hey guys. i love this press pass se stuff b/c it just loves me. I have gotten a lot of autos from ebay and i have boughten 3 packs of this stuff at the shop. i went in and only got one pack today but what do ya know it was some MOJO.

i pulled a 04 Press Pass SE Eli Manning Jersey Number Edition 2-Color Patch (White and Blue) #018/025. yes #'d out of 25 and i looked it up on beckett.com and the BV on this card is $200. ya man $200.

not to mention last time i got this stuff i got 2 packs and pulled a gold michael clayton auto #/100 and a 3-color ELI patch (white/blue/red) #259/700 BV $40 w/o patch. w/ patch BV $80.

wat is up wit me and pulling ELI MANNING? jeez i need larry fitzgerald but it is nice

thanks and good offers or high end cards can be looked at to have a trade