I am in the process of making lists of every single card I have of teams, including commons, inserts, everything except GU, Autos, and #d cards. And these cards are in great shape too, as I've taken out all of the damaged cards that are too damaged to be worth anything. I have four teams done right now, they are:
Cincinnati Reds
Houston Astros
Milwaukee Brewers
New York Yankees

And, I am in the process of completing:
Chicago White Sox

IF anyone is interested in looking at a list of what I have from these teams, please post that you would be interested in receiving one of these lists, and I will e-mail it to you. (You must specify what team you want, or else you'll just be waiting endlessly) The reason I am e-mailing it to you is because these things are quite long, too long to post on here in one post.

I will update this as I move along.