Now, don't get too excited because these will not be your usual Mark Prior or Albert Pujols type cards. I am in the process of cleaning out my collection and making a huge list of player lots to be put on trading sites, but I have a bunch of junk commons that are practically no namers that I would be glad to get rid of in order to help someone out with their sets/needs. When I say no-namers, I mean S-C-R-U-B players.

All I request is that you send me an SASE and toploader if you want and good feedback. I will not provide penny sleeves and what not so all you have to do is send me an SASE, penny sleeve(s), and/or toploaders. No bubble mailers. Remember since you are sending me an SASE, a top loader will only fit 1-2 cards at most for 1 stamp.

Thanks and Let me know!