Hi everyone, here is my trade list
I am looking for titans and Oilers (football) jerseys and autos. I also may trade for select Colts (my brother collects them). Let me know if your interested and thanks for looking!
(Also if you collect Titans i may be willing to trade my titans for yours)

Plaxico Burress 2003 Fleer hot prospects player graphs auto
Justin Fargus 2003 Pros and Prospects auto
James MacPherson 2003 SP authentic auto
Will Smith 2004 sage hit auto
Casey Clausen 2004 sage auto

Jersey cards:
Joey Harrington 2003 Fleer snapshot jersey (blue)
Deuce Mcallister 2004 Donruss Elite jersey (black)
Tyrone Calico 2003 Leaf certified jersey (dark blue)
Andre Woolfolk 2003 Topps fabric of America patch jersey (blue / red)
Marvin Harrison 2003 Flair jumbo patch (blue and white) Note: has small ding in upper corner

Kellen Winslow jr. Fleer showcase rc

2003 Sp authentic rookies:
Quentin Griffin
Sultan McCullough
Anthony Adams
Denero Marriott
William Joseph

2004 Donruss Elite rookies:
Cody Pickett

2004 Prestige rookies:
Eli Manning
Keith Smith (xtra points 1/75)
Michael Clayton
Karlos Dansby
Teddy Lehman
Daryl Smith
Michael Boulware
Courtney Watson
Keary Colbert
Keith Smith
Matt Schaub
Jericho Cotchery
DJ Hackett
Jeff Smoker
Derek McCoy
Jared Lorenzen
Micheal Turner draft picks
Xtra points (of 75):
Domanick Davis
Trent Green

2003 Flair rookies:
Willis Mcgahee
Labrandon Toefield
Doug Gabriel
Kelley Washington
Brian St. Pierre (20 / 125)

2003 Leaf rookies and stars rookies:
Antwan Peek
Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla
Micheal Nattiel
CJ Jones
Malaefou Mackenzie
David Tyree
JJ Moses