I have the following recent inserts and parallels for trade. Let me know if you are interested. If so, check my website and let me know if you can help with my basketball or baseball needs. (I am most looking for the 14, 2000-01 Topps rookie SP cards I need which are listed below.)

2000-2001 Fleer Tradition:
Sharp Shooters: 3(Kobe) 8(AbdurRahim) 12(Payton) 18(Penny) 20(Francis)
Courting History: 2(Shaq) 6(Kidd) 7(Garnett) 8(Iverson)
Hardcourt Classics: 3(Kobe) 5(Odom)

2000-2001 Topps
Combos: 4(Ewing/Mourning) 5(Carter/McGrady) 10(Magic/Cleaves)

Tandems 3(Iverson/Coleman) 4(Marbury/Marion)
Coast to Coast 4(Davis) 5(Francis)
Verticality 4(TMac)13(KMartin) 15(JONeal)
Black Parallel 17(Patterson 180/500)

2003-2004 Topps:
Black Parallel B.Grant(93/500)
Love it Live KG CB DW DG TM KB
Justice of Court 7(Garnett) 11(Ming)

2003-2004 Fleer Authentix: Courtside Classic 8 (Nowitzki)

Thanks for looking.
Barry Lawrence

2000-2001 Topps Needs: 132(Crawford), 135(Moiso), 266(Turkoglu), 267(Cardinal), 268(Tsakalidid), 272(Guyton), 274(ElAmin), 275(Smith), 277(House), 278(Najera), 279(Postell), 280(Mottola), 283(Redd), 284(Porter), CL2/2