I need to get rid of my left over stock of team cards. Each team still has atleast 100 cards still left...Some may be lower because I sell on ebay and have sold over 4000 cards in the past couple weeks. So please if your interested let me know which is your favorite baseball team. i sell them cheap.

50 cards- $2.00 DLVD
100 cards- $3.50 DLVD
150 cards- $4.50 DLVD
200 cards- $5.50 DLVD

you cant beat that! So please I need to get rid of all of these cards...I throw in inserts, stars, rookies. But I need to get rid of them to make room for new boxes coming in for another ebay session. thanks guys...oh and the cards are from the 80s-2004 all different brands...thanks!