnett 1995-1996 Upper Deck SP Rc
    Kwame Brown 2001-2002 Topps Chrome Rc Refractor
    Michael Jordan 2001-2002 UD Ovation UNC Floor Card
    Shareef Abdur Rahim 1996-1997 Topps Finest Rc Refractor
    Wilt Chamberlain/Michael Jordan 2001-02 SPX Winning Materials Dual Jersey SP - TRY TO FIND ONE


    Aj Feely 2001 Bowman Chrome Rc Refractor /1999
    Carson Palmer 2003 Donruss Elite Rc 18/500
    Carson Palmer 2003 SP Signature RC Autograph
    Carson Palmer 2003 Playoff Honors Rc Jersey 183/700
    Chad Johnson 2001 Finest RC Jersey
    Chris Perry 2004 SAGE Rc Autograph
    Clinton Portis 2002 Pacific Exclusives RC AUTOGRAPH 103/524
    Clinton Portis 2002 Bowman Chrome RC Refractor 472/500
    Corey Dillon 1997 Topps Chrome Rc Refractor
    DeAngelo Hall 2004 Press Pass RC Autograph
    Donte Stallworth 2002 UD Graded RC PSA 9
    Gale Sayers 1999 Fleer Greats of the Game AUTOGRAPH - slight chipping
    Jim Brown 2003 SP Signature GREEN AUTOGRAPH 50/50 1/1!!!
    Justin Fargas 2003 SPx Rookie Autographed Jersey
    LaDanian Tomlinson 2001 Topps Hertiage CHROME Retrofractor Rc /556
    Larry Fitzgerald 2004 Topps Draft Pick Chrome GOLD REFRACTOR Rc
    Rashaun Woods 2004 SAGE Rc Autograph /250
    Rex Grossman 2003 Fleer Avant Jersey RC /250
    Shaun Alexander 2000 Crown Royale RC Autograph
    Terrell Owens 1996 Finest Rc
    Terrell Owens 1996 Bowmans Best Rc
    Torry Holt 1999 Score Rookie Preview RC Autograph
    Travis Henry 2001 Dynagon Rc Autograph /499
    William Green 2002 Donruss Elite Rc Autograph 17/40!

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  2. Check out the Auctions from Packrip.com
  3. #2

    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards

    Would you be interested in this

    01 SPX Chris chambers rookie jsy auto
    01 Contenders Michael bennett auto
    01 Topps Chris chambers auto

    on the Carmello pristine auto... Im not sure if your fond of trading down but those are definetly 3 very tradeable cards im willing to bust outta my pc for that carmello


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    Join Date
    May 2003
    SCF Rewards
    New York Giants Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Dodgers
    See bigboots67's Items on eBay

    Justin Fargas 2003 SPx Rookie Autographed Jersey ($40)

    I have these that are in the same price range:

    Bryant Johnson 03 Finest Refractor Autograph /199 ($40)
    Kliff Kingsbury 03 Finest GOLD Refractor Auto /50 ($50)
    Shaun Alexander 00 SC Lone Star Sig Auto ($40)
    Plaxico Burress 03 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Auto /100 ($40)
    Randall Cunningham 99 Leaf R&S Sig series Auto /150 ($40)

    PLMK if you are interested in one of those for the Fargas!


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    Collecting: Stepfan Taylor, Geno Smith Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, Leonard Pope and Victor Cruz Autographs, Multicolor Patches & 1/1's. Also specific Chris Brown (CU Buffaloes/Titans autographs)

  5. #4

    Join Date
    May 2004

    would love that alexander auto and brandon webb auto

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  6. #5

    Join Date
    Jul 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See fbcards4all's Items on eBay

    anything on here you need?


    Jeff Garcia 2000 Fleer Autographics Silver #ed 059/250
    Kerry Collins 2000 Playoff Contenders Playoff Ticket*
    Chris Weinke 2002 Prime Signatures #ed 09/99
    Joe Montana 1999 SP Signature Performances (49ers uni)*
    Eddie George 2000 SP Authentic Buy Back 98 SPA #ed 096/121
    Eric Moulds 2000 SP Authentic Buy Back 1999 SP #ed 79/291
    Kevin Johnson 2000 Bowman Reserve
    Joe Horn 2001 Bowman Chrome
    Jesse Palmer 2001 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures
    Reggie Germany 2001 Bowman Chrome
    Darrell Jackson 2000 Crown Royale
    Trung Canidate 2000 Pacific
    Michael Clayton 2004 Press Pass
    John Navarre 2004 Sage Hit Gold #ed 158/250
    Michael Clayton 2004 Sage Hit Gold #ed 154/250
    Chris Brown 2003 Sage Hit Silver
    Chad Hutchinson 2002 Sage Hit
    Jabar Gaffney 2002 Sage #ed 80/400
    Gary Baxter 2001 Sage Hit Foilboard Die Cut #ed 64/100
    Chris Chambers 2001 Sage #ed 14/200*
    Plaxico Burress 2000 Sage Hit Die-Cut
    Christian Okoye 2001 Topps Archives

