I am looking to finish some master sets. I may be selling off or trading a couple incomplete master sets to finish a few others. I am not going to break up these sets except for fellow set collectors. These are the sets and cards I have for trade:

00-01 Topps Chrome set w RC's (missing a few commons and common RC's)

01-02 Topps Chrome set w RC's (missing a few commons, common RC's and Richard Jefferson RC)

01-02 Topps Chrome refractors - have approx. 40incl. A. Kirilenko and J. Richardson RCs

02-03 Fleer Platinum set w many RC's incl. Stoudemire Nameplates - McGrady, Ming, Butler, K. Martin, K. Brown

02-03 Topps set w RCs

02-03 Topps Chrome refractors - have approx. 50 incl. K.G. Kobe, Jordan

03-04 UD MVP set w inserts, jerseys and auto's - auto's (Stojakovic, E. Thomas), jerseys (R. Miller, J. Maglooire, C. Maggette, G. Wallace).

03-04 Topps set w jerseys, and N. Collison auto - jerseys(Iverson/McGrady, G. Payton, Wallace/Marion)

Indiv. Cards:

92-93 Fleer Team Leader Michael Jordan BV$100
96-97 Topps Kobe Bryant RC - BV$15
98-99 Finest Vince Carter RC
01-02 Topps Pristine Tayshaun Prince RC
01-02 Topps Chrome - Kobe ref, and many others
02-03 Topps Chrome - Ginobilli RC
02-03 Topps Chrome - Kobe refractor, K. Brown and R. Lewis white border ref's/249
02-03 Finest RC's/999 - K. Rush, J. Dixon
03-04 UD SP Signature - Marcus Banks, Andre Miller
03-04 UD SPx - Kenyon Martin/D. Mutombo jersey
03-04 Topps Chrome - Kobe Bryant gold refractor/99 BV$40
03-04 Fleer Authentix - Jersey Authentix Ripped - R. Miller, K. Martin

These are the master sets I am working on:

02-03 Topps Chrome
02-03 Topps Finest
03-04 Fleer Authentix
03-04 Bowman R & S
03-04 Topps and Topps Chrome

Here is my site. Will consider trading any card that is not part of a set: