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The following inserts are for sale:


Shaquille O'Neal
97-98 UD Records Collection RC13

50 cents

Michael Jordan
95 C.C. You Crash the Game C1
96 C.C. A Cut Above CA1,CA2,CA4,CA8
95 C.C. He's Back M3,M4,M5
96 C.C. Stick-Ums S30

Kobe Bryant
99-00 Metal Rivalries w/ Anfernee Hardaway 6R

Tim Duncan
97-98 C.C. Minatures
02-03 Flair New Heights 4NH
99-00 Skybox Impact 1RN, 16RN
97-98 UD Star Attractions SA11
99-00 UD MVP Jam Time JT6
99-00 Topps All-Matrix AM16

Kevin Garnett
02-03 Stadium Club Urban Legends UL6
99-00 Skybox Impact Rewind 25RN

Allen Iverson
97 UD Slam Dunk SD30
00-01 Fleer Hardcourt Classics 11HC

Shaquille O'Neal
94-95 Ultra Rebound Kings 7
93 Classic Sudden Impact SI9
93 C.C. You Crash the Game R10

25 cents

D. Robinson
95-96 Hoops Number Crunchers 12
03-04 UD MVP Monumental Moments MM6
94-95 Flair Center Spotlight 5
94-95 Ultra Rebound Kings 8
94-95 UD Special Edition SE170
95-96 Topps Spark Plugs SP6
95-96 Skybox Premium Triple Threats TT6
91-92 UD Holograms AW6
99-00 Skybox Impact REwind 2RN
95-96 Fleer Total D 10
94-95 Hoops Predator P-5

10 cents

Charles Barkley
94-95 Hoops Hoops Power Pr41
95-96 Hoops Number Crunchers 10
98-99 Skybox Thunder Bringin It 1BI
99-00 UD MVP Jam Time JT12
95-96 SP Championship Shots S10

Marcus Camby
97 Upper Deck Slam Dunk SD5
96-97 UD Rookie Exclusives R5
97-98 C.C. Starquest sq100

Sam Cassell
94-95 Fleer Rookie Sensations 4

Grant Hill
99-00 Skybox Impact Rewind 21RN
95-96 Hoops Number Crunchers 3
95-96 Fleer All-Star Weekend 1
98-99 Hoops Shouts 10SO

Robert Horry
95-96 Topps Finest Finest Hot Stuff HS15
97-97 C.C. Starquest sq99

Karl Malone
99-00 Skybox Impact Rewind 15RN
94-95 Skybox Skytech Force SF13

Shawn Marion
02-03 Topps Top Tandems w/ Marbury TT4

Kenyon Martin
01-02 Ud Breakout Performances BP1
00-01 Topps Combos w/ Swift and Fizer
Steve Nash
96-97 Stadium Club Rookies R13

Dennis Rodman
95-96 Stadium Club Shining Moments SM9
95-96 Hoops Block Party 2

John Stockton
96-97 Topps Topps 40 #T40-25
99-00 Skybox Impact Rewind 29RN

Aleksander Pavlovic
03-04 UD Air Academy

Scottie Pippen
94-95 Fleer Triple Threats 8
00-01 Topps Combos TC4
95-96 Hoops Block Party 3

Latrell Sprewell
94-95 UD Special Edition SE29
94-95 Hoops Big Numbers BN6
95-96 SP Championship Shots S5
97 Upper Deck Slam Dunk SD23

Peja Stojakovic
02-03 UD Star Impors SI4
02-03 Topps Tandems w/ Webber TT7

Rasheed Wallace
98-99 UD Choice Bobbleheads 22

Chris Webber
93 Classic Sudden Impact SI12

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