    game used

    Donovan McNabb 2003 Fleer Platinum Portrayals Patches 2 Color with Stitches #ed 071/100
    Stephen Davis 2000 Playoff Absolute Boss Hoggs Shoe with Stitch Holes #ed 006/135
    Keyshawn Johnson 2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Ground Hoggs Shoe 2 Color (black and white mesh from tongue)#ed 117/125
    Emmitt Smith 2002 Titanium Post Season #ed 361/435*
    David Boston 2000 Fleer Genuine Coverage
    Marvin Harrison 2000 Fleer Genuine Coverage*
    Sylvester Morris 2000 Upper Deck
    Dez White 2000 Fleer Genuine Coverage Nostalgic
    David Carr 2002 SP Authentic Threads*


    Terrell Suggs Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome Gold Refractor
    Andre Johnson Playoff Honors Rookie Gems Jersey #ed 414/700
    Chester Taylor SP Authentic Autograph #ed 0140/1150
    Ashley Lelie Topps Chrome
    Ladell Betts Leaf Certified Freshman Fabric Mirror Red Ball #ed 127/250
    Julius Peppers Bowman Chrome Refractor #ed 340/500*
    Jabar Gaffney Crown Royale Blue #ed 77/99
    Freddie Mitchell Topps Chrome #ed 508/999
    Snoop Minnis Topps Chrome #ed 861/999
    Deuce McAllister Crown Royale #ed 531/750*
    Anthony Thomas Dynagon Autograph #ed 332/499*
    Chris Redman Playoff Contenders Autograph
    Dez White SPX Autograph Jersey #ed 0620/2000
    Dez White Topps Chrome #ed 0071/1650
    Corey Simon Topps Chrome Refractor #ed 007/150
    Plaxico Burress UD Pros & Prospects #ed 0904/1000*
    D'Wayne Bates Playoff Contenders Autograph

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    Join Date
    Jul 2003

    LaDanian Tomlinson 2001 Topps Hertiage CHROME Retrofractor Rc /556

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  8. #7

    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See umperry23's Items on eBay

    I'm interested in this. What color is it?

    Chris Perry 2004 SAGE Rc Autograph

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    Join Date
    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See yellowjacket08's Items on eBay

    Mark Prior 2003 Elite Passing the Torch AUTOGRAPH 48/50
    --- it would probably take a helluva lot to get that,but I'm very interested in it,there's probably nothing on my site that you would go for.But lmk what I would have to do to get it.

    Jim Brown 2003 SP Signature GREEN AUTOGRAPH 50/50 1/1!!!
    --- ok holy hell,I will do absolutely freaking ANYTHING to get this card from you.My dad is a HUGE Jim Brown fan and he has absolutely no autographed cards (well certified ones) of him,lmk what you want.There's a show coming up here next week,if I have to I'll freaking buy you rookies & any star autos I can find!!!LOL.I'll trade in your favor,I'll do whatever I have to.Seriously I want this a helluva lot more than the Prior.

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  10. #9

    Join Date
    Dec 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See Loopdog1's Items on eBay

    Prophet - cool how you collect all the Badgers, but nothing i could use for the Melo, sorry

    Rima - i'd rather have the Vargas than any of those, thanks

    Autographer - make an offer, the alexander is 40 and the Webb 15, i'm flexible in trading on both of those cards

    FBCards - could use the Montana auto depending on bv and of course on what you wanted from me

    iced - your site link isnt working for me

    mjackson - the perry is signed in blue sharpie

    allstar - i'd love to help you out but unfortunately you have nothing i can use for either of those cards. The Jim Brown is sweet, i've had several offers on it, so dont kill yourself trying to dig out some high end stuff.........i think its really cool that you wanted to get it for your dad though, thats what the hobby is all about dude

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    Jul 2003

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