i am not looking to give these away by any means. please offer high end AUTOS OR AUTOGRAPHED MEMOROBILIA. i am looking for steelers, mainly bradshaw and roethlisberger, marino, elway, unitas, namath, sanders, bo jackson, payton, rice, koufax, bonds, ryan, mcgwire, pujols, ichiro. please lmk who you need and leave a list of who and what you have of the names above.

03 Fleer Authentix Second Row Auto/Jsy Jeter #'d 73/200 $150
00 Playoff Contenders Auto Pennington $150
00 Playoff Contenders RN Gold Dual Auto Brady/Bulger #'d 32/60 $200
00 Upper Deck Jsy Auto Shaun Alexander $100
00 Playoff Momentum Dual Auto Shaun Alexander/T. Taylor $100
03 SP Buyback Auto Barry Sanders $No Price, want $250

Memorobilia: (page 26 of current beckett on eli baseball)
Ole Miss Baseball Cap Auto Eli Manning w/COA
Beckett Certified Auto'd Baseball Eli Manning #'d /50 (1st ever signing with Beckett!!)