A few years back, my brother was getting rid of a bag of baseball cards he had, and he ased me if I wanted them. So I
said sure.......
What I found to me was just some minor league cards, to
me then they really didn't mean a whole lot..
But as the years went by, I started seeing them in my
And these became my favorites....
Recently I took a chance and had them graded, and you
know Beckett they pull no punches, to tell you the truth I still
think they are very very nice cards......but the grades are...
WELL I'll describe them to you.....

1. Alex Rodriquez- minor league card debut ( 5-excellent)
2. Scott Rolen - minor league card debut ( 5-excellent)
3. Tim Hudson - minor league card debut ( 8.5 nm-mt+ )
4. 1988 Ken Griffey Jr. minor league card ( 7.5 nm+ )
5. 1992 Mike Piazza minor league card ( 7 near mint )
6. 1992 Pedro Martinez minor league card ( 7.5 nm+ )
7. 1986 Randy Johnson minor league card ( 5-excellent)
8. 1991 Pedro Martinez minor league card ( 7.5 nm+)
9. 1994 Shawn Greene minor league card ( 6.5 ex-mt+)
10. 1990 Jeff Bagwell min. league debut ( 8.5 nm-mt+)
11. 1994 Derek Jeter minor league card ( 6 -ex-mt )

They are still very beautiful looking cards, but I have had a
few card dealers look at them and say that the only way that I
could get anything for them is thru trade....MAYBE MAYBE NOT????

So to all my new friends, please tell me what you think, and let me know any feedback, and if anyone is interested in a trade
I am looking for a NOMAR GARCIAPARRA AU/ and any game used
So let me know, and thanks for listening